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5 Tips & Tricks for Best Web Design in 2019

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The Internet will celebrate its 29th birthday in 2019. A lot has been changed since Tim first gave a presently recognizable form to this “web of information” in 1990! For good or for bad- the Internet has deeply impacted the different aspects of our lives right down to our thoughts in these 28 years. Talking in commercial terms, today the online businesses feel more “connected” with the clients as they have better ways to interact with the clients or spark a communication via their website. Just having a website is not enough though. You need to keep it updated as per the latest trends. So, if one of your resolutions for the year 2019 is to generate more business with the help of your site here are a few upcoming web designing trends that you need to follow and optimize your website accordingly:

Mobile-Friendly websites finally become a priority (and not just an option)

The trend of mobile-friendly websites was started a few years back and with more and more people preferring mobile devices to access the net, the trend is getting even stronger. According to a study in 2016, it was discovered that as many as 43.6 percents of global website traffic come via mobile phones. Not only are the figures impressive but also indicate a good YoY growth when compared to the figures for the last year. Keeping the figures and growth trend mind it would not be an exaggeration that in 2018 half or even more website traffic could come via mobile devices. So if your site is not mobile-friendly you are at the risk of losing half of the potential traffic of your site.


Important news in this regard is that Google is all set to introduce its Mobile-First Index somewhere during the first half of 2019. It will emphasize special on the mobile versions of a website and display that version first in on the search results page. So, if you are really serious about your site’s ranking then mobile-friendly design is to just an option, it is certainly a condition.

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AMP-lifying your sites across different devices

The traditional mobile websites look great but could take some time to load thus altering the user experience. So you can actually enjoy a cutting edge over your competitors by boosting up the speed of your mobile website. Using AMP or Accelerated mobile Pages can help you a great way here. AMP is actually an open source coding standard that empowers you to load your mobile website instantly on mobile devices.

AMP makes your site lean and clean by trimming the unnecessary flab in the form of code.The multiple scripts are run simultaneously resulting in fast page loading.

Media is the major culprit when it comes to the slow loading speed. By employing external resources for loading media files, the AMP further amplifies the speed of your site.

If you really want to enjoy a cutting edge over your competitor then you should seriously think about using AMP in 2019

CSS Grids for retina friendly website

The web designer appropriately bundles different elements of your webpage together to make his work easier. Apart from offering a specific theme every page it also makes navigation easier. As the trend for offering a unique visibility to your content by surrounding it into a comfortable area of white space at all sides, it is estimated that 2018 will see irregular grid layouts to offer a chic style to the overall website design. Such simple style is retina friendly and makes your audience feel comfortable while reading your content even for a long time.

In technical terms we translate such style into CSS grid that empowers the designers with wider set of options to choose from. Due to negative space (white space) the content looks quite inviting to the eyes.

Stand out with strong colorful fonts

Another thing that will most likely rule the design decisions in 2019 is the use of strong fonts. While working with the CSS grid with lots of white space you can safely use the bold and brighter fonts that could have given a congested look in the traditional grid-style format. Besides, as already said the mobile devices are going to rule the digital world of 2019 (most likely). Hence you have even less time to influence their decision. If the user is on the go and accesses your site on the mobile device, the definite visual emphasis on your content plays a great role in influencing them and encouraging them to stay on your site for long.

For instance, the audience searching for specific information would like to remain long on the website where the relevant keywords and key phrases are emphasized with bold fonts or bright colors as he could determine the importance of the content with just a fleeting glance that keeps him glued o your site.

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Use of Social Interaction elements

The ever-increasing popularity of social sites have reached a new high in 2017 and a number of online businesses are registering real conversions via social media channels. Right from retail purchases to corporate partnerships and institutional sales- there are a variety of ways the social media audience can benefit your business. Apart from that the social media is also playing a great role in your overall SEO impact. For that you need to encourage the interactions on your site.

The use of social media buttons for liking your page, sharing your blog post or posting a comment using Disqus or a similar platform is a great way to reap the maximum benefits of social media in 2019.

Apart from a number of frequently used readymade Facebook Apps you can also hire a Drupal developer who can develop the purpose-specific social media apps connecting your site with your social media page or encouraging the audience to spread the good things about your business on the social media instantly.

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