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5 Major Trends that will benefit the mobile app market

benefit mobile app

Here’s why! Mobile App Market all Set to Grow

With the increasing use of mobile apps in day-to-day life for domestic use, entertainment, education, healthcare, and business activities, no serious corporate entity could afford to miss the “Mobile Mania”. Many companies have been harnessing the power of mobile in multimedia ways, from creating mobile-first websites following the latest Google specifications to developing a number of apps that can leverage their business benefits and enhance the interaction with their clients. The innovative use, practical viability and round the clock accessibility offered by mobile devices has certainly helped businesses increase their productivity and enjoy a better relationship with their clients. The exponential rise of mobile app use in recent years clearly proves that being mobile-friendly is no longer an option for businesses, but a condition for survival and success in the market.

Here, at Zrix we’ve dived deeper into the matter and compiled a list of the top 5 mobile app trends that will fuel the current mobile app market.


Though Blockchain is generally associated with Cryptocurrency, there are diverse ways that this innovative technology can help multiple industries.

  1. The architecture of Blockchain technology makes it possible to seamlessly integrate it with most of the applications used in different industries. A number of healthcare businesses and other organizations have already benefited by Blockchain technology with the help of its dynamic features that promote safety, precision, accuracy, and privacy. Read more about how Blockchain technology is helping the healthcare industry.

  2. Owing to its easy integration provisions, Blockchain technology can be used to develop dynamic mobile apps.

  3. The Power-Duo of Mobile apps + Blockchain Technology can significantly multiply the benefits for businesses as well as end users. In fact, there is a decent increase in mobile apps that are based on blockchain technology

  4. Looking at the sales pattern, it can certainly be said that the trend is going to achieve phenomenal success by the end of this year

  5. Blockchain-based apps will bring a positive revolution in the app industry, benefiting both consumers and businesses. And looking at the sales pattern, it can certainly be said that the trend is going to achieve phenomenal success by the end of this year.

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Internet of Things

These devices utilize the inbuilt sensors that help in surveillance, automation and remote controlling. Mobile apps play the role of controller here and are used to instruct these devices to act as per the users’ requirement. Here are a few positive points that helped create a healthy environment for IoT mobile apps and can further nurture their natural growth.

  1. IoT or Internet of Things was dismissed as a “fleeting trend” by many people during its initial stage but today we see that it has occupied a huge space in the IT environment.

  2. People are using smart IoT devices for their day to day tasks and a number of progressive businesses have been actively harnessing the power of IoT for leveraging their revenue and reputation.

  3. Mobile apps play the key role in the entire ecosystem of IoT as different devices connected via IoT are managed by mobile apps.

  4. If you’re more interested in the topic, don’t forget to check out how IoT is helping businesses and the 5 major industries benefited by IoT.

Augmented Reality

The recent developments in AR, or augmented reality, have increased the ways in which it can offer tangible and practical solutions in day-to-day life. Here is how AR is offering great benefits to businesses and consumers alike:

  1. 1.Many businesses have already been utilizing AR to make their training sessions more dynamic, realistic, and interactive.

  2. Augmented Reality allows businesses to evaluate the practical variability and usability of their future products and the real-life challenges they can face.

  3. AR also gives businesses the opportunity to provide a realistic experience of their future products to potential consumers; as a result, customers can understand the real value proposition and businesses can increase conversion opportunities.

  4. Likewise, businesses can also help consumers learn how existing products can fit into their surroundings, house, workplace, etc. so that they are able to get a precise idea of its use and make the right buying decision while keeping in mind the various pros and cons.

  5. As you can see, AR has been offering real benefits to businesses and consumers alike and this trend will continue this year also.

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The wearables market started with smartwatches & wristbands, and later on, a number of other wearable devices also joined the bandwagon including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and a variety of other accessories. With each passing year witnessing an impressive growth and exponential increase in total turnover, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this year will experience a momentous rise in the trend of wearable devices.

There are 2 major driving forces behind the steady growth in the wearables market:

1. A number of branded companies, like Apple and Google, are proactively investing in the wearables market; as a result, competition has increased as well as the number of players entering the market.

2. With this increase in competition, the price of wearables has decreased, thus, attracting more customers.

Most popular wearables fully or partially utilize the power of mobile apps to run or perform various tasks. Accordingly, the increase in the use of wearable devices inadvertently boosts the customer base and conversion opportunities for mobile apps that run them. Hence, ambitious mobile app development companies can earn revenue and a great reputation by building their presence in the wearables market. mobile app development companies can gain good revenue and reputation by building their presence in the wearable market.


5G Network is under trial in the USA. Soon it will be launched with a lot of benefits. 5G network comes with a high speed, low latency rates of up to 1 ms. It also enables IoT connectivity with more efficiency. It will also increase your throughput by providing a uniform speed and will also optimize the network energy consumption. The mobile app will be accessed easily and rapidly using a 5G network.


The increase in the use of mobile apps and the latest developments in new technologies like Blockchain, wearables, augmented reality, IoT and 5G clearly indicate that by the end of this year the mobile app market will experience an unexpected growth fuelled by new and innovative trends. Having said that, there is a lot of competition in the market and only superior quality apps will stand out. However, maintaining the harmony between cost and quality will be a great concern. The major challenge would be to hire a mobile app developer that can deliver the best mobile apps at affordable costs.