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WordPress is a wonderful platform that has actually revolutionized the way the content is presented on the internet. Initially, it was highly popular with bloggers due to the unique visual appeal it adds to the content while making it easy on the eyes. However, due to its effective and innovative appeal to the content, many other sectors and industries also started relying on WordPress for their publishing needs. Today it enjoys a top position among the most widely used CMS. You can interact or purchase WordPress products online from 2 sites- and Though sharing the same name, both the sites have some differences and are suitable for different types of users. Let us know the key characteristics of both the sites and the one that is suitable for you: is a platform that allows users to create their own website or blog using a simple interface with decent features. It is owned by Automattic- the inventors of WordPress. Apart from this revolutionary CMS Automattic is also associated with a number of other add-ons and software including Jetpack, Akismet, and WooCommerce.


  • Readymade Ecosystem: offers you a ready to use ecosystem with a collection of themes. All you have to do is to sign up, create the name, select a template for your site/blog and insert your content in the templates using simple steps.
  • Free of cost Infrastructure elements: WordPress offers you a complete collection of essential infrastructure absolutely free- templates, hosting, storage space and name. You can also customize the theme to suit your requirements.
  • Prompt Publishing: Prompt publishing is another advantage offered by WordPress. You don’t have to wait for the approvals, permissions or other formalities. As soon as you are through with the registration process your site can be published immediately without any delay.


  • Doesn't support analytics: Google Analytics plays a major role in monitoring website performance, identifying the weak points and determining the necessary changes. However, a major weakness of Wordpress site is that it doesn’t allow you to follow analytics thus restricting you from monitoring visitors’ behavior, traffic and other vita insight provided by Google analytics
  • You can’t opt for Ad revenue options: As the site offers you free platform and resources, it runs its default ads on your site. In other words, you cannot create an ad, revenue opportunity by running ads on your blog or website. For that, you need to upgrade to premium plans.
  • Lacks Creative Freedom: Though WordPress offers you a wide collection of themes and allows you to upload the content as per your need, your creative inputs are limited by the availability of infrastructure and resources. Hence, at times you may feel restricted while exercising your creativity.
  • Not suitable for e-commerce: WordPress is a great resource for bloggers. It is also used for personal websites but WordPress does not support e-commerce

Read More: Cpanel Hosting for Wordpress: How should you maintain it is a self-hosted version of WordPress that allows you to exercise more freedom. It is an open-source version that does not get managed to host by Automattic.


  • Freedom to choose resources: You can choose any theme (including free or paid themes by the third party), your personal domain name and your own web hosting company. With a complete say in resource selection, you will be able to get the exact resources to match your objectives and industry.
  • Enhanced Creative Freedom: The offers you a wide collection of templates but they are all predesigned and the layout is suited for specific industries only. However, with you can choose from a large collection of templates available on the internet and suitable across a number of industries.
  • Suitable for E-commerce sites: supports third party services and a number of complementary plugins. Hence you can modify your WordPress site to suit your e-commerce needs too.


  • Infrastructure elements cost: Though you don’t have to pay for using, you will still need to shell out a considerable amount of other infrastructure resources like hosting, domain names, and other associated products. Not to mention, you will also accept the associated hassles like searching for a web hosting provider, gauging the performance and the process of changing web hosts.
  • Site management by site owner: Unlike the security measures like frequent website backups and updating reversions will be looked after by you. Hence you need to be acquainted with various safety measures and ensure that you follow them religiously. These activities could be especially difficult for you if you happen to be a super busy person. However, many web hosting companies do offer security management services at reasonable fees.
  • Difficult to install: You need to install WordPress all by yourself that may not be an easy task depending on your technical knowledge. Here you have the option to go for the web hosting company that offers 1-click installation WordPress.
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