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Zrix's Basecamp3 Time Tracking Software

Allows to record the time spent of projects, customize easily accessible reports & keep a track of time Zrix’s Basecamp3 time tracker. Turn your team towards the path of productivity with the best time tracking software in USA. Direct in your interface, no more tab switching!

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Increase Business Productivity By Tracking Work Time!

Your business runs on time. It's the fuel your team uses to start, create, finish projects for yourselves and your clients. Not only this, but you need to track productivity, every team member's attendance, and working by maintaining timesheet with a simple time tracker; thus, keeping your data completely secure 24x7.

Our time tracking software is an affordable easy to use time tracking software with timesheet system and trackers help you to track your team's working hours across several projects. Unlimited users, free forever.

It only takes one click to start a new time entry or to continue tracking a previous task. You've got to make sure every minute counts and it can be counted if you use Zrix's Time Tracking Software Services in USA.

It makes tracking easy. No matter which device you use, your data is secured and synced in real-time. Select the date, start the timer, and use it further for report generation.

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Why Choose Zrix's Basecamp3 Time Tracking Software


Focus Increasing Productivity

We at Zrix primarily focus on increasing the productivity of our clients using our applications. Our Basecamp3 time tracking software focuses on all the possibilities and Consumer requirements


Improve Project's Profitability

The time tracking app developed by our certified developers makes your business's projects be completed in time with efficiency. The higher the efficiency the more the project profitability.


Better Team Management

Our time tracking software helps your business in effective team management. By tracking the speed and efficiency of your employees you can train them to work more efficiently.


Upgraded Tracking Plans

Every business needs some upgrades for surviving in the competitive market. Our Basecamp3 Time tracking software enables Your business to form upgraded tracking plans using frequent performance monitorization.


Friendliest User Experience

Easy functionality and interface are necessary for any software for providing better usability to all its users. Our Basecamp3 time tracking software provides a better and more interactive user experience to our clients.


User's Real-time Auditing

Our time tracking software in the USA is capable to conduct real-time audits of workers. It provides the real-time taken by each worker in the successful completion of a project or task.

Top Features Of Zrix's Basecamp3 Time Tracking Software



Track hours using a timer Log time in a timesheet Categorize time by project Mark time as billable



Visual time breakdown Customizable reports Share reports with others Export as PDF, CSV, Excel

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Invite via Basecamp3 Set hourly rates See current activity See who worked on what

Now, add the Zrix Time Tracking extension to Google Chrome and keep the record of time spent on each project easily.

Chrome    Add Chrome Extension!

Enjoy time tracking absolutely free for the first 30 days

Start Your Basecamp3 Time Tracking Software At $1 per Month!

Get complete knowledge of features and functionalities. Enjoy the trail without wasting time or money, or unnecessarily sharing your data.

What do you get in $1/month?

  • Unlimited Time Tracking
  • Unlimited User
  • Unlimited People
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Basecamp3 Integration
  • Generate Reports


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