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10 Features Of Android 10 That Will Transform Your Phone

10 features of android 10

The latest version of Android after its beta release is nowhere for all Android lovers!

Named as Android 10, officially released by Google is primarily available for Google Pixel devices and Redmi series.

Well, this new mobile operating system formerly called Android Q was in a beta version for months; now officially rolling its first ride to Google’s smartphones - Pixel phones.

Then it will get launched for other Android phones with additional features about which you will read in this article.

Google’s Android experience this time is different with new features. Google has been very busy with this one, added long-overdue Android features, and changed the name of the OS.

Previously, Google used to give each Android release a dessert-themed name, but this new release is merely with a simple version number - 10.

Unveiled at Google’s annual developer conference, Android 10 has brought new Android features such as native dark mode, location settings, enhanced privacy, support for 5G phones, and foldable phones.

Many top custom mobile application development company in USA officially congratulated Google for this. And we would also don’t hold back in congratulating Google because it would make the mobile application development process easy.

As a result, the hired Android developers will enjoy more space in creating Android apps!

Let’s take a look at the 10 features of Android that will transform your phone. Let’s start the rundown show.

Dark Mode

Android 10 now finally has a Dark theme on Android, which you access through the Display settings menu. From the menu, scheduling Dark mode is easy as per your choice of time; otherwise, you can always have it on or off.

When the Android new feature dark mode is on, apps have a dark gray tint to them and OLED black background to panels like settings. It can easily work in almost all Google apps!

On the other hand, it also works for those third-party apps which don’t have their own Dark mode feature. Dark mode is easier for the eyes, saves battery, and was in demand by the Android users for a long time.

Smart Reply Feature For All Messaging Applications

Smart Reply is one of the best Android features that predict and suggest you responses to a message. Currently, this feature is available only for Google apps, but Android 10 will make its use in all other messaging apps.

As a result, you will get automatic responses at WhatsApp and FB Messenger. It will save time and keep the responses short & full of patience. The technologies behind this social networking feature are AI, machine learning, & deep learning.

Though it is a program based upon advanced technology, it will take care of your privacy and will keep your relevant information only to you.

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Better Privacy and Enhanced Location

Android 10 new features let you control your location data. With this feature, it is now not mandatory to share your location with the app. Sharing your location depends upon you!

“The new and smarter controls help you decide when and how you can share the data on your device. how and when data on your device is shared. So you can rest easy.”

Also, you can opt-out of ad retargeting and personalization, adjusting privacy settings is easy in one place. Furthermore, you can decide what data to store related to the web and app activity.

Better & Robust Sharing Menu

There are many Android enthusiasts who in the past criticized the Android mobile operating system fro slow and unintuitive sharing functionality.

But, now with the launch of Android 10, at your smartphones you can easily share the menu.

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Gesture Navigation Feature

This feature is all about your mobile’s touch screen. In Android Q, Google has slimmed the navigation bar! It will be easy to get around with a swipe and pull. Gestures are quicker, intuitive, and gives your fingers an easy and smooth flow!

They are available with Android 10 launch and work on all apps.

Focus Mode

It seems Google wants us to put our phones down easily so that we can perform all our works with full focus and concentration.

With the help of the Focus mode feature, you can pause the functionality of those apps that distracts you the most. You can also turn off the notifications of distracting apps while keeping notifications on important apps.

“This feature supports the Digital Wellbeing of every human!”

Family Link: Parental Control Features

Google has a Family Link app that has features of parental controls. Previously, Android users used to download it at their Android smartphones, but now the Family Link features are in-built in Android 10.

Android 10 has set some ground rules to make our digital life happy. Firstly, it helps to manage the content, especially for the kids, as it guides them to learn, play, and explore online.

Also, you are able to see the quick location of the Android 10 devices. Moreover, you can monitor your kids' activities online tool and set a specific time limit for a particular app.

Lastly, to keep the heart of your kid you can grant them “5 more minutes” as a lucky bonus.

Android 10 Compatible With 5G

We all are still dependent on 4G to use internet services, but 5G is here already.

Google has started bundling its apps and services in 5G compatibility, and Android 10 will make most of the fast speed mobile services. This is going to create a good competition for Apple and its services.

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Get Updates Straight to Your Phone

Google is trying a lot and has made a system to deliver security updates via the Play Store!

With the help of Google Play system updates, you can now system updates, app updates, security updates, privacy updates, etc. This will prevent the long installation process and your device will get up-to-date in minutes.

This is going to be revolutionary because one would like to see how Android 10 or Android Q will help in the cybersecurity of our digital products.

Live Caption

Android 10 features live captions on videos and images. On Android 10 at your device, an automatic caption will be shown over videos, podcasts, and audio messages!

For example, while scrolling through Instagram, if a video starts auto-playing suddenly, then your new mobile operating system - Android 10 will automatically show you the captions on your mobile screen.

“This feature leverages Google’s speech recognition technology, which will make its debut on Pixel 4.”

Bluetooth Supportive Streaming

The latest Android 10 feature will let the users to stream music by using hearing aids via Bluetooth. This new feature will use ASHA - Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids protocol from a pixel phone.

Currently, the feature is compatible with only Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a. But we hope to see it available for other smartphones, too with Android 10. All music lovers get ready and purchase the best Bluetooth enabled hearing aid!

Another Android 10 inbuilt feature is a SMART AMPLIFIER that boosts sound and fine-tunes the voice by filtering background noise to make you hear everything clearly.

Another feature we have in Android 10 is to issue a warning whenever your USB port overheats. Basically, the warning will prevent you to keep your device’s port, charger, USB, headphones, etc. to safety and undamaged.

These are the Android 10 features about which all the top mobile application development companies are excited. Visit Android’s website and see what are the other changes and news we can get about Android Q.

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