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Can Wearable Tech Spot COVID-19 Symptoms?

wearables detecting covid symptoms

The world is busy in finding the COVID-19 solutions, out of which vaccine research is a priority. But, recent studies have found that wearable devices can detect symptoms of COVID-19 Coronavirus.

The wearable devices like Apple Watches, Fitbits, and Fitness Trackers can detect the illness while giving you early warning systems. Research early findings suggest that the sample data collected from such wearable devices will help in fighting the virus.

Today, in our blog post, we will tell you how these wearable tech fashion devices will help in detecting the early symptoms of virus infection such as body temperature, blood oxygen level, pulse rates, and more!

According to Wearable Device makers such as Fortune, Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, etc. the first most important thing is about encouraging the customers to participate in healthcare data collection.

Even more, the Fitbit and Apple teamed up together with the Stanford Healthcare Innovation Lab to make good studies on COVID-19 wearables. Now Stanford is successful in detecting signs of the coronavirus due to changes in their heart rate.

If a wearable device helps in these critical times, then wearable tech for health is promising!
And to make use of wearable devices you need to take the help of the custom IoT software development services in USA.

Today, 21 percent of Americans use wearable devices and these devices can flag early symptoms of COVID-19 to the front lines of the healthcare system.

"Around 82% of users found initial symptoms via the data of wearable fitness devices."

What is the Story Behind Wearables Detecting Symptoms?

Wearable devices first monitor the wearers’ vital signs and symptoms and then collect that data to tell you if you have chances of getting a potential COVID-19 infection.

According to scientists, simple data like body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, etc. if regularly taken care of or checked, then identifying disease in you will be easy.

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The goal behind taking such data is to study patterns and reveal the viral infection!

“The wearable technology in healthcare is to DETECT - Digital Engagement and Tracking for Early Control and Treatment.”

DETECT largely depends upon the diverse data collection from thousands of smartwatches, healthcare wearable devices, and fitness tracker users. This technology is a great example of the collaboration of medical professionals with scientific experts that improves patient care, finds out the virus outbreak, and enhances wearable technology tools.

The idea behind researchers relying on wearable tech for health is to find early symptoms via these spotting devices. The important early symptoms of COVID are fever, continuous running nose, or flu.

For instance, in January, before the pandemic’s massive unfold, studies posted how researchers stated that once human beings are combating contamination, their sleep workouts and the tendency to spend extra time sitting/mendacity down.

Therefore, the researchers are using top IT solutions for healthcare industry in USA. And the wearable devices are the most common by whose data an improved public health response can be created.

Does it Make Sense to Use Wearables in Detecting COVID-19 Symptoms?

Right now, half of the world’s population is suffering from an asymptomatic and contagious stage. The goal of healthcare organizations is to detect the infection early and help people to manage the safety well-in advance.

In COVID, if a person's illness is detected early, then the spread of the virus can be prevented and the person can be cured fastly. For this, healthcare teams need data that can be collected in a proper manner from wearable devices.

Instead of asking people to take frequent coronavirus tests, which can be slow and costly, gathering data from wearable devices can act as a check on a person’s health.

Individuals who can monitor their health data via smartphone apps are integrated with wearable devices that check the potential warning signs of COVID-19 infection.

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To get higher information on what uncommon fitness facts would possibly definitely appear, the collaboration with the healthcare front line people is really necessary in order to understand the higher risk of exposure to COVID-19.

 For example, if you are wearing a healthcare device that measures the heartbeat, then viral infection and coronavirus can be identified. It is because, in the viral or COVID, the heart beats faster than usual.

Hence, the use of wearables makes sense in detecting the early symptoms of COVID-19!

What Wearable Means in Healthcare Business?

Wearable technology in the healthcare business is gaining more popularity due to devices like bracelets, health bands, fitness bands, etc. All these provide helpful insights regarding the basic health parameters.

And in the COVID-19 Coronavirus phase, these healthcare wearable devices have helped in building healthier immune systems, simply by reducing the chances of users from getting any bad disease.

Therefore, enhancing wearable fitness devices in medical diagnostics is an excellent proposal as it will keep the user aware of its health conditions daily.

Yes, healthcare is the fastly emerging business and every top mobile app development company in USA is relatively getting involved in the fitness/medical wearable app development.

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