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How cloud computing & SaaS benefits companies?

 cloud computing and SaaS help digital transformation

Cloud computing is a platform that offers its users a wide range of services. All these services are used over the internet. Cloud is basically a technology that works on different servers for storing data. The data can be anything like text, images, audio, and many other elements. Cloud computing is one of the most helpful processes for different sectors. One among such sectors is the business sector. The business sector comprises different companies. These companies concentrate on different sectors and offer different products and services.

The major element behind the functionality of such companies is software. Software is capable to perform a lot of business operations like sales, marketing, human resource management, etc. Most companies have performed digital transformation using a cloud service. This service is named SaaS (Software as a Service). SaaS is basically a cloud-based platform that is used to develop different types of software. Best examples of SaaS-based software are Gmail, Salesforce CRM, and cloud-based data storage services like dropbox and OneDrive.

All these software play a major role in cloud computing and SaaS in the digital transformation of your business. There are many SaaS web application development companies that are working to provide digital transformation to several other businesses. We are going to read several aspects of cloud computing and SaaS in this blog.

Characteristics of SaaS in Cloud Computing

Multiple Software Usability: SaaS is capable to develop software that can be used by multiple users after some customizations. SaaS provides you with a mechanism that can develop software over the internet. This software is named web applications. These can be easily customized and after which they can be used by multiple users. You just have to take the subscription from the vendor after which it can be customized as per your needs and then you can start using it.

Scalability: SaaS-based web applications are highly scalable. These applications are capable to perform multiple operations and can store a large amount of data. This states that if your company is having a lot of workloads then a SaaS-based web application is capable to hold that workload for you. SaaS actually works on multiple servers so if a particular server is busy then it will allocate another server to your web application. This will not let you stop your work.

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On-demand customization: SaaS supports on-demand customizations. These customizations can be done in the web applications according to the requirements of users. SaaS enables quick customizations for the users as and when required by the users.

Resource Pooling Mechanism: SaaS enables resource pooling. It is the only platform that doesn’t lack any resources. It is because of its resource-sharing methodology. So if it needs any of the resources it can pool the same resource and can perform the desired task. It also supports real-time resource allocation. For instance, if you need to store any data then it will automatically allocate a database server to you for storing your data.

Maintainability: Cloud computing SaaS methodology is one of the systems that require lesser maintenance. It can automatically get updates from the vendor’s side. The updates are highly frequent that will care for your web applications. These frequent system updates improvise the applications on a timely basis.

Advantages of SaaS in Cloud Computing

Accessibility: SaaS platform of cloud computing provides you with a high accessibility feature. This feature enables you to access your web application from anywhere and on any device. The thing you just need is valid login credentials. You can run a SaaS-based application over the web browser at any time when you need to access it. SaaS benefits your company a lot by performing tasks as per your needs.

Pocket Friendly: Implementing the cloud-based software doesn’t require any specific system. This software are having a minimum requirement and can also run on an older system. You just need to install a web browser to your system. It doesn’t require any additional equipment and installation costs. You just have to purchase its license for a particular point in time.

Scalability: SaaS provides you with highly scalable web-based software. It is such a kind of software that can adapt customizations very easily. It can be used by different users after making some changes to the application. It is one of the cloud computing benefits that SaaS provides to its users. Since the application is hosted on a cloud platform so there are several top cloud hosting providers that can customize your application.

Secure: SaaS is one of the highly secure platforms. Since all the users store a lot of data on cloud servers. These servers can ensure the security of the data that you have stored. Since it is an online application it consists of an in-built firewall and security system that will secure it from unauthorized users.

Easy Data Recovery: SaaS in cloud computing not only enables you to store data. It also provides you the feature if your data is deleted or removed accidentally. Then it is easy to recover that data. It is one of the biggest advantages of SaaS in cloud computing. Comparing it with traditional software if your data is deleted. It causes a lot of problems in recovering it.

Disadvantages of SaaS in Cloud Computing

Lack of control: Cloud-based systems are basically managed by all the vendors or system providers. Even your system is updated by the vendors. So there is a lack of user control over the system.

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Slower Speed: SaaS-based systems doesn’t offer you speedy operations. When compared to the client-server systems these systems are comparatively slower. Whereas companies need faster solutions for their problems.


Companies these days need to perform a lot of operations. With the growth in competition, they have to perform much better than their competitors to survive in the market. Cloud is one of the most highly used technologies currently by companies. It provides several services to them like data storage, web apps, communication, etc.

We all know that cloud computing is a vast platform consisting of several services. One among those is SaaS. We have discussed different aspects like the role of cloud computing and SaaS in the digital transformation of companies. These aspects consist of characteristics. Advantages and disadvantages of SaaS. After comparison, we have reached a conclusion that Cloud and SaaS are benefiting the business and companies a lot.

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