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How To Build An Online Health Coaching App For Quarantine Fitness Freaks?

Online Health Coaching App

At the very start of this year in January, people across the world we're living risk-free, happy, and prosperous lives. Parks, gyms, cafeteria, restaurants, office buildings, roads, rails, ships, airplanes, etc. all these were in usage.

Our society was full of lovely people, joyful faces, friends, everything was full of harmony. Everything was open! 

But then suddenly everything changed with the news of the Coronavirus outbreak in China at Wuhan, which has now spread in every country of the world at the speed of knots.

According to WHO, the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic death toll is more than 1.9 million to date and if not controlled then it would change into an epidemic soon!

To stop this much exponential increase, governments across every country on the globe are maintaining Home Quarantine and Lockdown to their citizens 24x7. Today’s need of the hour is to stay isolated away from friends, neighbors, and well-knowns. 

#stayhome #staysafe.

But the fact of isolation cannot be rugged down under the blanket! 

Humans generally don’t have the habits to sit ideally and watch TV or browse the internet 24x7 and stay long in one place. For human society to exist, social life is highly important.

But due to COVID-19, the social life of us is now at absolute zero!

The World Health Organization has already released an advisory where people are told to keep themselves busy in doing self-building activities avoiding anxiety and stress to creep in.

Furthermore, the loneliness in quarantine can result in increased depression, hormonal imbalance, stressful, and isolated life.

Coronavirus is threatening our human existence indoors and outdoors, both!

Of course, the support, home quarantine, and social distancing are the only methods to prevent this lethal respiratory illness spread worldwide! But, one can’t support well if he/she isn’t physically, mentally, emotionally well! 

Yes, we are talking about fitness!

Due to lockdown, public parks, jogging lanes, gyms, etc. all are closed and you have every minute of your 24 hours of life. Not what you can do staying at home to build or continue your workout practice.

The answer is simple; start doing home workouts by taking the help of Home Workout Apps. Get up to your beautiful life with physical exercise!

Can Physical Exercising Help You?

As per The American Heart Association, those adults who can engage themselves in some moderate-intensity aerobic activity for at least 150 minutes a week or 75 minutes per week of vigorous aerobic activity will have the best health conditions.

Their chances of leaving a good prosperous, healthy life will increase!

Previously getting into shape was a big task due to less time. But, today time is your best friend. In fact, the present time is the best suited for your bodywork.

Not only will it turn you into a healthier person but will remove the stress, increase your confidence, and will enhance your willpower to succeed above the after impacts of Coronavirus. 

However, for good bodywork at home, you need a good trainer. And finding one at this time is a difficult task. Thus, we will suggest you use a Fitness App or Workout Apps.

Such apps are online health coaching apps that provide fitness trainers online. And they tell you exercises, guide you to fitness, and help you in shaping a good body. The apps’ high-quality workout routines and balanced diet plans can result in you with more productivity in this lockdown period.

Today, every custom mobile application development company in the USA are working day and night to make available all the solutions at home.

As a result, a fitness coaching app or a fitness trainer app is one of the examples! Furthermore, such a home solution in quarantine allows the business progressively.

We would say, in such turbulent times of COVID-19 Coronavirus, developing a fitness coaching app is a smart decision for your business continuity. 

It is an attractive stand-alone chance to give online gyms everywhere to each house and earn money via app downloads and app features. But, this doesn’t look simple as it appears!

Building a home workout fitness app is a tough task that needs time, development skills, efforts, money, and a successful business plan. If you are interested in making such an application for your iOS and Android mobile users, then we will teach you -

How To Build An Online Health Coaching App?

Like other mobile application building processes, developing a fitness coaching app requires the best technologies and features. And here in this article, we are going to provide you the ways to help yourself in building online fitness teaching help.

We have given a few crucial points here that can help in developing an online health coaching app for beginners and fitness lovers or the quarantine fitness freaks. 

Let’s get started!

Develop A Business Model and Audience Combination

Before designing a mobile application, you must identify your target audience. And your work should be based upon their needs and demands.

