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5 Reason Why Choose Laravel App Development Over Other PHP Framework In 2020?

Why Choose Laravel App Development

Choosing the right PHP framework for developing a web application is a daunting task as there are many options available. From the past few years, we at CMS Website Services are using the Laravel mobile app development framework on a regular basis.

Not only this, but we have been working on other frameworks too and always found the Laravel PHP framework unbeaten!

As a result, we are the best Laravel application development company in USA who will answer “Why Choose Laravel App Development Over Other PHP Framework?”

Currently, Laravel app development services are the king in making web-based applications. According to the reports from PHP frameworks surveys, it is entirely true.

Let’s get started and know how Laravel is a better PHP framework in 2020. In this post, we will talk about the features and functionalities of Laravel development services.

Without a pause, let’s roll the dice before it becomes the dicey situation for you to choose the best PHP framework in 2020, which is Laravel.

Before we start listing Laravel features, let’s tell you that it has the best authentication techniques, and configuration is extraordinary.

Moreover, Laravel also provides a simple way of organizing authorization logic and controlling access to resources. Thus, its every feature is functional and advanced!

Object-Oriented Libraries

These preinstalled libraries aren’t found in any popular PHP framework. One of them is the Authentication Library comprising many advanced features such as checking active users, password reset, Bcrypt hashing, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, and encryption.

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Unit Testing

Laravel PHP framework permits to evaluate explicit functionality or easily evaluates web application by performing unit testing via the PHP Unit. Furthermore, it sets a default PHPUnit.XML file.

Therefore, it ply writes the test cases and performs unit testing according to requirements of the project throughout the application development process.

“This unique feature of unit testing is the USP in marketing for any Laravel web development company in USA.”

High-End Authentication & Authorization

Laravel PHP framework easily authenticates the web applications because everything is already built-in or configured within the Laravel mobile app development framework.

For business owners, the main concern is user verification and preventing unauthorized accesses of unauthorized users! Laravel easily relieves all of them in a single shot.


The built-in tool Artisan in Laravel allows you to perform the majority of those repetitive and tedious programming tasks which most of the web application developers avoid performing manually.

Aren’t you interested in building your own app in Laravel? Worry not, problem solved; hire Laravel developers for your startup, SMEs, or any large-scale app development projects.

MVC Support

Since Laravel supports MVC architecture, it ensures clarity, logic, and presentation while improving the web application performance, doing documentations in a better way, and has multiple built-in functionalities.

This is why Laravel is the best PHP framework for 2020!


Storing objects in a file or database is a very simple task of caching functionality which is provided by any Laravel development services. Always take benefit from the basic caching system with Laravel.

However, you also have the choice of integrating web app development framework flawlessly & seamlessly with popular caching systems like APC, Memcached, and Redis.


While developing any application, everyone wants it to be secure, free from cyber threats and is a hacking prone. Laravel is able to take care of the security within its framework.

It follows the password encryption policy and uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm. Laravel uses SQL statements, make injection attacks unimaginable, and improvises the security.

Security is one important concern, and Laravel is the true solution such that the laravel application development company follows it forever!

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Database Migration

It has always been difficult for the developers to keep the database in sync in the development machines. But, with Laravel database migration services, it is now extremely easy.

Laravel lets you keep all the database work in migrations such that the changes can easily be transferred from one development machine to another. This is yet one more reason why choose Laravel app development over other PHP frameworks in 2020?

Blade Templating

Laravel ships with the blade template engine and allows using plain PHP written code in your application. Additionally, it doesn’t add any load or overhead on your application.

In terms of documentation, you get two primary benefits by using blades i.e., Template Inheritance & sections. Also, the Blade engine defines sections, Echo, Extend views, Looping, and escaping Conditional statements.

Automatic Package Discovery

In earlier versions of Laravel installing packages was difficult; however, from Laravel 5.5 Automatic Package Discovery installation feature allows developers in a better way.

The amazing features which we mentioned above regarding the Laravel mobile app development PHP framework are quite enough to understand and conclude that it’s the best PHP framework in 2020.

But, in order to start your app development project in Laravel, you need to hire the best laravel developers from top-notch Laravel development services providers.

The popularity of the Laravel PHP framework is on the high rise because of its incredible features. Additionally, CMS Website Services has a good experience, reports, project profile, and affordable cost-effective solutions in the Laravel development services.

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