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How To Build An Awesome Educational Apps In Easy Steps?

How To Build An Awesome Educational Apps

Education is a daunting task! It has become difficult to read each and every prospect in any subject on blackboard and pen-paper. But, with the help of Educational Apps in your reach from Google Play Store and Apple App Store, education is now in the reach of billions of students.

Now you can study anytime anywhere at your convenience and desire. The education market has become not only a platform for new technological developments but also a significant niche for the business.

“Education industry is the biggest industry in the business world with at least 600k e-learning apps, App Store: 75,210 and Google Play: 308,438.”

There are great app ideas running in everyone's mind and they know they can get profit potential. You can create a few types of apps:

  • Educational apps preschool
  • Educational apps for students
  • Educational apps for kids
  • Educational apps for teachers

Today's development of educational mobile apps ranges in 3 categories: Instructive, Manipulable, and Constructive. Some Top educational app development services in USA aim at the combination of all three categories for developing the best and suitable mobile application.

"According to Statista, the worldwide e-learning market will reach Us $ 243 billion by 2022."

If you also want to be a part of this, then below are some necessary things that you should never overlook while starting the development of eLearning and educational apps.

Mandatory Things In Developing e-Learning Apps

Creating educational apps for students and teachers is a neat idea. But none would ever want to commit mistakes in any phase of development. As we don’t want you to get a red flag in the educational app development process, here is the research work which you should always do. Follow this research process:

  •  Transforming Dull Subject Matter Into Amazing e-learning Experiences
  •  Lack Of Learner Motivation And Engagement
  •  Staying Up-To-Date With Modern Tech
  •  Designing e-learning Courses For Different Generations
  •  Subject Matter Experts With Prior Instructional Design Knowledge
  •  Balancing Tight e-learning Budgets
  •  Finding The Perfect e-learning Authoring Tool or Learning Platform

First Step: Select Your Target Audience

Depending on your business objectives and the characteristics of each market, the educational app product can be successful anywhere because the audience base is wide open; not limited to any certain age group.

Humans are hungry for knowledge, and they look for the right platforms from where learning becomes simple and easy, but authentic.

The educational apps are a popular search category on Google Play and App Store. The eLearning industry's main market is in every city in the world. The only thing you need to know is that you are able to market your app online from one city to another city in order to get more audience.

Furthermore, we all must learn from the Chinese market of eLearning apps. They have developed mobile applications to learn guitar playing online.

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List Down Your Requirements Of Educational Apps

There exist many diversity in the architecture and content of e-learning mobile apps. Some of them are given below:

“Multipurpose learning platforms, Specific subject learning apps, Supportive apps, Educational games, Learning management apps, Educational apps for preschoolers and toddlers.”

It is a must to remember that the children aren't only your audience who need motivation in their studies. There are adults, working officials, job interns, and scholars who always need the best ways to keep their interest in educating themselves via applications.

Hence for this purpose, you can use advanced technological features in your educational apps for students, teachers, kids, and preschools.

"Virtual and Augmented Reality, AI boosts learning capability, Intelligent virtual assistants,  Captivating Virtual Instruction for Training (CVIT), Gamification adds excitement to eLearning Apps, Online Streaming (Netflix, Youtube) grows mainstream in corporate learning, and Community-driven Multiplicity creates a positive loop.”

Whatever the base of your educational app services is, the following are the top mobile app features which you must include while developing the iOS/Android application!

“Registration/Log-In, Instructional Overlay, User Profile/Dashboard, Search/Filters, Database, Push Notification, Offline Mode, Social Media tools, Newsfeed, Audio/Video Conferencing, Sound effects, Animations, In-app Chat, Download options, Payment Gateways, MS Office - Docs, Powerpoint, Excel, and many more.”

This means your educational application service should remain selective while reinforcing the features and functionalities in terms of technologies. Every student loves to play with the tech.  

Therefore, much more use of tech will increase their engagement in your application.