The tandem working model with your audience can be a breakpoint in your entire business history, especially in the COVID-19 Pandemic times. Hence, pay a little extra while you make a business model for developing a home-based fitness trainer app.

People are stuck at home and they will probably look for the best app that gives them better UI/UX, features, interactivity, and robustness. Your goal is to make an app that they would desire to have in their Android & iOS smartphones. 

Furthermore, keep a good focus on iOS users as they love to be in the center of attention. Hence, they would demand the best-featured application ever for their health.

For this purpose, you need to hire iPhone App Developers in USA that are creative and highly skilled. You can contact us, we have the best team of certified iOS developers working in these crucial times.

Define Goals and Responsibilities

Your purpose of mobile app development decides your success. And if you are aiming to create mobile app solutions for solving the daily problems of quarantined people, we wish you good luck and hope you achieve your part of success. 

Whether you’re working alone or you have a team, your motive should be clear. Let’s check on all three methods of developing a custom workout mobile application.

Method are as follows:


  • The first option is you can create a cross-platform mobile application on your own by taking the help of a mobile app development framework like PhoneGap. 
  • The second option is to hire a team of developers that focus on all development related tasks. 
  • The third option is to partner with a part-time coach for those people who are in the need of extra assistance in their fitness.

Features That Must Be Included

If your online health coaching app can provide users with positive results then you are on the right note and must invest time and money in its development. Not only in the development, but your focus should also be on application testing.

After you add all these functionalities, you must take care of using advanced technologies like AI, IoT, data handling, etc. Like other top mobile app development services in USA, you must also make use of these techs as they add smoothness in your business process.

Now let’s talk upon the features of an online workout and health fitness application.

Admin Features: One-Click controllable dashboard, admin management panel (real-time), software integration panel, auditing accessing & review panel, user tracking & management option, subscription plan management, testimonial review option, analytics option, content management option, open-source management, email management, digital marketing options,  social media management options, etc.

Users Features: Easy user registration, beginner to advance level workout & diet plans, live chat feature, social media sharing, workout & diet plan progress check, trainer connection, payment gateway, and internet banking, instructor management, social media integration, image and video downloading, content reading, comment & review options, etc.

Trainers Features: Trainer registration, trainer content uploading, trainer workout & diet plans,  social media integration, image & video uploading, content editing, comment & review options, fitness charts, BMI calculator, Calorie counter, user rating system, etc.

The following are the types of testing that must be done for sure before you deploy your application on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Testing Types: Accessibility Testing, Automated Testing, E-Commerce Testing, Functional Testing, IoT Testing, Load Testing, Performance Testing, Web Application Testing, Compatibility Testing, Usability Testing, Security Testing, Load Testing, iBeta Testing, and A/B Testing.

Additional Tips For Fitness App Development

Though you can take the help of all the above vital points in making your health fitness online app, we have some extra tips to give you.

These tips are from our  hire Android apps developers in USA whose feature-rich suggestion will make your fitness mobile application a bit more perfect:


  • Keep encouraging your users by Push Notification to exercise and stay fit.
  • Keep on providing them informative visual content about health and diet rules.
  • Never force the users directly to work out. Instead, make the app interactive and entertaining with gamification tools, leaderboards, elements, and quests features.
  • For the beginners, make your app user-friendly via video advice, workout images, etc. 
  • Lastly, you must develop a community of all your fitness app users to continue their social communication and support during any problem.

Wrapping It Up

COVID-19 Coronaviru pandemic times are hard to live and survive. Not only for humans but for the businesses also. If you have an IT and software development business developing an online health coaching app is a good way to keep going forward in this internet-based business culture. 

Creating a home workout app not only helps you in contributing to the fight against COVID-19 but also helps the other to live at their homes peacefully and stress-free. 

Remember fitness always starts from home and the business planning too!

If you have more questions on the development of the fitness coaching app help people during the COVID-19 times, then you can drop your queries to us at -

We are ZRIX, a top custom mobile app development service provider in the USA ready to bring everything at your home while Coronavirus is outside!

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