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Apple WWDC 2020: 18 Big Announcements for iOS, iPads, WatchOS and macOS

Apple wwdc 2020

Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) has always been unique as it tells the updates, devices, changes, etc. related to Apple products.

Apple's WWDC 2020 conference started with Tim Cook addressing developers online about Black Lives Matter and COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic before announcing the iOS 14 home screen redesigning and introduction of new widgets. 

Then he gradually addressed the upcoming changes in iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur, TV OS, AirPods, and WatchOS in the next two years. Apple WWDC 2020 streamed exclusively online with no in-person event.

As a result, many don’t know the WWDC announcements and WWDC 2020 keynote in this Apple’s developer conference. But, don’t worry! 

For all the energetic, hard-working Apple Developers and top mobile app service providers companies in USA and world, we have prepared this article, 

“18 Big Announcements in Apple’s developer conference to announce all the Apple WWDC 2020 keynote, launches, and new software.”

Besides we have big breaking news!

Apple announced its transition to world-class custom silicon Arm-based chips while moving away from Intel. This step is to deliver industry-leading performance at lower power consumption and with powerful technologies.

Apple Will Use Silicon In Its Future Computers!

Apple Will Use Silicon

Till now Apple has been using Intel-based processors.

However, in Apple's WWDC 2020 conference, Tim Cook announced Apple’s switch to its own silicon. Apple as already busy using its own techs and processors for iPhones and iPads. 

Now, Apple would start making its own tech, processors based computers, macOS!

Yes, it is a big change in hardware. Thus, Apple is now self-reliant instead of being tied to the intel’s processors, Apple will make its own components. Soon, we will see the next big change Apple will use its own self-made software.

Also, Tim Cook said that Apple would run apps from an Intel-based and Linux environment. Additionally, by using custom hardware, running iPhone and iPad apps will become easy on other platforms.

We can expect that in the next two years, new systems and Apple products will come in the market and Mac will move completely to Slicion

A few more things will happen by the end of 2020 as announced in Apple WWDC 2020:

  • Microsoft 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud will support new Apple Arm chip
  • Apple's applications such as like Final Cut will support Mac Arm
  • By the next week, Developers can order a kit with the Mac Mini running an A12Z
  • Though Apple has moved away from intel, it hasn't broken up with it
  • Apple's new Arm-based Macs will run iPhone, iPad apps

Regardless of these Apple WWDC 2020 Keynotes, there were some big WWDC announcements for iOS, iPads, macOS, TV OS, WatchOS, Airpods, and more. Though some of them were expected to come, while some others have surprised everyone.

Reimagine The iPhone Experience with iOS 14

iPhone Experience with iOS 14

There are new competencies for Siri, such as Google Translate live conversational translations. Also, the Messages get much-wanted updates with the potential to pin messages, upgrades in group conversations, and greater looks for Memoji customizations.

Maps have new features, consisting of biking or cycling navigation for more cities, and EV routing mainly for alleviating worries about walking on a route. It is even easy for the CarPlay "rethinks vehicle keys."

App Clips come to the App Store for short get right of entry to new apps and to link to apps from Safari and extra. The business enterprise additionally revises the screen with an ambitious new tool referred to as the App Library. 

Also, the capability to put dynamic widgets on the home display screen:

  • WWDC 2020 Keynote: Apple redesigned the iOS 14 iPhone home screen
  • Apple's developer conference iOS 14 unveiled WWDC 2020 new software
  • WWDC 2020: Apple adds cycling directions to Maps for iOS 14
  • Apple introduces widgets to iOS 14 home screen
  • Apple WWDC: Maps adds EV Routing to help minimize range anxiety
  • Apple Memoji gets face coverings seeing COVID-19
  • Apple unveils minor CarPlay update at WWDC 2020
  • Siri will stay out of your way with a new design in iOS 14
  • Apple updates Siri with new UI and adds 11 languages
  • Apple jazzes up Messages with pinned contacts, mentions and in-line replies
  • Apple adds virtual CarKeys to iOS, coming first in BMW 5 Series
  • WWDC 2020: Apple introduces App Clips
  • Apple's WWDC 2020 privacy updates want to tell people how apps are tracking them

iPadOS 14: New Designs and New Features

iPadOS 14 New Designs & Features

You'll find the same but newly redesigned widgets of iOS 14 in iPadOS 14, however, iPadOS have a better Photos navigation sidebar layout that is integrable to other applications of Apple.

