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Which Mobile App Development Platform Should You Choose - React Native vs. Native?

Mobile App Development Platform You Choose - React Native vs. Native

It is expected that by the end of 2020, the mobile application development business will cross $200 billion marks. As the number of smartphone users is increasing, the need to make applications has become convenient.

The demands of mobile applications are increasing, and the demand to hire React JS developers in USA has also increased to create cross-platform apps.

Every businessman now understands that to pitch their business services and products in the market, they will have to target iOS and Android mobiles both. Thus, they have to find out ways to develop iOS and Android apps in a very cost-effective manner. 

This is where the cross-platform framework comes in!

While some users have continued to use the Native application development approach, others are now turning themselves towards the opportunities of the cross-platform framework.

React Native mobile application development is one of them!

React Native vs Native App Development

React Native is an open-source app development framework created by Facebook to help you in a smooth and easy cross-platform mobile app development. It means you don’t have to create separate applications for iOS and Android.

Your only requirement is to write down a codebase for developing beautiful apps for both operating systems without compromising UI/UX experience. For this reason, every big company in the app development business prefers to use React Native app development framework.

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React Native tops the list of cross-platform frameworks to create mobile apps without compromising the speed, efficiency, design, look, and feel.

“Today 80% of businesses believe that the React Native increases the speed of app development by 30% to 40%.”

React Native is cheaper and faster and adds different features to the application. Also, it is easier to maintain because you can resolve the bugs in real-time of the development for both platforms.

To make your future project a successful one, you can contact a top React JS development services company in USA. Such companies are also good at making mobile and web applications in Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, Java, etc.

The React Native app’s great look and feel depends in the end on the abilities of the developers. You need the right partner to work with and that part will never change.

Of course, there are edge-cases where React Native is not the best option. But, I believe React native is far better than going native application development.

When To Choose Native App Development?

  •  To develop a complex application, especially a Messenger app.
  •  To plan the launching of regular updates.
  •  To focus more on the native user experience.
  •  To develop a utility app, i.e, an app relying on native device features. 
  •  To create apps for an individual platform.

When To Choose React Native Mobile App Development?

  •  To build a simple and uniform app.
  •  To launch cross-platform applications.
  •  When you have a low budget for app development.
  •  If you wish to enter the app business market at the earliest.
  •  To create social media apps like Facebook and Instagram.
  •  To develop an eCommerce app.
  •  To build IoT-based mobile applications.

We have clearly explained the use case of React Native mobile app development and native mobile application development. Depending upon your use case, you can choose any of them.

Many top mobile application services companies in Raleigh, USA use this react native framework to develop applications.

“Popular apps that were built with React Native: Bloomberg, Airbnb, Gyroscope Health, Uber Eats, Instagram, etc.”

Features Of React Native Development

  • Single Codebase: React Native helps the developers and lets them write a single codebase that easily runs on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Low Development Time: The React Native app builders write the code once, thus takes less time in the process of application development.
  • Ease for Web Developers: The React Native app development is built on JavaScript framework, therefore the transition for any developer to become a mobile app developer from the web developer is easy to manage!
  • Open Source: React Native is open-source in nature and can easily inspect the code whether it is compatible or not to TvOS and Windows.
  • Hot Reloading: React Native comes with the feature of Hot Reloading using which mobile app developers can view the changes they are making to the app in real-time on their screens.

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Features Of Native App Development

  • API Access: All the device’s APIs and its inbuilt functionalities can be integrated with the native development environment.
  • Third-Party Libraries: Community wise Native Android and iOS are much bigger and supported than their React Native counterpart. With the support comes the presence of a lot of third-party libraries to select from.
  • Robust Language: Both Swift and Kotlin are considered to be robust, both in terms of stability and when it comes to revealing the hidden errors in code. This robustness in the programming language is what makes businesses and developers interested in the process of how to build a native app.

Major Differences Between React Native & Native App Development?

In case you aren’t satisfied with both the React Native and Native application development framework, then, I suggest you hire iOS developers in USA to make you an iOS mobile application.

 Parameter React Native  Native
Performace Simple Complex
Long Term Perspective Good  Bad
Store Acceptance 100  0
Reusable Convenience Large Not Large
API & 3rd Party Libraries Plentiful Scare
Web Influence Some None
Write Codes It writes single codebase Multiple Codebase

Final Conclusion

Many giant companies and big brands use the React Native services to make apps for their consumers' addresses. For this, people need money, time resources, and ideas.

Yes, it is true that technology can help any developer to deliver any service or product, but a globally reputed React Native app development company can fulfill all your needs.

In case, if you could not find a well-established company, then hire Android app developers in USA and start making your Android application. The similar thing you can do with iOS application providers.

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