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How To Keep Restaurant Sales Up and Running In COVID-19 Pandemic With On-demand Apps?

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From the last three months, we are witnessing the impacts of the public health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These impacts are gigantic and no business industry is free from Corona.

We people are living at our homes, maintaining strict lockdown, and keeping the social distance to avoid the risks of Coronavirus. The ill-effects due to this pandemic are death ranching. 

Staying at home is the only best-offered solution we have to keep ourselves risk-free. The crisis of the virus has brutally impacted the business industry that includes the food and restaurant industry everywhere on the globe. 

The main reason for Corona’s impact on the food and restaurant business is due to Social Distancing which is highly important to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. 

With all the states of America declaring a state of emergency and following the strict lockdown, the restaurant sales have gone down to 80%

The interest of US consumers for the restaurants and dine-out has fallen by 74%. Also, the nightlife business has decreased by 89%. Most importantly, As everything is now closed, restaurants are no longer required.

Pizzerias, cafeterias, fast food restaurants, fruits, and veggies shops, etc. respectively are facing a decrease in daily sales. For the owners, keeping restaurant sales up and running in the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming difficult.

The outbreak of COVID-19 Coronavirus has impacted all businesses everywhere in the world, including business owners, farmers, operators, delivery drivers, members of staff, and many others in the food industry.

To combat this, the government and social responses are changing at a rapid pace because food and food items are essentials that must be provided to every home, person living in it!

How The Government Is Trying To Revive Food Industry Business?

Restaurants throughout the globe have taken a major hit. Due to social distancing and lockdown, people aren’t visiting them anymore, nor are they using food delivery apps to offer food for themselves.

Either the restaurant business or the food ordering apps development business, both have got a serious impact because of this Coronavirus that came from China and has spread over the world. 

However, as per the new food safety measures taken by the government, the role of restaurants in these crisis times can become more important in providing food to all everywhere in the country.

The government is repeatedly keeping a check on the food supplies. Also, they have started on-demand e-government online services in USA to deliver food items and processed food to every citizen in the country.

As we know that the movement of the public to grocery shops, restaurants, food & vegetable shops is decreasing day by day, the role of online food channels can play a specific role. 

People living and working at their homes want the government to bring the “in-home dine-in” during these difficult times of crisis. Therefore, services like restaurant online delivery and the food delivery app development have now become more critical 

“According to the reports from Apptopia, there is a sudden increase in the app services like Instacart (218%), Walmart Grocery (160%), Shipt (124%), and Target (98%) respectively.”

These are the new food ordering apps development services that are experiencing stock surges and increased demand for meal kits as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, not all delivery options have seen an increase in their sales!

Online food delivery apps such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, etc. have slowed down, consumers aren’t ordering food because for consumers ordering online food is risky as they relatively don’t know how safely restaurants prepare the foods.

This is the reason why people want to prepare their food at home. This is why grocery stores have seen sudden sales and orders.

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In the middle of these viral pandemic times, the government is pushing this new grocery industry business to keep the food industry economy breathing via the food and restaurant app development businesses.

Let's take a look at how they actually are doing it!

Leave at My Door Delivery Services

Instacart has taken extra food safety measures to ensure safe meal kit deliveries and food item deliveries because they are closely working with a team of safety and health experts by developing a set of delivery measures and guidelines for your safe shopping.

Their goal is to make sure that you take appropriate preventative actions, precautionary food handling measures, and stay at home while using government and online food delivery services.

The very basic model is the “Leave at My Door Delivery” feature to provide meal kits and food at your home. Instacart has suddenly experienced an increase in customer demands as they are providing food items and groceries at their platforms under safety measures.

“The delivery items include sanitizers, tissue papers, disinfectant wipes, vitamins and protein medicines, powdered milk, face masks, diapers, canned goods, and other health essentials.”

Similarly, Hungryroot, an online grocery service also saw significant growth in their sales and customer acquisition because they were able to uptick the demands in order to continue their online on-demand apps services.

Starbucks has now also started using the food delivery app development solutions!

Though the US government is backing up these food ordering apps, it is still unclear whether it will be possible to keep the food economy growing through these uncertain financial times which have been caused by the virus spread and social distancing.

For the restaurants, the prime motive is to enhance the sales and correspondingly provide a better customer-centric approach while keeping the pandemic situation in mind.

To build a future for the food industry that keeps the economy in action, Leave at My Door is the best option to go with to keep restaurant sales up and running in COVID-19.

If you think you have something to give to society or the food and restaurant industry, then built your online food delivery app and play your part fighting against the Coronavirus.

We are the best food ordering mobile app development company in the USA to develop a customer-centric, business dedicated food ordering apps, keeping the new food safety measures in our mind.

On the other hand, if you are a restaurant owner, then we have some new strategies that can help you to keep your customers engaged in and after these times.

Follow The New Food Safety Measures

We all know that until the lockdown is there in our human society, we can rarely think much to increase sales. However, we can prepare ourselves by primarily motivating us to do more business after all this is over.

But, the first thing first, the food requirements after the COVID-19 times are over should be fulfilled with more safety and precautionary measurement.

As a food delivery app development company, you will have to take food safety measures in order to create a new and fresh rapport between your food and restaurant business and your existing customers.

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Some of the food delivery safety measures are as follows:

  • Each and every corner of your restaurant is 100% sanitized.
  • Your app must show the food safety measures regarding every dish you prepare for the customer.
  • Give the best environment for food preparation and win your customers’ hearts.
  • Check the temperature of each staff member on a daily basis.
  • Use alcoholic based disinfectants on restaurant floors and utensils
  • Wear gloves at all times, especially in pickups and delivery drop-offs.
  • Packaging of the food should be complaint-free.
  • Establishing delivery windows and encourage scheduled ordering

Government Collaboration In Food Delivery Apps

Presently most of the online food delivery apps are at the stack, not working at all. The only reason is that these apps have hundreds of thousands of restaurants and checking everyone’s food security and safety measure isn’t possible. 

Therefore, we think that theGovernment collaboration is really necessary to provide customers the best home-dine experience during the lockdown.

And for this, the online food delivery apps must partner with good safe, and secure sound restaurants under government norms and regulations. This is the only way how food delivery apps can keep their restaurant sales up and running in the COVID-19 stay at home times.

You can seamlessly tie-up with restaurants that offer customers the safest and best cuisines at their home with all safety and precautions against the Corona.

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our societies, families, and the ways we do businesses. However, this is temporary and will not stay long. It will pass soon!

The only two requirements are to take care of this Corona crisis and helping out each other to provide essentials to everyone. And for this purpose, the mobile applications are loudly aiding in the fight against coronavirus!

Why are you letting yourself behind?

Get your own food delivery app development done with the top mobile app development services provider in USA!

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