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Mobile App Usage Increased In 2020 Due To COVID-19

Mobile App Usage Increased In 2020

Many of us have predicted that 2020 is the year of COVID-19 Coronavirus. In just eight months, the pandemic has impacted our daily lives on an unprecedented scale. Currently, 1-3rd of the world’s population (2.9 billion people) are under lockdown orders. Not only that but it has changed the landscapes of social behaviors, global economy, and consumer habits.

And according to the United Nations, 70% of the workforce has closed due to a virus outbreak. The sheer effects of the pandemic are adverse, long-term, and immediate. This includes the businesses too that are under great stress the same as consumers. What do you think? What is the impact of a virus outbreak on the mobile app market business?

Today, in this blog post, we will know where the mobile application development and the IT businesses are heading towards!

While the world is busy engaging with preventive measures, physical distancing guidelines, and lockdown, the mobile app market saw a sudden spike in the usage of mobile apps.

The mobile app usage survey shows that the mobile app market, the software development market, the IT industry, etc. is keeping up with the economy in many nations.

The mobile app usage metrics reveal that consumers are busy putting their new habits via daily exercise apps, online learning apps, video conferencing apps, banking apps, eCommerce apps, grocery apps, gaming apps, and much more.

Worldwide App Downloads By Store

People are relying more on technology to meet their needs. The COVID-19 pandemic actually renewed the ways of mobile app usage, data (internet) usage, and screen time use.

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With laptops and computers, mobile devices also became core tools for working and playing.

As compared to the last quarter, Q4 of 2019, the first half of Q1 and Q2 of 2020 have seen an upsurge in mobile app usage. Below, you will find every minute detail on -

“How Much Mobile App Usage Increased In 2020 Due To COVID-19?”

A Detailed Mobile App Usage Survey!

In the first half of 2020, mobile users spent 1.6 trillion hours a 220% increase in the usage of business apps. Also, the 2020’s first half saw consumers spending around $50 billion globally which is 10% more than the second half of 2019.

Mobile App Usage Increase Stats: More than 31 billion new apps were downloaded in the first of 2020. The popularity of the top mobile application development services company in the USA increased by 366%.

In Q1 and Q2 of 20200, Video conferencing apps, Education apps, Tele health apps, Gaming apps, Business Apps, etc. also saw the highest upsurge in the downloads ever recorded in the last 10 years.

The downloads of iOS apps increased by 20% compared to the last year. The app downloads and usage of in the Android smartphone are 55%, while in iOS it is 70%.

Along with this, the mobile ad placements over different websites and apps grew to 70%.

Top Apps Worldwide

In 2020, TikTok was the most downloaded and used app, Zoom was in the second position, and Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram respectively were at 3, 4, 5position.

However, the consumer spent the maximum of their time on TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, Netflix, and other entertainment apps.

But, what about the other industries’ apps? Did other industries fail, or retained themselves in the pandemic times? For this, let’s look at the -

Industry-wise Usage of Mobile Apps in 2020

The Food & Delivery apps which are now nowhere in the restaurant and food online business. However, the Grocery apps usage increased in March when the world governments started issuing lockdown orders. Consumers in the UK, USA, and India were busy securing supplies at their shelter place.

Content & Media apps like news apps, streaming apps, etc. got a 40% jump in usage.

Gaming apps consistently saw an increase the downloads and usage because every student was sitting at home enjoying, studying, and turning to mobile games. Also, self-isolation and quarantine increased the usage of mobile gaming applications.

The Entertainment apps also saw a jump in engagement due to social distancing. Netflix’s then and now is at no 1 position in the US.

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Now, let’s talk a bit about the students. Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has put every student’s future in the dark as schools are closed. There are no chances of reopening schools. Right now, the education system is undergoing a significant transformation with the implementation of EdTech and online learning systems.

There is no surprise that Education app usage increased by 30% after the end of March.

There is a 50% increase in Banking apps and Payment Wallets. Nobody wants to offer cash, nor does anyone want to visit ATMs. Certainly, we are heading towards a cashless society.

With Gyms closed under the guidelines of social distancing, the Health & Fitness apps usage increased to 15% after the first week of April. Now, people are busy giving more time to their fitness.

Finally, to the healthcare industry! The doctors, nurses, and every single healthcare staff member termed as “CORONA WARRIORS” have been in high demand.

The Medical & Medicine Delivery apps usage increased by 40% in March and is still continuing. A very common example of a medical app is the COVID tracking app!

global monthly cosumer spend on apps

Whatever industry it is the mobile applications are really aiding both businesses and consumers! Out of all this, Android app usage has grown 70% more than iOS app usage.

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Conclusion: The Mobile App Market Will Stay Strong!

The mobile app market stayed strong in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, it offered ample amount of opportunities to retain the global economy.

It is true that right now is not a time to do startups. But, tell me one thing what is truly a ‘right time’ to pursue any new venture. Our company is skilled and retained its global presence among international clients in these critical times.

We are equipped with everything that you need to take your idea to the consumers!  

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