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Clever Tips To Increase E-Commerce Sales Quickly In 2019

Tips To Increase E-Commerce Sales Quickly

The global e-commerce marketing services in USA is vast and continually expanding from the past decade. About 50% of Americans prefer online shopping from web portals, aka e-commerce portals. It’s one of the best markets to tap into for online business growth.

Rather than visiting brick stores, more and more people spend their time online. In fact, more than 45% of people who visit local, national, or worldwide e-commerce buy some sort of products such as electronic gadgets, grocery items, wearables, household products, and many more.

The e-commerce conversion funnel is not equally the same for every e-commerce development company in USA. For most of the companies, it is challenging to drive e-commerce sales to generate a valuable market because the competition is too stiff with the growing number of online marketplaces and stores.

You need those sales if you want to keep your business alive. But they aren’t easy to land.

People often face difficulty when they try to grow internet business or grow an online business without investing. Anyone who starts an online store to gain profit faces problems in marketing in order to multiply online business income.

However, if you understand all the e-Commerce marketing ideas to increase e-commerce traffic, then you can boost online sales. On the other hand, if you are about to start the e-Commerce store, then the tips in this article will get you a profitable business on a small budget.

But, before we list down the tips to increase online sales, try creating your e-Commerce site on Drupal by taking the help of drupal web development services in USA.

Our goal is to help you out with a complete e-Commerce sales strategies in order to grow your online business and e-commerce sales.

Thus, let’s take a look at the clever tips to increase e-Commerce sales quickly in 2019.


Integrate Instagram

With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram is the fastest and friendly growing social apps around the world, with 500 million daily active users, and online brands.

If you are able to engage customers on Instagram, there are chances that the stories and posts can lead you to a path of success by increasing brand awareness, social shares, online traffic, and the e-Commerce sales.

Your Brand’s Personalized Facebook store

Though Facebook remains a viable platform in social media and networking sites, in the past 5 years, we had noticed a growing rise in the e-commerce marketing via FB.

You can create your mini social media e-Commerce store, aka Facebook store. With the increase in the followers at FB, traffic over e-Commerce sites will increase, and the online e-Commerce conversion rate too.

According to e-Commerce sales stats and traffic analysis reports, around 70% of e-Commerce carts are abandoned daily. Abandoned carts are the results of customer hesitations at some process on your site.

Most of the time, it is due to their less budget! So, it is your duty in e-Commerce mart to convince them and retain them forever by giving them some live offers and discounts. This helps in increasing your e-Commerce traffic and sales.”


Emails can entice your several visitors to return back to their abandoned carts if mails are adequately done with engaging, attractive, and genuine content.

Roughly 17% of a digital marketing budget undergoes the e-Commerce email campaigns but contributes 24% of revenue collection.

Tweets and Facebook posts are also the best way of increasing e-Commerce sales, but emails are a more personalized way of attraction. You must start the email marketing, with newsletters, blogs, etc. with a central focus on making users know more about your e-commerce brand.

Start providing exclusive promo codes, discounts, offers, sales, etc. and send personal notes highlighting your site’s features. Also, try to hit special days, festive seasons, public holidays, religious days, etc. Try to market your e-Commerce cart daily with some reason that touches your user's heart.

Also, provide the news and blog posts that compare products of your cart helps them in selecting one. The more you personalize with your customers, the higher the chance of online sales in 2019 - 2020.

Only 15% of e-Commerce marketing companies use technologies like Artificial Intelligence that gives better e-Commerce benefits and growths. Thus, never forget to use personalization marketing ideas via emails, social media, and more.



Many live chat tools enable direct conversations with the customers and help in collecting data, understanding the mindset, and knowing their preferences. This database helps to increase the retention of a well-known customer to your site.

Also, you can market your products via content marketing, blogging, and actively featuring your latest offers, discounts, sales offers, etc. via your stores' blog. UGC - User-generated content!

Around 50% of consumers trust online reviews, information, and recommendations from their peers who share posts, blogs on social media. In order to use the content as the best e-Commerce marketing strategy, try blogging, guest posting, link building, submit your product images at Pinterest, etc.

In short, your mode of attracting customers should be dependent on all types of content formats that increase online e-commerce traffic. For this, you can take help from the top web development companies in USA


The ability to expand your e-Commerce products is not everyone's cup of tea. The evaluation of market demand decides whether your products have a future in online e-Commerce sales or not.

However, with the variety of approaches towards keyword research, social media trends, marketing geographic validation, etc. It is one of the most creative ways to judge the pre-sell investment and ROI of your e-Commerce sales.

Start the habit of selling products locally such that the customer retention ratio is high. Also, you have an estimated idea on how to decide the reselling of products that are high in quality and compelling to the visitors.

The best method is to use Microsoft Dynamics solutions, CRM, ERP software, and other integrable add-ons + modules that use AI and produce future selling reports and other stuff.


Mobile app development industry in USA is already at its peak of growth. And by 2021, half of all the online web shopping portals will move to e-Commerce apps. Thus, optimizing your e-Commerce stores for mobile with a responsive design can surely give you better e-Commerce sales if digitally marketed properly.

To do so, you can take help from the top mobile application development company if you have millions of developers in your pocket for your dream of online shopping portal.

Trying to focus on customer retention, then this is the best idea among cost-effective ways to increase online e-Commerce sales. If you are focusing on your brand’s e-commerce app, then you must reward your loyal customers and must benefit them via loyalty programs.

Therefore, if you want to boost e-Commerce sales, and wants to establish your online shopping portal as one of the customers’ favorite, then start working now and follow these smart tips for increasing sales.

Also, let us know your obtained results in the comment section below.

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