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7 Technology Trends That Will Disrupt Your Business In 2020

latest 7 technology trends

“Around 40% of businesses in the world will not survive in the next 10 years if they don’t invest in tech stacks and use new technologies.” - by Bill Gates!

It is Rightly said because technology transformation leads to evolution, and bring out a revolution in our lives. This happened with the computer tech, then with the smartphone.

Looking at the current scenarios of 2020, we have an ample amount of business ways. To capitalize on each in the fastly progressing digital technology, we need to use the tech trends in information technology.

If last year outlined some of the technologies and digital, then this year will start their usage. As the usage will increase, the businesses will increase. Thus, this article will tell you about the top and latest technology trends!

In 2019, when there was not any big tech revolution, Software as a service (SaaS) came into action, Artificial intelligence started getting smarter, Data handling became a pioneer in our eyes, augmented and virtual reality became real, and robotics transformation starts taking place.

It means, the key trends started in 2019 and will shape themselves in 2020!  

As a result of ongoing trends in technologies, our lives have become easy. Let’s say the eCommerce portals allowing us to do shopping from our bedroom. This is the best example of tech transformation!

No one wants to squander (waste) any upcoming business opportunity based on tech applications, smartphones, latest devices, web portals, etc. It means the upcoming new trends in technology will make our lives easy.

Take COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Pandemic as an example - 

The traditional office times are between 8 AM to 8 PM. But, the outbreak of this respiratory disorder virus switched 70% of the earth’s inhabitants to Work From Home.

If you think it practically, then it was possible due to the use of Cloud technologies on which IT businesses are still running high from remote locations. 

Thus, COVID-19 and work from home is the best example of the FLEXIBILITY provided by technologies!

Another best example is of Cloud (private and public). From, last 10 years no one was sure, which to use from both. However, now as the Cloud transformed itself, people started using its HYBRID version.

In 2020, companies are going to pick a hybrid cloud for their usage. 2020 is the transformational year in technologies putting positive impacts of human lives. 

Thus, we must know about the changes in technologies and must use them to our benefit!

Here, we have a list of top 2020 technology trends. Are you interested to read about them?

There are many service apps like Airbnb, Uber; personal assistants Alexa, Siri, banking, shopping, entertainment apps, and many more.

2015 to 2019 became a period of mobile technologies and app world. The new tech trends were visible in smartphones. And 2020 will start a new age of innovations in the feasibility of the smartphone industry and app development market.

Before you invest in the 2020 technology trends, we recommend you hire mobile app developers in USA. The whole idea is to promote innovations.

If the technologies aren’t used in the businesses in the upcoming years, disruption is the sure result. Those who will use technology will continue to shape the progress of their company/business while others will lag.

Let’s check the plethora of top technology trends and their potentials coming in 2020:

Edge Computing

Until now, we have to rely on the cloud to gather data from different sources at different times. But, with Edge computing, computing is done close by the source of data. 

It means data is collected at every point of time on every source available to edge computing!

Since there is not much growth left in Cloud space, edge computing is among the trends in information technology for the companies. 

As we are progressing through 2020, we can see how data is being processed and is helping the companies to get a better insight into the consumers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Manufacturing

Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have started becoming so common in our lives, that AI appears to be a part of our everyday life. A new device ecosystem is shaping itself.

Personal Assistants, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Facial Recognition, Big Data, AR/VR, etc. are fastly getting into our lives.

“In 2020, we assume that the Computer Vision Emotion Recognition will scale the AI industry into manufacturing.”

Startups in the USA like Vicarious, Kindred, and Osaro are using AI technologies in an advanced manner and are attracting Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk for investing in them.

Artificial Intelligence is also deploy indulged in the cybersecurity of our every electronically internet-connected device ranging from voice assistants to self-driven cars.

Therefore, big business giants are ready to hire Artificial Intelligence development company in USA.

“As per IDC, it is estimated that the investment in AI will grow by 46.2% annually”.

Hyper Automation

According to Gartner - 

“Hyper-automation as the trend deals with the application of advanced technologies.”

Its trends in technology include Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Human Augmentation, and enhance business processes.

As the latest technology trends, it introduces technologically advanced and automated tools for creating new ways of work; thus, expanding human capabilities.

Also, it will never do any human intervention and tend out to develop a workplace that is more informed, robust, agile, progressive, data-enabled, accurate, and intelligently takes decisions easily.

Healthcare Evolution At Genome Level

According to Forbes -

“Digital healthcare will see more innovation under the theme of human life prevention.”

In America, startup services like 23andMe and Color are two leading firms in the Genomic industry. At the same time, Genesis Healthcare in Japan and Genoplan in Korea are taking help of the digital technologies in genome analysis.

The main motto of these companies is to learn more about disease prevention methods.

AI evolution will improve the quality of healthcare facilities and treatment. In 2020, you all must have seen many examples of MRI, CT scans, X-rays using AI machines

There are many top healthcare software development companies in USA with whose help you can make your clinic or private hospitals more advance.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is at the top of 2020 technology trends that use quantum mechanics to perform computation, especially, the data computation more efficiently. 

Quantum is the future, we have learned it in textbooks, we have watched it in cartoons, in movies, etc. For this, in our future, computers will increase by power and the capacity of doing work.

And it will revolutionize all the existing top technology trends in the next few years. Most probably by 2025!

As the technologies will emerge and businesses will use them to their advantage the consumers will get more benefits in their lives.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a hot topic in the tech town as it is being used in mainstream applications. 

“The number of connected devices will cross 25 billion for a population of 8.1 billion people by 2025.” 

Furthermore, the IoT applications will scale up with the coming of 5G! More sensors and vision technologies will support the IoT. Our eco-friendly environment soon will start appearing as an eco-friendly IoT-connected environment.

Amazon GO is a good example that uses IoT and machine vision technologies.

Hire IoT application development services company in USA if you wish to promote IoT tech in your businesses.

USA Vs. China: Blockchain War

Blockchain has become a permanent investment destination for companies and organizations. The Chainalysis here develops countermeasures with the use of technology against money laundering.

It is expected that by 2021, the blockchain will become the biggest institution preventing the leakage of large-scale information and stopping internet fraud from happening.

IBM’s accelerator program in USA is a great example of the blockchain industry.

China Industrial and Commercial Bank (ICBC) and Alibaba Group will make the blockchain usage more practical throughout the country.

“As a result, the US-China trade war will touch skies and might disrupt your businesses!”

If you have your idea in the blockchain industry, then contact a top blockchain development services company in USA.

Some Hon'able Mentions Of Technologies

The above discussed 7 technologies of 2020 will impact the businesses, put the workforce on line. Innovation leveraging technology will lead to advancement in human lives.

However, not only the above techs but still there are some of the latest technology trends you can use in your businesses.

A few other top technology trends that will start stabilizing themselves are - 

  • AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality)
  • 5G and Telecommunication
  • Autonomous Driving Technology
  • Evolution in Agriculture Technology
  • Aerospace Technologies
  • Edge Computing Power
  • Strategic Automation & Manufacturing
  • Chatbots Integration
  • Connected Clouds; Spatial Computing

and many more...


2020 is the year of anticipating new trends in technology that will help businesses if used, otherwise disrupt the business!

There will be significant opportunities, issues, and potential challenges, but we need to buckle them up and advance ourselves by embracing the change with technological advancement.

“What is your idea behind adopting the trends in information technology?”

Do mention your answer in the comment section below!

Contact us if you have any project ideas. We make everything to exist at affordable prices.

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