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8 Factors That impact React Native App Development Cost

React Native App Development Cost

As an entrepreneur, it is always difficult to manage business expenses. Additionally, when you own an app development firm, it is more painful to meet your team's expectations, demand, and business budget.

Furthermore, there are many mobile app development platforms available in the market, and choosing one is difficult. It's because you have to think about customers' expectations and user experience.

Among tons of options, React Native App Development platform can dedicatedly meet both ends' demands if you know how to use it. Using it can make app building expensive, increasing your yearly business budget.

If you are a React Native user, then you did come to the right page. In this blog post, we will discuss the factors affecting React Native app development cost. Let's start -

During the hackathon project of Facebook, the developers developed ReactNative that turned into a trending app development platform. It is a robust Java-based cross-platform app development framework, which is easy to use, efficient, and develops apps speedily.

Nowadays, app developers also use it to develop hybrid mobile applications. With React Native in your hand, you can develop Android, iOS, and HTML5-based applications.

"According to our reports, in 2023, mobile applications will generate more than $900 billion."

React Native developers can save 40% to 90% of the time while developing mobile applications. Also, it allows code reusability, eventually helps in making the best Android and iOS apps at a time without delay.

Most businesses start making applications with React Native because it is an effective open-source platform with a flexible and scalable react architecture.

"Skype, UberEATS, Instagram, Tesla, Airbnb, Tencent QQ, Walmart, SoundCloud Pulse, Baidu Mobile, etc. are the best examples of React Native app development."

If you are interested in making these kinds of quality applications, then you will need assistance from custom mobile application development services providers.

But, before you seek any guidance, learn to obtain a react native project estimation of mobile app development. For this first, understand -

Why Businesses Prefer React Native App Development?

React Native app development halves the app development cost, save time, developer efforts, build a native-like application, and do coding from scratch.

Also, React Native makes the development process faster and businesses find it easy to launch the applications in less time on quick demands. It is all possible because the code is written can be reused several times.


Native development is OS-specific but React can develop both Android & iOS applications. It smoothly executes applications, offers effortless accessibility, API access, third-party plugins, in-device features, and needs a small-sized development team to manage & maintain development.

Well, we have talked a lot about the React Native benefits and how best it can serve in the process of application development for Android and iOS smartphones.

It's time we see the...

Factors Deciding App Development Cost With React Native!

Whether you have an established business or a startup, the budget is always a worry point in app development. The better features you include in your apps, the higher the app development cost becomes.

But, React Native is known as a cost-effective framework that can meet your tight budget guidelines easily and can make industry-standard smartphone applications.

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That doesn't mean you can always use React Native to develop mobile apps. It's because certain factors can increase the overall react app price before you start development.

If you can use these factors to your advantage, then certainly you can use a scalable react architecture pattern to fulfill your purposes as you want.

Let's check these 8 factors that impact React Native app development cost:

Feature Complexity

App development cost largely depends on the features you want in your app to satisfy the user demands. A low complexity feature app fails to provide the best UX/UI elements, and high complexity feature app takes more time and money. That's why most of the businessmen put trending features and try developing a medium complexity featured application.

User Authorization

While designing an app, if you don't include logins or authorization, then the cost of the app tends to be less. But, on including these role-based check functionalities, the app cost is more. Thus, more effort is needed from the app development team. Likewise, to the extent Native application improvement is thought of, you need two applications that will set you back additional when contrasted with the one you constructed utilizing React Native, as a similar code can be reused.


To develop a customer-centric application, you must integrate social media channels into your apps. In-app purchase is an extra add-on. Presently anything additional would set you back more and amount to the primary concern, i.e., cost of improvement and development. Additionally, executing a method of in-application buys will cost you extra.

App Design & App Category

Several app elements change as per the business requirements; thus, increasing or decreasing the cost. A feature-rich application such as a customized app or mCommerce will need more time and money in the development. Therefore, along with UI/UX and app design, the app must have smoother transitions when the user switches from one screen to another.

App Development Team Size

We have contacted this point before, yet we should dive profound into it now. If you need to employ application developers, designers, and engineers, the expense will differ based on their area and experience. Due to the hourly rate and CTC of the team member, the investment in app development increases. However, as the app can run on various OS, you don't need to make separate apps. Just use React Native.

App Development Agency Location

With regards to the Android and iOS app development cost, geographical area assumes a huge part and probability. For employing React Native application designers and developers, you may track down that Eastern nations charge lesser than organizations located in the USA or Australia. In countries and mainlands like North America, Australia, and Europe, the application development and maintenance cost is more, when contrasted with India, Latin America, Africa, and other Asian nations.

App Security

A versatile smartphone application performs different capacities that may incorporate the collection, storage, and management of client or administrator data. Any data breach can result in permanent damage. That is the reason security practices may make up a significant lump of your application building cost. In light of the size of your application and the sort of client commitment it requests, your development team can cost you more for including best security practices.

App Maintenance Charges

Whenever we talk about app maintenance and support, we majorly put our focus on app updates, design changes, and bug fixing. To regularly keep your app updated with user expectations, you need to invest in maintaining and managing the application. App maintenance charges are always around 20-25% of the app development cost. But, these charges are the annual charges. If your app development cost is less, the maintenance charges will be less too!

"As an entrepreneur, you need to find a middle-ground cost-saving solution before you start developing apps with React Native. The best one is to hire React Native developer that works according to you."


These days, React Native is the best popular app development platform that guarantees to make cost-effective apps. So, you can make an app with your low budget if you use it to your advantage.

To take full advantage, you need to understand all the 8 factors and must avoid making a complex app. Try to make a simpler app with trending features in it.

This way app development will be an easy task for your team!

We hope that we tracked down everything about React Native and some app development factors that can help you to make an under-budget application. We wish you good luck and the best of success in your business.

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