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Know about these 5 latest trends in website designing

latest trends in website designing

One of the best ways to make a strong digital presence is to design a website that can instantly impact the audience. For that matter you need to blend the timeless aesthetics, simple site structure and latest trends. Your main objective into connect instantly with your audience and knowing about the latest trends in web designing will help you in that purpose. Here are a few of the web designing trends in 2017:

Wise use of GIF and Animations

The overuse of gives and animations can make your site sluggish but if done wisely ad modesty they can actually ad to the overall appeal of your site and get it a cutting edge. Gifs and animations have an essential sophisticated approach that can lift up the character of nay website immediately and invite the audience to explore further. It is because of the premium effect of GIF and animation that gives an elite outlook to your site. What you need to keep in mind is to use them sparingly without outdoing.

You can identify the key elements and portions of your site that you want to highlight- like best selling services, current discounts and offers or new products. If the budget allows you may also use the parallax effects to take the impact to the next level.

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Enhance the Typography

Big and highlighted typography is another trend that is ruling the digital arena right now. The idea is t add to the visibility of the content and give a prominent reputation to the quality content and key statements. Right from the colours to spacing, calligraphy and arrangement- everything counts. The advent of new fonts is actually geared towards allowing eh users to present their text in such a format that it should invite the eyes.

A major shift to be noticed here is that earlier highlighting a text literally meant bold, big and bulky but the modern trend is it add a subtle character to your text by using the appealing yet pastel colours, neat backgrounds, loads of white spaces where your text can rest comfortable and lesser number of words with clear impact.

Pop Colours are IN

With the edgy art making it back to the main trends the websites are experiencing a new influx of pop colours. Obviously these colours are not for every website and you need to be considerate about your industry and targeted audient before using eh pop colours. For instance if you are running a B2B website on industrial products then forget pop colours, they could pop the eyes of your audience socket out of their sockets.

However, if you are into the business of event management, creative services or other activities that are preferred by the youth of today then investing in pop cools could give you a cutting edge and allows you to make an instant connect with the target audience. The pop colours give your site a flashy look and add to its visual appeal while gearing up its impact on the audience.

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Make Google Map a creative asset

Having Google maps on your website makes it easier for the audience to know the precise location of your business that helps them to reach you without much difficulty. The good thingies that you can actually add a creative appeal to the Google Maps and employ it to gear up the visual elegance of you website.

A huge number of websites have Google maps but each of them has the same appearance. Yours can be different. The freshest trend is to customize your Google maps to align with your entire web design. If done wisely you can even add a subtle yet strong dimension to the creative character of your entire web design.

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