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Magento Imagine 2020 Canceled Due To Coronavirus?

Magento Imagine 2020 Canceled Due To Coronavirus

There is a lot of concern over COVID-19’s rapid spread. It has not only taken the lives of hundreds of thousands but from the last 2-3 months, this novel Coronavirus has become difficult for all the hurdles for businesses; especially the tech companies.

Tech giants like Adobe, Facebook, and Google canceled their major conferences due to this respiratory disorder to increase the awareness for health and public safety.

Each year, community members of different technologies take part in conferences globally. This year’s Magento Image Conference was keeping developers, businesses on their toes as it was themed at the future of commerce industry, and customer experience management.

On March 2nd, 2020, Adobe put it out in a notice that the Magento conference 2020 at Las Vegas has been canceled because of the increasing threat from Coronavirus.

Adobe also canceled its Adobe Summit that was scheduled to take place with the Magento conference between March 29th to April 2nd in Las Vegas. 

However, now Adobe has made arrangements and is planning to host the conference online in the name of digital experience. Also, the details related to the conference will be coming out soon.

When we evaluate and closely monitor the COVID-19 situations, the step taken by Magento sounds good and necessary with respect to the health and well-being of the people. 

It is true that the people are disappointed to not able to attend the conference, but still many are applauding Magento for hosting the global eCommerce event online in 2020.

As per the estimations, at least a half a billion dollars are lost due to the cancellation of major tech and eCommerce conferences worldwide. Furthermore, the travel and hospitality industries are suffering a lot!

Every Magento web development services company in USA was planning to meet Magento events to reach better investors, more eCommerce updates, and new opportunities.

Looking at the current scenarios, this Flu is going to stick with us for the next 4 months. Therefore, the role of online conferences is going to be very important.

What Is The Role of Conferences in Tech Decisions?

Tech conferences in the businesses are incredibly important to eCommerce businesses. Though these cancelations are bummer, we can expect active online participation.

And those who are planning to invest during these conferences must see the stats clearly here:

  • 92% of people attending conferences come to learn new things about services and products.
  • 77% of them are decision-makers; they might start a new supply chain in the business if they firmly understand the conference.
  • 51% of attendees visit the sales representative.
  • 90% of attendees meet face-to-face with those companies who exhibit at the show 12 months prior to the event.

Additionally, the hands-on demonstrations by the businesses and face-to-face meetings with vendors in such conferences increase the opportunity to discuss more the user experiences, leadership talks, best practices, peers, and many more.

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But the recent cancelation of tech conferences, Magento Imagine at Adobe Summit has been solved by taking it to live worldwide due to COVID-19.

Things To Look Forward At Magento Imagine Conference

This year, it's miles all about bigger opportunities for gaining knowledge of and networking.

You get to attend about 90 periods of trade over 8 tracks. The excellent component about the Magento Imagine Conference is that it's going to allow its attendees to access all sessions and networking events 

This year, the show floor goes to be exceptional!

Attendees will have to agenda their time carefully as there will be some of the classes in comparison to previous years, plus the size of the convention is bigger than ever.

Their team of experts has efficiently advanced a useful tool so that it will make your conference days navigation easier. Using their convention catalog in advance will hold you from lacking out on any essential networking or educational possibilities.

Magento Imagine eCommerce event this year is more organized and the classes are divided into categories in order to help you decide what session you want to attend. 

Topics of this year include:

  • Best Practices in Commerce.
  • Omni-channel Innovation.
  • Business-to-Business Commerce.
  • Small Business Growth.
  • Magento Commerce 
  • Commerce Product Previews.
  • Commerce Solutions and Beyond
  • Customer Experience in Commerce.

Magento Imagine: Commerce Industry Marketplace

Magento has always been the best and most useful marketplace in the eCommerce industry. And Magento Imagine is a platform where global commerce experts come together, share ideas, and define the future of commerce industry.

“2020’s Magento event is also a productive, intellectual, and extraordinary conference giving chance to meet technology providers, 150+ commerce agencies, 500+ commerce experts, and latest updates & strategies for the development of the commerce industry.”

From the last few years, the Magento Imagine is getting excellence awards for playing an important role in expanding commerce and shaping new experiences for the customers who want to connect with the brands.

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The world has witnessed the online to omnichannel and to mobile-first shift that takes your business local to global. Over the years, eCommerce and content both have developed for each other and have engaged the users in the best possible ways.

And this year’s Magento Imagine Conference more on talking about open-source coding, contributions, and other achievements deep down from the Magento’s core.

All thanks are to the healthy and a large community of Magento developers!

Are You Ready For The Future?

The final last piece of advice form us is that the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic though has slowed many businesses, CMS Website Services still holds the title of a top custom eCommerce development company in Raleigh, USA, always ready to make the best Magento websites for you.

Plan your website with us, hire our Magento Developers at affordable rates, and start doing the online shopping business locally.

We wish you a swift recovery in the COVID-19!

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