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How Firefox's Android App Gives Better Experience With Desktop Features?

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Mozilla Firefox’s Android app received the biggest update of its lifetime. The Firefox browser app in Android will now have features similar to the firefox desktop browser application. The new Firefox for Android is already in North America and Europe. It is redesigned with a new interface that is fast, secure, and has many new features in it.

Like we use the “Firefox Quantum” browser on the desktop, the Mozilla termed their revamped Mozilla firefox for Android as “Firefox Daylight”. This marks a new beginning in the browser development by Mozilla firefox for Android mobile.

Today in this blog, we are going to tell you “How Firefox's Android App Gives Better Experience With Desktop Features?” Don’t go anywhere, stick with us and know more about your Firefox browser!

Introducing New Mozilla Firefox for Android Phone!

The new Firefox for Android has the foundation of Mozilla's GeckoView browser engine. Now, most of the websites will load fastly for Android smartphones with this new Firefox.

Also, due to GeckoView, there will be no delay in the delivery of updates. This new browser by Mozilla for Android is not based on the Blink, Google's browsing engine.

We will clarify this by looking at every new feature introduced in the browser. At the end of the article, we will also tell you how it serves the customer experience and which is the top browser extension development company in USA to make extensions for Mozilla Firefox.

Features in Firefox For Android Mobile!

Mozilla’s browser is the second most used browser in the world after Google Search Engine! If we talk collectively, then Firefox has met a series of challenges to become #2. For many, it is beyond the browser and the introduction of Firefox for Android extensions is a great move.

Let’s take a look at the features on the new Mozilla browser ready to launch in Android phones worldwide!

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The new Firefox app in the Android phone offers Enhanced Tracking Protection which is the highest privacy feature ever built to provide a better browsing experience. It offers strict protection with better and customizable privacy settings.

According to Mozilla, “This feature protects its users from 10 billion third-party tracking cookies, crypto miners, finger printers, etc. per day. Also, this feature provides you, Ad trackers, in the Business and Standard mode.”

With this, the Private Mode feature in the Firefox for Android home screen allows users to create a private browsing shortcut that launches the browsing app automatically and lets them browse privately on-the-go. Private Mode is the next layer of privacy in Android.

Android browser got a new, clearer, and easy to handle design; thus, making browser appearance better. The new appearance resonates with the improved accessibility of the browser on the smartphone.

Now the users can easily set the URL bar at the top or bottom of the screen. Collections help users to organize bookmarks and web pages. To make the browsing experience personalized you can share web pages across devices.

The Picture-in-Picture feature allows multitaskers to complete their work while watching videos or enjoying anything else. Productivity is the new key to the Android mobile!

Light or Dark Themes - Day or Night mode and Dark mode are also some new features depending on individual preferences. Firefox allows you to follow the Android setting.

The new Firefox browser also revamped the Firefox extension and add-ons experience for the users. If you are starting with the newest Android browsing app then don’t forget to use Mozilla’s extensions.

All these features together add a lot in the privacy, security, appearance, productivity, user interference, and performance of the Firefox browser for Android mobile.

Some Other Improvements in Firefox for Android Phone

The new Firefox - “Firefox Daylight” for Android phone is faster, secure, and takes care of the data privacy. The past browsers technically limited the capability to improve the browser.

However, this new browser is flexible with updated and pre-planned release cycles!

This search engine lets you set your own ground rules. For example, you can independently decide on the privacy and security features that you want to use on your mobile. The browser is independent, as our users!

As this browser is based upon Mozilla's GeckoView browser engine, it allows us to have our freedom while choosing standards and features. This lets us create a user interface that has a faster browsing pace and unprecedented performance.

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Furthermore, the browser protects its users by maintaining privacy and security well-in advance.

What is for the User Experience in New Firefox Development?

Maintaining an existing product with no updates is a complex process filled with pitfalls. If you avoid pitfalls by not upgrading the product, then you are keeping your users away from a better experience of the product.

The same was the story of Mozilla Firefox in Android!

According to Vesta Zare - Staff Product Manager, Firefox Mobile - Mozilla, “To give a better browsing experience in Android smartphones, we looked closely at all the existing features and functionalities. We selected the best features of desktop browsers and implemented them into Android.”

She further added, “Over the last few years, we were quite busy in improving the Firefox desktop browsing experience and then thought to give it a try in the Android version of the browser. Previously, the earlier versions of the Firefox browser for Android were separately available as an application called Firefox Preview. But this time we stepped forward, thought more on giving active customer experience.”

We did experiments and launched many new tools like Firefox Monitor, Picture-in-Picture feature, Send and Lockwise, Enhanced Tracking Protection, Dark Mode, support to extensions/add-ons, and Firefox privacy technology.

According to the feedback from users, we think that Mozilla worked in the direction and worked hard to bring a clear sense of protection and convenience of browser experience in smartphones.

As a result of the extensive testing of features and rapid thinking of the team, Mozilla convinced the users that “The Firefox mobile experience on Android devices is a way better than before.”

With this new browser in the Android market, the race of the best Firefox extension development in USA is on and becoming more competitive day by day!

What do you think readers? Will this new browser become the #1?

Try the new Firefox for your Android Phone!

Zare is extremely happy and proud of Mozilla, that the Firefox for Android shaped and founded better browsers for their users worldwide!

The users having the Mozilla Firefox browser in their Android devices will receive the revamped browser update depending on their device preferences. (You can manually update your browser)

All your data, browsing history, bookmarks, will automatically migrate to the new and updated version of the Firefox app for Android phones.

On the other hand, those Android users who don’t have Firefox in their Android phone can download it from Google Play Store. The new app will come with the latest updates of today

All the Android devices with Android 5.0 and above can install the new Firefox browser app and start using it. Go visit your Play Store, search “Firefox for Android”, download the app, and install it on your device.

Use it, and don’t forget to give feedback on it to us!

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