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10 Essential Android Phone Settings to Keep Device Secure

Essential Android Phone Settings

People say that the most secure smartphones are iOS smartphones, Apple devices. What you don’t know is that the latest version of iOS 11 got breached after a day it was launched. It means that the most secure smartphone is Android. Heck, no!

Android is always under constant attacks from cyber criminals, spam messages, viruses, malware, etc. Mostly, the older version of Android is more vulnerable. It is because most of the Android smartphone vendors don’t issue monthly Android security patches from Google on time. Asa result, security features of Android disturbs and attacks pop up.

Today, whether you have iOS or Android in your pocket, you need to understand the essential system settings related to security and privacy. Therefore, we have prepared this article for our beloved Android users.

Rather than wasting your time worrying about the Android attacks, try to look out for some ways of security settings and privacy settings on Android phones.

New Security Features of Android Smartphone

In case, if you have an Android smartphone, you should set aside some effort to ensure its security, privacy, and performance. A few latest versions of Android have tremendous in-built security features. Whenever you are purchasing a new Android smartphone, always ask for the security features and check what will be the future updates.

compromised Android smartphone

Also, you must never access public Wi-Fi without a virtual private network or a secure proxy network. Associating with public Wi-Fi makes it simple for cyber criminals to get to your mobile device easily, breach your data, and break into your personal information.

Once data is breached, your information is hacked, the Android smartphone that you use will be under the attackers' control. To avoid all this, you need to follow various different kinds of security tips and tricks to increase Android security.

Here in this article, we present the top 10 different ways to keep your Android device’s safety, security, and privacy safe from attackers. Most of the Android settings for safety and security are easy to follow. Neither they are complicated nor they hoax.

You can perform these at your home on your Android device. However, if you have plans to use any Android security app, you can Google it or can make your own security app by taking the help of the top mobile app development service provider in USA.

Buy Android Smartphones Who Release Android Patches Quickly!

Let’s take the example of Google Pixel 2!

You can find a number of reasons to buy this phone; however, the best reason is that Google PIXEL 2 is made by Google, therefore, the security is guaranteed. It means smartphones like Pixel, Nexus 5X, and 6P will get the newest security patches as soon as Google releases them.

There lies tons of Android smartphone vendors and leading Android publications who try their level best to keep their phones up-to-date. Before you buy an Android smartphone, always search for its latest security patch.

Lock Your Smartphone

To lock your phone seems to be an easy task. You just need to insert a PIN, password, security questions, or other advanced locking parameters such as Fingerprints, patterns, voice-recognition, iris scanning, etc.

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All these advanced security features are said to be powerful and effective; however, they are yet new in the market. We will suggest you keep your phone locked using a strong password or PIN number. Also, you must keep a habit of lockdown your important social media apps, banking apps, contact lists, etc.

Install Apps from Google Play Store.

The majority of Android malware and viruses come from unreliable sources, especially the third party application sources. For example, if you want to download an application, you have two choices to download, either you can download from the play store or from the website.

Google play store doesn’t promote bogus apps. Also, the play store keeps on filtering and removing unwanted apps. Hence, you will get 100% secure apps from there.

You can use Google Play Protect to automatically scan the Android device for viruses and malware. Goto Settings > Security > Play Protect. In order to get maximum security, you can easily click Full Scanning to scan security threats.

Two-factor Authentication

If you have plans to add an extra Android security layer, we will recommend you to use two-factor authentication in your Android smartphone. To set it up, you can use this sign-in method on your most used Google accounts. Go to Device Settings > select Google.

Now, tap Manage on your Google Account. This way two-factor authentication is enabled.

Enable Find My Device

Losing your Android smartphone is really a nightmare!

But if you use Google's Find My Device feature, then you can easily locate your Android phone in any condition. We will suggest you set it up properly before anything goes wrong with your Android phone.

Goto Settings > Security > Find My Device. Tap the slider, on it! Go back to Settings > Location and let your device use your location.

In order to locate your device, you can go to Google's Find My Device page in any browser, but for this, you will have to sign-in your account. Or simply search "find my device" on Google.

Manage App Permissions

Applications must request authorization to get too touchy data on your telephone, for example, your area and contacts. It's imperative to consistently audit what applications you've given this admittance to so you don't release individual subtleties to applications that shouldn't have them.

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Goto Settings > Privacy > Permission manager. You now can view permissions by category, by controlling applications. Whenever you select an app, you can view all the permissions you have assigned to that app.

This way you can manage any app on what things to share and what things not to!

Lockdown Mode

Android 9 presented another component called Lockdown. This permits you to rapidly shroud all warnings on the lock screen and handicap unique mark, face open, and Smart Lock choices.

It's extraordinary any time you need the greatest security on your gadget, for example, in the event that you presume law authorization may drive you to open your gadget by means of a
unique mark.

Goto Settings > Display > Lock screen!

Here, you can enable the Show lockdown option button. Now put your phone into lockdown and enter your PIN to unlock your device.

Now the last 3 essential Android settings to make security and privacy better for any Android smartphone users are:

  • First, always use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) such as NodVPN, F-secure Freedome, etc. to use free public Wifi. No matter how tempted you are to use Wifi, it is important to use a VPN!
  • Second, never ever leave your phone insecure. I mean always keep an Antivirus enabled to increase mobile security. Use AV-Test, Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus!
  • Third, if you don’t want to use any third-party application to increase the security of your Android phone, You can hire a dedicated Android developer in USA and create your own secure app to protect the privacy and guarantee the security of the Android phone.

Last Thing!

We've now looked at many important tips and tricks of Android system settings to make your device secure and increase your privacy. With all these options in your hand, you must be able to protect your Android device multiple times from multiple attacks and data breaches.

How did you like this blog post on increasing Android security and privacy?

Don’t forget to mention us in the comment section below! If there is anything else that we forgot, you can mention that below too!

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