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How Mobile Application Developers Are Working To Fight COVID-19?

Mobile Application Developers Are Working To Fight COVID-19

There are many organizations in the private sector that are making efforts to analyze epidemic information in an easy possible manner. Government and private sectors working hand in hand to protect their nation lead us to build resilience against Coronavirus.

Therefore, no company is out of this league of providing help. We have already heard the automobile sectors making ventilators for the hospitals to tackle COVID-19 patients.

But, do you know what IT companies are doing to fight against this virus?

No, then we feel privileged to tell you!

With the help of off-the-shelf coding, web design tools, application programming interfaces (APIs) location tracking, data tracking, IT companies are working day and night to determine the geographical spread of this new viral infection.

Though most of the software and tools presently are focussed on tracking the deadly virus spread although, other IT companies have projects (chatbots and data visualizations) being ready to help people financially.

Developers in small and large mobile app development services in the USA are enthusiastically working on making new ways via using technology to deal with the outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

IT sectors’ one of the services named customer automation is also actively involved in fighting against the mobile application developers. On the other hand, different governments are using their IT sector differently to win over the outbreak of this new Chinese virus.

This article talks about those actions, methods, and tech ways. Let’s get started without wasting a sec!

International Efforts To Fight COVID-19

We all know that Corona cases in the USA are the highest in the world. There are more than 3,30,000 cases of virus infection out of which 10,000 are dead. The same is the story of the UK!

To combat this virus, both the English countries have launched an app called COVID Symptom Tracker and TrackTogether.

In Canada, a Montreal-based software company is providing a free Visualization Tool to the government organizations in managing the frontline efforts. The software access and integrate information from cameras, local applications, computer networks, etc.

It is the high time of crisis and coordination among municipalities, healthcare facilities, police force, newsrooms, etc. is highly required for active monitoring of COVID-19. For this, fast decision-makers are required, and technology is helping in it.

The government of South Korea who first won the war over Coronavirus launched a smartphone app for monitoring the citizens via GPS during the lockdown period to ensure that no one is breaking quarantine rules.

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The Singapore government created a COVID-19 contact tracking app named TraceTogether. It tells the users whether they are in close proximity to any Corona infected person.

The Estonian government is using a Chatbot Facility to answer citizen's questions on COVID-19.

Every tool, software or application is being directed at our smartphones as they live with us 24x7! This is the reason why the top Android developers in USA and other parts of the world are being contacted to make the fight against Coronavirus easy with the help of technology.

How Mobile App Tracking Helping Us Against COVID 2019?

The COVID Symptom Tracker app developed by the UK helps to see the spread of the virus. The app user is asked to fill a range of questions based on the symptoms daily in the application.

It is a one minute process and helps the researchers understand how different symptoms are linked to the virus and impacts the different age groups in different environments.

Such data collection has proved that the fever and long-term cough aren’t the only symptoms of infection from Coronavirus. As a result, the applications now have become a part of a wider strategy of identifying infected people.

The world has finally arrived in the phase of the Digital Health system!

Another app like TrackTogether has already received hundreds of thousands of responses since its launch. The US and UK citizens are able to self report the symptoms without tests.

It makes the work of the healthcare forces easy. The self-reporting system maps many people and empowers the users with extensive knowledge of the disease.

As a result, each individual guides the local community about the disease and plays an important role in self-isolation or quarantine. The mobile phone applications have become a great way to explore the feasibility of a coronavirus.

In such risky times, where we can’t handshake anyone, these apps backed up by a lot of data have started to understand the virus easily. The background building via such consumer apps can reduce the barrier and can help all forces to fight COVID-19.

Not only this but after all this is over, we will see a huge rise in healthcare software solutions and automation throughout the world.

Technology - A Silver Bullet In Coronavirus Pandemic

The deadly virus attack has increased the level of discrimination, harassment, and bullying in the workplace. It is not racial discrimination but extends to those who are found positive for the virus and those who have symptoms of the sickness.

Many organizations are developing online tools to help the public sector and private sector workforce to continue the business against the coronavirus outbreak.

ZRIX is one such organization whose customer automation experience for the hospitality industry is offering a dedicated COVID-19 chatbot for the next three months.

Furthermore, to make communications easy among health workers, patients, police forces, etc. an AI-powered video conferencing platform named PixselChat is released that allows instant chat video/speed/text chatting or conversation in more than 100 languages.

Many companies have launched Cloud-PC solutions for helping the IT workforce to work from home and keep the country’s economy breathing.

The tech community throughout the world is pitching new ways and methods to tackle the challenges of COVID-19. The technologies which are sometimes criticized as a human job killer are contributing to saving human life., which again is an AI-driven virtual assistant is assisting the government health organizations to fight against the pandemic of Coronavirus.

In such serious times, when information must remain true and decisive, several cases of a cybersecurity breach, cyber virus outbreak have come into the notice of Internet society.

To combat this issue, Facebook and Bitdefender are working day and night for real-time data monitoring!

A group of Fintech professionals working from home has developed COVID Credit cloud-based tool that promotes open-banking technology to prove any income loss.

Between all these innovations, Apple is cracking down or say the company is rejecting those COVID-19 coronavirus apps which aren’t from recognized institutions of governments, hospitals or dedicated hire iPhone developers in USA.
Currently, the technology is in its critical practices which are responsible enough for building and innovating new things for immediate needs against COVID-19.


All the business sectors and industrialists have joined hand in hand to break the chain of Coronavirus and control the spread of the disease. The applications discussed above are aimed at identifying the virus and its spread.

The virus has taken everything in the world by storm, rich, poor, leaders, workers, laborers, everyone. What will happen next? When will it stop? How will everything become neutral?

No one can answer these questions, but yes this war will end!

We are ZRIX, working 24x7 to prevent our client's business from falling in such situations. If you have any issues in your business, then handover it to us, we will bring out the results!

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