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5 Best keyword tools to find the keywords that really matter in 2019

Best keyword tools software in 2019

If you want to rank high on the major search engines then you need to have a good understanding of keyword manipulation. It is even more important in 2018 as there are talks in the SEO galleys that major search engines are going to take some stringent decisions regarding keywords to further enhance the user experience. So you need to invest more attention in keyword research. Fortunately, you don’t have to do a much of the hard work while finding the ideal keywords to keywords to target. There are a number of tools that automate the process and can actually boost up your keyword research efforts without compromising the quality. In fact, these tools work on this methodology and algorithms that allow them to offer highly accurate results. Here are a few efficient keyword tools that can help you find the best keywords for 2019:

Google keyword planner

You can also use Google keyword planner wisely to decide the ideal keywords for organic SEO.

For that purpose you would need to, enter the specific product you are selling, competitor’s landing page and the specific product category. You can repeat this process for several keywords.

With the help of Google Keyword Planner you can:

• Get the new high potential keywords

• Know about the total search volume for a particular keyword set

• Get estimated traffic ideas for specific keywords list

• Get ideas about fresh keywords that you haven’t used previously


KWfinder offers you the valuable suggestions on long tail keywords. It’s easy to interface and detailed stats can go a long way in offering out eh extended insights on long tail keywords like search volume, trend, and CPC. In order to further ease your journey, the tool also shows you the difficulty level of results.

When you click on any individual keyword you will be able to see the difficulty level on the scale of 1 to 100

Apart from that, you will get a host of vital information like the other domains that are targeting the same keywords, is back likes and social shares and total traffic it receives. It can enrich the value of search results especially if you want to actively use the content marketing.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer

Moz’s keyword explorer helps you to further enrich the keyword research process as apart from basic features it also helps you with advanced insights:

The relevant click-through rate of organic research (in SERP) for exploring new avenues

Purpose-specific relevance of the keyword in regards to your specific campaign

Collective display of all the metrics to help you take a fully informed decision and decide the priorities

One of the good things about this tool is that it offers you an easy interface to directly upload the keyword sets generated using another keyword tool. The tool can then offer you deep insights on such loaded keywords with the help of its proprietary features. It helps you to decide your preference levels as per the requirement or objectives.

Another quite useful feature of keywords tool is that it helps you to comprehend the logic behind high SERP ranking of specific pages on the grounds of social data and links. Taking help from such data you can wisely act on other pages too for enhancing their SERP rankings.

Keyword Tool

If you are looking for a dynamic keyword tool that ensures high accuracy then you can go to Keyword tool. It generates an adequate volume of long tail keywords suggestions with the help of Google Autocomplete data.

Due to the methodology, it employs the keyword tools is especially useful for you if you are looking for the long tail keyword data that Google’s keywords planner can easily ignore as its designed with advertisers in mind.

The first 75 keywords r suggestions’ are free that will allow you to evaluate the precise accuracy and relevance of the tool as per your industry or business. For more data and better functionality, you can go for the pro version. You can also export the search result in the CSV format.


If you are looking for a comprehensible keyword tool that offers the extended functionalities, purpose-specific statistics and a comfortably huge database of quality results then SEMrush is the best choice for you.

Instead of focusing only on a single source, the Semrush helps you to generate the keywords list with an impressive performance on two top search engines Google and Bing. It shows the in-depth statistics of different keywords like the trend, CPC volume etc.

If you are looking for an alternative targeting then you can use the tool to successful search results with even deeper insights you can also see the alternative search queries that can add a new dimension to your keyword strategies.

In order to help you target for the combined Benefits and More Specific ROI, the SEMrush shows you top 100 domains for a specific search query on both Google and Bing along with suggested variants like synonyms to help you get nearer to an original idea.

If less competition is among your keyword strategies then you can benefit from their low volume keyword set that gets a total number of queries starting from 10 per year.

If you want to target specific geographies e o can take the benefit of semrush is regional keyword database that allows you to modify your keyword according to a specific geographical region. For multilingual websites, Semrush offers multi-keyword search capabilities that accept 16 languages.

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