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What Are The Best Features To Choose In Food and Restaurant Apps?

Food delivery app development business

When we talk about the digital world, mobile applications take our head into a dimension, where everything is simple to process with just a few clicks. The food delivery apps are also the products of digitalization.

Today almost every business is online, the online business is now a trend. The same is with the food restaurant business. The digital part in this business is - food restaurant app development or a food ordering app development.

We will cover all the required features that should be implemented in such apps. Finally, at the end of the article, we will find out the cost of making food ordering mobile app in a top mobile application development company in the USA.

There are many one-stop food restaurant solutions that make food delivery services less expensive, rich-in quality, and less time taking. In the list of these solutions, we have so many examples such as;

Kitchen Management, Staff Management, Table Reservation System, Stock Management, Online Payment System, Online Food Ordering System, and many more!

What if we are able to integrate all these solutions into one single application and make it a home-based system for both customers and restaurant owners.

Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda, Ubereats, etc. are some of the mobile applications which are serving food to hundreds of millions of people daily at their home.

"Today, 69% of customers like to order food online via smartphones."

This data actually highlights the food supply chain and the team behind it that is managing the food delivery easily at your homes. Actually, there is an innovative business intelligence solution named Microsoft Power BI which measures all the insights of your business and supports you to make smarter decisions.

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To all those who are already running a food restaurant app, I recommend to use this software and drive better performance for future business growth.

On the other hand, all those who are yet to take a step forward in this business, but are busy in researching about the features of this app must read this as we will now highlight the features one by one.

Today’s article is all about mobile application development for the food and restaurant business.

Let’s start now!

Features In A Good Food Restaurant App

Before coming here, you must have visited several links describing features of food and restaurant applications like location-based services, chatbots integration, personalization, social media integration, online payment methods, CMS services, loyalty rewards, etc.

Whether you are a 10 table small restaurant, a family-run restaurant, a theme-based restaurant, or a multi-branched restaurant chain, your chances of doing business in this digital era will never grow if you don’t use distinct features in your application.

Therefore, in ZRIX, we work slightly towards the future including trending and upcoming features to make the food delivery app running forever. As a result, we are known as the best food delivery app development company in the USA.

Let’s see what are the best features to invest in when going for a food and restaurant app development. Features are as follows:

Food Ordering App Development Features For Customers

A consumer-facing your food ordering mobile app alone cannot improve your sales. To make a purchase from the app, you need to engage the consumer. For this, the consumer must like your app's features.

Below is the list of features that should be included with respect to consumers:

  • Push notifications to the end-users about order information, coupons, discounts, sales, and new dishes.
  • Best UI/UX in the customer dashboard of the application increases personalization.
  • Social media integration and login via Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Location-based services to customers by giving nearby restaurant options.
  • Restaurant’s detail menu and pricing
  • Users can follow friends, restaurants, chefs, food lovers, food pics, reviews, etc.
  • Food delivery apps must manage easy coupons and discounts.
  • Rating, giving feedback, reviews filling, and commenting
  • Online order tracking, Online payment wallet, and systems, in-app purchasing are some additional features.
  • Donations for the poor and needy can be a great feature for NGOs.

Features For Restaurant

Now that you’ve identified the features to attract the customers, it is now important to list features for restaurants. Below is the list of important features every restaurant needs in its app to provide better services to the customers.

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Features are as follows:

  • Multilingual support
  • Easy management of delivery areas and online order status
  • Restaurant detailing should be 100% accurate and easy food and menu management 24x7 throughout the year.
  • Online dine-in booking facility, table reservation, kitchen, and staff management.
  • Automatic email and social media campaigning
  • Revenue tracking system
  • Lightweight food ordering mobile application.

“The food app market is the best example of Platform-to-Consumer Delivery services. In 2020 the market volume was US$62,798m. The biggest market is in China with US$45,909m in 2020.”

You must be wondering how China, why not the USA, UK, or any European nation. Then it's a simple answer is that Chinese companies implemented additional features.

This is what you must try when you hire a restaurant mobile app development company in the USA!

Food Delivery App Development Features For Drivers

  • Take order notification, real-time requests.
  • Setting time availability to deliver orders
  • Food tracking and order packaging tracking
  • Payment history feature built inside the app
  • Delivered order history feature
  • Delivery boy’s detailed information
  • Help and support features availability for the drivers
  • Social media and email login
  • A daily report calendar
  • Loan facility for delivery boys
  • Free food facility for delivery boys
  • Additional petrol charges for every delivery
  • Extra tip features from the customers for drivers

How Much It Cost To Develop Food Delivery Apps?

Every food and restaurant application app is unique in different ways. Some apps have fewer features while others may have extraordinary features. That means, choosing features for your restaurant and food business application entirely depends upon you.

As a result, the cost of your app will carry differently with respect to the features.

“Features Are Proportional To The Cost Of App Development.”

Therefore, the best features, functionalities, and attributes in the app increase platform specifications, technicalities, development time, and deployment time. Hence, giving you an exact amount for your restaurant mobile app development is difficult.

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If you want to get an estimate then use this simple formula:

“Development Hours x Hourly Cost = Cost Of App”

By the way, do you know the total revenue generated in the online food delivery industry?

“It was US$122,739m! By 2024 the revenue of this market will grow to US$164,002m.”

Can Zrix Make A Best Food Delivery App For You?

The digital world has mostly affected Millennials. They are the biggest consumer of every digital product. And in the food industry, such food order delivery apps best suit their lifestyle.

First, they aren’t so interested in going out in the pollution, second, the oil prices are high!

Thus, Millenials will prefer ordering food online! Furthermore, they prefer fast services and a good menu of food items and dishes within their budget. Also, they want to interact with your app and want to know the world about what they are gonna eat.

Thus, the selection of your features for developing online food delivery apps provides you with a heavy responsibility. Additionally, your selection criteria for the audience highly vary as per the choice of your features and app development budget.

Above we have discussed all the major features that you can include in your food app development. We don’t know about other app development companies, but we can only tell about ourselves.

ZRIX is a top-class food delivery app development company in the USA that integrates the latest technologies, app frameworks, personalized UI/UX, rich-in features, attractive designs, and trending methods in the development business.

Apart from this we also redevelop the old food ordering apps in a newly styled manner!

Choosing Zrix gives you the full support of every team member for your online product. If you have some queries about the digital restaurant business then do comment in the section below.

And always stay tuned with us for more knowledge and content related to IT business. You can also mail IT related news and topics to us at

We will love to write and publish it on our website!

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