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The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Best CMS

Top 7 Best CMS

Content plays a prime role in any website. It is a wide term that engulfs text, graphics, and videos. Creating fantastic content can offer a distinct identity to your website and sets it apart. However, apart from creating great content, its presentation is equally important. Even the awesome content fails to leave the desired impact on the audience if it is shoddily arranged or is not in line with the website design. Hence, you need to have a well-streamlined ecosystem that allows you to write, edit, publish position and modify the content while at the same time making it retina-friendly and easy to navigate for your audience.

Earlier these things needed extensive technical knowledge and coding proficiency. The non-technical clients had to rely on their web designers for such tasks. Apart from being expensive, that model was also prone to human errors, delays, and discrepancies in demand and delivery. A revolutionary change was introduced with the arrival of CMS or content management systems.

What is a CMS?

A CMS is a specifically structured software application that provides a streamlined ecosystem to create digital content and manage it more efficiently.

A CMS makes it easy for several users to collaboratively author the website, integrate document management, and take care of the overall presentation of the content. However, there are multiple varying definitions of CMS.

Which is the best CMS for you?

To keep the things simple we can say that CMS offers varying permission levels to the different users in accordance with their position in the organization and role in the specific content project. By using these permissions that can manage all or a part of the content, information or data related to a specific project or application. Different functionalities of CMS include creating, editing, publishing, modifying, archiving, collaborating and distributions of data information or content.

The Ultimate guide for Best CMS for 2018

Which will be the best CMS for you?

It would appear to be a tricky question. There are a number of CMS in the market and choosing the best CMS could be a daunting task. Especially a huge number of CMS have been introduced during the previous 2 years makes it an uphill task to select the best option for your purpose. So, we have gathered the information on various CMS and evaluated them on multiple parameters to gauge their viability. Depending on the same we have prepared a useful list of the top 7 best CMS:

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Drupal is a secured and dynamic CMS platform that is equipped with the best features to offer maximum protection to websites. No wonder it is used by arguably the most powerful organization in the world- the White House to build their website. Other strong and reliable brands in the fields ranging from entertainment to sports and news have also utilized this powerful platform to build their website. The example includes BBC, MTV UK, NBC among others.

  • Apart from security Drupal also offers the option to enhance the scope of functionality and visual impact with the wise use of modules and templates that don’t only look great but offer premium functionality.

  • Though it is not as simple as other pick and drop options, still a little time going through the learning curve is worth investing as you will be able to enjoy a highly secured CMS that offers you the option to comfortably extend your functionality and use the templates that seamlessly align with the site appearance.


If you are a non-technical client looking for a simple CMS then Weebly can be the best option for you. This notable CMS has started gaining a wide popularity in the market of late especially after making some key improvements that not only allow the clients to design awesome websites but also give them a distinctly professional look, setting them apart from basic DIY websites. The platform also offers specific features to build your own fully functional online store with the purpose-specific features and functionalities.

  • Though a number of drag-and-drop CMS were already available in the market before Weebly and many others were introduced after its arrival, this platform has been able to claim a distinct position and popularity in the market that reaffirms its competitiveness.

  • Weebly offers a wide array of simple yet beautiful retina-friendly templates suitable for different niches.

  • Built-in analytics and user-friendly controls with intuitive interface further help the clients create a great website without many pains.

  • However, as the major focus of Weebly is on simplicity you cannot really expect the in-depth features as offered by its more advanced competitors.


If you are looking for the theme that is specifically built to suit your online store then Magento is the name you can trust without any hesitation. This great CMS perfectly blends simplicity and efficiency- two key requirements of a good online store. Upon closely reviewing its features and functional efficiency it becomes quite clear that Magento is specially developed to offer easy ecosystem with extended control to the clients while at the same time providing excellent user experience to their audience and online shoppers.

  • Customer service tools are aimed at further enhancing the customer experience during different phases thus helping you to earn their loyalty.

  • The advanced reporting with extensive details allows the marketers to evaluate the different aspects of their digital business and make ideal modifications in their model as and when required.

  • Marketing promotion features also help the clients to effectively promote their online store using advanced digital tools.


Joomla is another popular CMS that has gained a wide recognition as the highly secured CMS to work with. The USP of Joomla is that it combines simplicity with security as you don’t have to go through complicated processes to manage your CMS in order to ascertain the security.

  • Being an open source CMS Joomla boasts of a huge and knowledgeable community that is always ready to lend premium and precise support as and when someone needs it.

  • You get a huge number of professionally built templates and purpose-specific features to extend the functionality.

  • Along with that, you would also appreciate the capacity to personalize the social network experience that can seamlessly fit into your present platform without any complicated processes or hassles.


If you are looking for quick and easy web designing ecosystem where you get what you see then Wix could be the best option for you. However, one key feature of this excellent CMS that sets it apart from its closest competitors with a pick-drag-drop interface is that Wix does not disappoint the advanced users either.

  • The people with extensive knowledge of coding can fully utilize their potential to maximize the impact of their site using extended customization options.

  • The quick and precise support promises the clients to enjoy best after-sales services. Periodical updates keep the platform free from functional lags or security gaps that can make your site an easy target for the hackers.

  • The introduction of e-commerce features and SEO functionality options has further enhanced the appeal of the platform taking it to the higher level.


WordPress is clearly the unchallenged leader when it comes to the CMS. In fact, even the people who are not aware of CMS are fairly acquainted with WordPress. There is a huge and thriving community that offers unconditional and purpose-specific support to the users.

  • Two of the major reasons that have contributed to the phenomenal success of WordPress is innovativeness and practical viability.

  • Over the stretch of years, WordPress has constantly been introducing many innovative features that have enhanced the efficiency of the platform by adding more features.

  • It has introduced a number of plug-ins to cater to the purpose-specific objectives of the users which have increased its reach across many niches.

  • Needless to say, most of the top-performing blogs rely on WordPress as their preferred CMS.

  • However of late WordPress has also been extensively used to build and manage e-commerce websites thanks to its wide array of easy to use plug-ins that allow online stores to take complete care of their business specific requirements.

  • Though it also requires you to go through a little learning curve just like Drupal, you will love to go through that curve as it empowers you to take full ownership of your website and polish various features to offer it a professional excellence in terms of visibility as well as functionality.

HubSpot CMS

it is termed to be one of the top integrated content management systems. It is one of the ideal CMS for managing the content of different business websites. It is built up on the Hubspot's CRM platform that consists of different business tools for sales, marketing and business operations. 

  • Hubspot CMS is an easy to use CMS. You can easily use it with little knowledge.
  • You can personalize your web design according to your business requirements.
  • You can make changes to your website in an more effective way because HubSpot consists of different themes, and tools used to optimize your website.
  • It is also highly secure CMS that consists of in-built security tools.


There are a number of CMS that claim to offer you the maximum functionally and failsafe security. However, such claims are not always reliable and separating marketing gimmicks from genuine claims could be difficult. So, it is not easy to ascertain the best CMS of your website. This blog presents op 7 latest CMS  depending upon various parameters. However, the reality is that no single CMS can be termed as the best CMS for just any type of website. For example, WordPress is the best CMS for starting a blog but if you are looking the CMS for your online store then it could be better to go for Magento that is specifically loaded with eCommerce friendly features. So, one needs to be very careful while selecting the CMS that suits his objective and business profile. Apart from the reputation and features the relevance of a CMS for a particular field/objective is another major feature that plays the determining role in selecting best CMS to build your website.

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