Finally, use the agile methodology which is used by the top custom mobile application development company in USA. It is an iterative approach to the app development process that saves your time and money to a great extent.

But, remember to keep the application light-weighted and under budget. Also, keep the design of the application in your mind. Design & Development are always proportional!

Research suggests that an application takes one week of understanding by any user; thus, I would suggest putting an interactive tutorial video for the students and teachers.

Design In Educational Apps For Students & Teachers

Educational Apps For Students & Teachers

eLearning mobile applications are established on four pillars. Each pillar is important; thus, make sure to make design attractive and robust at the same time. Because -

At the end of the day, educational apps must be the winners to sustain in the most complex and competitive market of the business industry. Thus, keep the UX/UI (user experience/ user interface) clean and responsive.

“4 Pillars: Active Involvement, Engagement, Meaningful Learning, and Social Interaction.”

You can also use Salesforce and Cloud-based technology to make the best backend of your app that can interact very well with the front end technologies.

Beta Testing Of Educational Apps

Testing of educational app

You’ve looked at your app through several designs and development lenses. Also, you must be thinking that you’ve managed to develop a seamless - smoothly functional app, that can aesthetically please you and your customers.

However, it is important to examine if your app is going to function correctly when living at application stores. Android and iOS, both have made this process simple in a controlled manner.

“The beta testing, A/B testing approach is the best way to test the educational apps for preschools, kids, teachers, and students.”

Simply upload the app file in the test environment and monitor the behavior of your app’s features and functionalities. The app’s progress in the test environment will be similar to the app working after the launch at your devices.

iOS uses a platform called TestFlight to beta test any app, while there are many Android applications that run apps in a test environment. You can find many of them on Google. 

After beta testing and A/B testing, the live testing and its feedback from customers and consumers put an overall view of the features and functions of the app.

Most of the custom mobile application development companies release beta versions in the general public and keep the development hands-on alongside bug fixing as per the customer feedback.

You can try this, only if you have a lot of money!

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Time To Monetize Your Educational App

Monetize Your Educational App


Educational apps for kids/preschools might not bring you large income in a single shot. That’s why it is important to decide which educational niche you must choose in the competitive educational and eLearning business.

Generating loyal customers at your educational app development service in USA takes more than a year. However, you can become a millionaire in just 6 months if you plan and work seriously for this app’s industry and market it in all parts of the world.

Here the question is how to make a profit and business from an educational app. The first method is a pay per download method where you earn directly from the application stores. Don't be afraid to apply for it!

“The market of the educational sphere is a paid niche & people pay for quality products.”

Get into the partnership agreement with the educational institution. Sell your products to the institution, and make an agreement with them that they will use your products and their training materials on your education app services.

We know that apps are free. But, to get a more extended version, we have to pay a fixed price. The free functions and payable functions are different. If you charge higher, then your audience will start looking for other eLearning apps. 

As a result, you will lose your business!

Advertising is again a good way of giving publicity to your educational app. Involve children in your TV Ads, Google Ads, and let the word of mouth play its own game.

Also, you can sell study related products like toys, bags, VR equipment, etc. at low prices and offer them to download the eLearning apps for free!

Finally, the best way is Paid Subscription where the user becomes your yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, and monthly subscription to access basic, free, and premium features.

Launch Your App Successfully

Launch Your App

Along with design, development, testing, monetization, and bug fixing, your application is now in a ready state. You’ve made it to the finish line.

It is time to make your idea live into the needs of the general public waiting to read and learn more. Surely, with the application, you have accomplished something big and it's time to distribute it!

Android and iOS, both are the career of your educational and eLearning applications. Simply start digital marketing. Make your app live to all channels and try hard to make its worldwide spread.

Never forget one thing, customers are the key to profit. If they have some feedback then use it properly to update & upgrade your application for better purposes and usage!

I hope this information will prove useful to help you with the educational mobile application development services. Start now, spread the words of education and create an app.

For any further questions, feedback, suggestions, and ideas feel free to contact us, we are a top mobile application development services in USA always available 24/7 for our visitors.