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Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing has taken over traditional or physical marketing since the internet came into existence. The internet marketing tools target the audience in real-time and help to grow business online.

Recent trends in marketing suggest many changes in recent times under the umbrella of SEO, social media, PPC, content strategy, marketing, etc. Moreover, artificial intelligence is the latest high-tech blockbuster currently evolving with the need of businesses.

Thus, it is important to understand the latest digital marketing trends if you are willing to attract an online audience at your platform.

The Rise of Voice Search

According to a report from Google, 65% of searches now are voice directed. Even more, people update keywords while hunting down the results of their queries.

For example, to search CMS website services, users command via voice and search for “CMS Website Services USA.” It then results in the opening of all CMS website service providers in the USA.

It allows digital marketers to execute online marketing strategies based on keywords such that a user can search for anything via voice.

There is a remarkable rise in Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home digital assistant speaker that might pile up the voice recognition digital assistant business to $601 million.

AI and Advertising

The use of AI is one of the frequently questioned digital marketing trends when programmatically advertised to audiences. The automation is highly efficient and effective which helps to increase the conversion rate.

AI also helps you to personalize your emails, accounts, content, products, etc. In fact, 96% of digital marketing agency believes that personalization through artificial intelligence advances customer relationships.

Social Media

From a toddler to their golden age, everyone uses social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. in their smartphones.

Nowadays, 75% of people get to know about new products, services, educational courses, new technologies, trending brands, and many more using these top social media companies.

Among different online marketing trends, social media is the one that entices users to stick online for a more extended period. The ads, video marketing, and content marketing have found a medium and audience base in social media to build business profit.

Influencer Marketing

We see many Hollywood actors and actresses promoting significant brands and products only to influence the audiences. Such marketing uses a pivotal leader to drive the brands’ message directly to the consumer groups.

Though it is not a new technique of marketing, it will always help you to increase your sales.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing

Some marketers use augmented reality ads to interact more with the audience. For example, you had to buy a sunglass from X company.

Now marketers will publish reality ads on Facebook where you can place that sunglass on your eyes to check how best it will look?

Virtual reality automatically impresses the consumer and allows them to visualize themselves broadly. These reality ads are trending and will be seen more while performing brand marketing and Online product listing.

Email Marketing

Marketers now care more about sending emails to users without any limitations. Also, they use well-curated audio or video content, making it more personalized, and keep on sending emails to continue their engagement mailing modal.

CRO Marketing

This is the first time when CRO managed to get a place on the list of top digital marketing trends. Conversion Rate Optimization is a system to increase the percentage of visitors to the website.

The adoption of data-driven marketing by B2B marketers helps in improving revenue. However, a successful conversion on your website depends on its great look and rich content. Once the session increases, the chances of getting a conversion also increase.

There can be some changes in the way digital marketing is being done because machine learning and artificial intelligence will play a significant role. Also, it will make digital marketing more cost-effective.

These new digital marketing trends will improvise the digital transformation with a better consumer experience, content marketing, chatbots, automation, and AI-powered technology.


Metaverse is such a kind of technology that can create a new and digital world that is the same as our world. It enables users to create their digital avatars. These avatars are capable to perform the actions that we do. It is one of the latest digital marketing Trends that is owned by Facebook. it enables the business to virtually perform their product and service promotions. It provides a wide range of opportunities to all digital marketing professionals.


NFT is an abbreviation for Non Fungible Tokens. These are the tokens that are considered digital assets. These tokens consist of unique identification used to trade. Some of the brands are providing free NFTs for performing marketing for their brands. Some of the top brands are using the latest digital marketing trends.

Youtube Shorts

Youtube has recently launched a new platform for short video creators. This platform is named youtube shorts. it is one of the highest used video marketing trends. Using youtube shorts you can easily create a short marketing video that promotes your brand online. You can create a 15-second video about your brand using this digital marketing strategy.

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