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How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic?

Artificial Intelligence Is Helping to Fight COVID-19

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic began from China and is spreading over the world from the last three months. Today, there is no country that isn’t impacted by this deadly life taking virus!

The novel coronavirus has infected around 33 lacs people out of which more than 2.5 lacs have died and more than 10 lacs have recovered.” These figures are from the WHO reports!

The governments around the world in every country have imposed lockdowns and social distancing due to which the infrastructure of economic activity has shattered in every part of the world. 

The fight COVID-19 Pandemic is now the toughest challenge of the 21st Century!

According to the reports of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 2020 will touch the worst of economic slowdown, and recession after 2009. 

Also, many developing countries such as India would have the lowest economic and country growth rate, i.e., 2.4%. On the other hand for the poor countries or under-development countries, this year will be a dark time.

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All this is responsible due to a virus and its transmission due from one human to another. But, that doesn’t mean that we humans can’t overcome this virus and its impacts.

Our human intelligence is the key to win and fight COVID-19 pandemic. And the result of this intelligence is practically visible in the fighting methods against Coronavirus.

Not only the healthcare staff, police forces, and the army personals are busy fighting it, but the advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are also lending their help to us in handling this crisis against a common enemy.  

Today, many startups and well established AI software development companies are coming forward with new applications, plans, and technologies to combat this pandemic virus.

In this article, we have listed some artificial intelligence technology and a few top AI software development company in USA strengthening our fight against the Coronavirus globally.

New Artificial Intelligence Priorities To Fight Against Coronavirus!

While more than half of the world population is under strict lockdown, the scientists are inspecting every inch of options to battle this unknown enemy. 

For their help, the AI Machine Learning is now our ace card.

The AI technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Facial Recognition, Speech Recognition / Text Recognition (STR), Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Data Handling, and Deep Learning have proved themselves very essential in the contact tracing and vaccine development.

Let’s see how the AI is fighting COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus!

AI Helps In The Disease Surveillance

BlueDot AI development company in Canada uses machine learning and NLP AI technology for obtaining information about the coronavirus spread. Its system is quicker in recognizing and reporting the spread than the Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and WHO system.

In the last of December 2019, it was the BlueDot’s AI software that successfully discovered the unusual rise of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, China. Not only this but its predictions helped the scientists to understand the virus spread and where it is heading next?

“Some of the AI software helps in the surveillance, while some help in searching basic antibodies and molecules in order to treat the COVID-19.” 

Furthermore, there are now AI-based CT Scan software, lung scanners, etc. to help the epidemiologists in tracking the disease when it is inside a person’s body.

Data Automation and Data Handling

Countries like Kenya, Thailand, etc. are tracking the virus spread and collecting data related to it manually, But, some smart countries like Italy, USA, UK, Australia are using data automation for tracking and collecting the data from by using the movement of people. 

“For helping the people tracking their health status, Google has formed its own Google information feed about Coronavirus.”

At the Harvard University and the National Tsing Hua University, population density map has already been researched. The social communities are providing online support to the people who are speaking about these issues online.

Facebook is contributing its own research in unfolding the virus spread over the world!

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence: Robot Cleaners

We all know that artificial intelligence and machine learning can make our daily lives less difficult if we use robots. The best example of robots and AI is in the Prosthetic industry.

But, now in this COVID-19 era, the hospitals are using robot cleaners and sanitization robots to keep the hospital environment safe. Many robots are helping the nurses in food supplying, feeding patients, and assisting in the isolation wards. 

For the sake of public safety, the deployment of drones is also being done at a mass scale. The Drone patrolling has been very successful in maintaining social distancing to avoid Coronavirus’ spread.

More and more custom software development services company in USA are coming forward with new ideas and tech applications to help in the fight against the Coronavirus crisis.

COVID-19 Chatbots

The COVID-19 cases have drastically grown the world in the last 4 months. Yet it is not stopping and 10,000 additional infected people are increasing every day.

Due to such a rise in the cases, the healthcare systems and the response teams aren’t able to provide information to everyone. To solve this, Stallion.AI, a Canada based company, by using NLP artificial intelligence technology, has built a multilingual COVID-19 Chatbot agent.

“The bot answers your all COVID-19 related questions, gives you reliable fact-based information, guides you to preventive measures, and safety protection guidelines.”

Additionally, it daily asks you tons of questions about your health, and then measure the responses as per the data collected. Furthermore monitors all the symptoms and advises all the individuals in their home quarantine.

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Fever Detection Via Facial Recognition

To take temperature, we always use thermometers, but to check the temperature in COVID-19 times, the AI-based Thermal cameras are currently can be seen everywhere

This new AI technology application can detect fever by using its multisensory technology. Also, it keeps a record of the tested individual face and is able to track their movements.

Research and Vaccination

While the AI machine learning technology is busy collecting data of this virus pandemic, all the people staying at home are waiting to go outside and lead a normal life. But, this is not going to be possible unless scientists get a definitive cure.

Exscienta is a Britsih startup leveraging AI technologies and has formed some kind of antibodies and human vaccines. They also hit the first human-trial of the vaccines in the last month, i.e., April 2020.

The vaccine is supposed to be a Drug Molecule of proteins and vitamins to fight against Corona. It helps in generating antibodies in the human body and eliminates Corona out of the body.

“In this research of vaccination AI has proved itself to be very important and can be a game-changer in finding the vaccines for the future.”

Like the British startup, DeepMind in partnership with Google is also creating structural protein models to create antibodies and make the human body system immune to Coronavirus.

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Artificial Intelligence Future: Predicting Pandemic Outbreaks

Currently, we can’t see the end of the virus, it seems to be very far! But that doesn’t mean that it can’t come to end. However, whenever it comes, we need to scale up our thought process and must think, 

“What this COVID-19 Era has taught us?”

It is today a quasi-prophetical tale that an AI company issued the first warning of an unusual disease outbreak. It was the AI to issue guidelines, preventive measures, and safety protection tips of home quarantine!

It was the AI that helped the epidemiologists to track the Coronavirus in Tokyo after it first appeared in Wuhan. As an IT service provider, artificial intelligence to us appears to be a boon that is fighting hard in these critical times. 

Can We Trust AI Machine Learning?

Many skeptics and optimists came and gave their own reasons to not trust the AI. But, today when human society is facing its worst challenge of the 21st century, those people aren’t there to help you, but AI is and will always be!

The only thing which we can’t trust is the unfounded claims!
There is no doubt that every top artificial intelligence development company in USA is helping the governments, police forces, health workers, etc. with much better efforts, planning, and technologies.

“If AI can help us in such crucial pandemic times, then we must be thankful for it because one day the artificial intelligence future will be to predict such deadly virus outbreaks!”

Currently, artificial intelligence is not a threat to human existence, but COVID-19 Coronavirus is surely the one with which you never want any contact!


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