Finally, the new Scribble app presents handwriting reputation note-taking for use with Apple. Pencil and the ability to reduce and paste greater intelligently, in addition to the potential to put in writing into text fields very Windows 10 like.

It can understand exceptional languages as well:

  • Apple's WWDC 2020 conference announces iPadOS 14
  • Apple Scribble easily let you write in text fields rather than typing
  • WWDC 2020 Keynote: iPadOS 14 allows to change email and browser applications

Apple Introduces macOS Big Sur Advancing Some Legendary Combinations

Apple Introduces macOS Big Sur

A whole redesigning greets you while you replace and update to the newest macOS version, even though you'd be forgiven for wondering it's a pretty diffused change. 

The similar Photos design from iPadOS involves macOS, the same as the app updates that we'll get in iOS and iPadOS. It has a sophisticated Control center, widgets, menu bar, widgets, and the notification center as well.

Mac Catalysts as a tool for porting iOS apps to the macOS & works natively like MacOS. 

Safari will load frequently visited websites fastly; thus, enhancing privacy features and including better controls over the time period of privileges you grant a site.

  • WWDC announcements include new macOS Big Sur OS
  • WWDC 2020 keynote is that Apple is in progress to move Smart HomeKit using macOS and iOS 14

Apple Adds New Personalization, Health & Fitness Features to WatchOS 7

Health & Fitness Features to WatchOS 7

Customize your Apple Watch face with multiple complications because customizing is easier additionally, there are some new faces. You'll be capable of proportion faces, as well.

Your frame will even appreciate the new dance exercises to jazz up your workout. At the alternative quit of the spectrum, it provides sleep tracking. 

With the new OS, the Watch will be able to a song your hand washing as well:

  • Apple WWDC 2020 launches WatchOS 7
  • It has a Face Sharing option
  • It tracks dance workouts with WatchOS 7
  • It has a Wind Down mode to get you on the bed on time
  • Apple Watch helps to wash your hands better

Apple TV Gets Picture-in-Picture TVOS 14

Apple TV Gets Picture-in-Picture

Any video app in tvOS 14 could be in a position to display in a PiP formation on Apple TV. Just put, you’ll be capable to observe more stuff on your TV without having to exchange apps. To deliver an example, you could keep tabs on the news whilst you work out.

We also saw a preview of the brand new Apple TV Plus show, Foundation, based totally on Isaac Asimov's conventional sci-fi e-book series.

Better multiuser help in TVOS, we could help you pick up wherein you left off in a game and it now supports Xbox Elite and Xbox Adaptive controllers. Apple’s TV Plus has masses and lots of screens beneath its belt.

New Magic of AirPods by Apple

New Magic of AirPods by Apple

As smart switching, the relationship across gadgets involves our rescue. AirPods Pro gets spatial audio, the usage of a gyro and an accelerometer to simply track your head movements, with multiple requirements supported.

Apps will offer more granular alternatives for area monitoring and will provide Apple developers a way to reveal your extra element approximately what they're capturing.

Apple is updating the software going for walks on AirPods to let them connect mechanically to whichever paired device starts playing audio. You’ll no longer want to manually pick which supply you need to attach to.

All these are the announcements done in Apple WWDC 2020 conference!

If you have some plans to develop apple applications, then Hire iPhone App Developers in USA. Also, don’t forget to mention your valuable comments and do tell us how did you like the article!

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