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How COVID-19 Coronavirus Increased Video Conferencing App Downloads?

Coronavirus Increased Video Conferencing App Downloads

The age of video conferencing is finally now everywhere in today’s modern digitally running world, as it was predicted by Jetson in 1962. After 58 years of his prediction, we can finally see video calls in action.

Today, we carry smartphones to talk face to face in groups or individually. Slowly, but steadily, the video conferencing call app usage is increasing and is our lives part.

As the significant portion of the world’s population is living in lockdown at their homes due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, there is a sudden spike in the downloads of many video calling apps.

“More than 62 million people have downloaded Video conferencing apps to stay connected!”

More than 200 countries in the world are under attack from Novel Coronavirus. Every nation’s major population is quarantined in an attempt to contain the Coronavirus pandemic, the economy of countries, businesses, enterprises are at high risk after the life risk.

Therefore, to sustain businesses, people are choosing technology to work, & communicate! Every top custom software development company in USA is working from home.

Work-from-home policies, government lockdowns, quarantining, and social distancing undoubtedly have increased the demand & usage of video conferencing apps for business use and personal face to face communication.

There is an exponential growth in video conferencing applications for business continuity as billions of people are working remotely from home in the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the USA, Europe, UK, India are now at the center of rising cases, China is now recovering from this deadly virus. Many of its companies have now started running their businesses normally, but the businesses centered in the USA, UK, and Europe are working remotely.

In order to avoid the communication gap between office colleagues, business conferencing apps are being widely used. According to the App Annie report -

“From March 14 to 21, the group video conferencing apps were downloaded 62 times because of employees who turned themselves to work from home!”

We are also among them!

The collaboration of video chatting apps like Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and work from home software such as Cloud PC solutions is gonna be a trend in upcoming months for the employees working from home while maintaining social distancing.

Which Are The Top Video Conferencing Chat Apps?

Video conferencing services have existed for years, but with the changing business scenario and Coronavirus impacts on business, people under force have started using video-chatting apps and other technologies.

From a report of Priori Data, downloads of video conferencing chat apps have suddenly surged in March soon after the USA, UK, Europe, India entered into Coronavirus phase 3 and lockdown period.

Though Skype has the most active users, Zoom is now a new rising star. Microsoft-owned service Skype has 59 million active users and Zoom has only 4.3 million.

However, Zoom was downloaded 14 times more than any app in March 2020.

In the UK, Zoom’s downloads were 20 times more, in France, it was 22 times, Germany 17 times, Spain 27 times, and in Italy, it was 55 times.

Google Hangout downloads were 140 times more, whereas Teams usage increased by 30x.

Houseparty group video conferencing app has also become popular along with Gen Z. In Italy, between March 15 to 21, the Houseparty app downloads increased to 423 times.

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While at the same time in Spain, Houseparty downloads skyrocketed to 2360 times.

According to a report from Microsoft, its Microsoft Teams chat and conferencing app gained 12+ million daily users between March 11 and 18. This is a whopping 38% jump.

In these times of COVID-19, not only the downloads of video calling apps have increased, the downloads of Educational apps like ABC mouse, Google Classroom, Udemy, etc. also spiked.

It seems the lockdown period has given a good time for the people to study, learn, develop their skills for the future, in order to make the world a better place.

Work from home is a new culture adopted by human society!

Start looking for a fresh open-source, multiplatform business video calling app or a video calling software that makes your work from home easy.

There are many mobile app development services provider in USA that have started making similar video calling tools because these tools help in making a profitable business.

Impacts Of Video Conferencing Application

Today most of the electronic devices or digital gadgets have front-facing cameras and quality microphones; thus, starting or joining a video call is not a big deal!

Moreover, these are more convenient as the face to face video talk is better than talking on a phone!

Video conferencing solutions are the backbone of companies in businesses and institutes in education. With travel being restricted and offices closed, video calling meetings are keeping companies live by minimizing economic impact on businesses.

The length of social isolation, social distancing, and lockdown are unknown. The COVID-19 will not allow us to break this geographical barrier. It will stay long!

However, video conferencing apps are going to influence our work potential and daily habits. Also, there is a shift in consumer behavior. it is good unless it fosters our working ability, otherwise, the relative socializing which we are following now will disturb us a lot.

We will recommend you to use video conferencing apps in a positive direction, spread no rumors, keep yourself connected to your loved ones.

Which Is Your Best Video Conferencing App For Business?

In this article, we have seen many video conferencing applications like -


Maybe your company is using a personal video chatting tool. But, most of the companies use Skype. It is the oldest and busiest video calling tool for business purposes.

But, we have one more option for you, it is JITSI - An open-source multiplatform business web conferencing solution.

If you are interested in using the Jitsi platform for video conferences, then contact us soon, we are a top Jitsi services provider in USA, ready to deploy video calling facilities for your employees and family members.

NOTE: COVID-19 has certainly given wings to the businesses to get operated from the remote locations digitally. But, the cost of these wings is the lives of people who are being taken by the Chinese Virus, aka, CoronaVirus.

Stay Home, Stay Safe & Work Better!

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