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Network Security

Get Secure Access for Your Network

A multi-pronged approach must be applied to combat the multiple security threats in today's corporate networks. Combating these threats requires high-value network security applications. At Zrix, we provide the proper security solutions for your organization to virtually neutralize all of these threats to your network.


Advantages of
Network Security

Help increase employee productivity
Manage business transformation
Reduce risk and security breaches
Enable "bring your own device" (BYOD) environment, cloud, and collaboration
Support access control policies for both wired and wireless network of clients

Advantages of Network Security

Our Network
Security Services Deliver

Business-policy-based service that ensures the corporate and regulatory compliance of devices connected across your network, whether wired, wireless, or VPN.
Presenting broader visibility into network-enabled devices through centralized management.
Reinforcement of access network security controls to stop threats before, during and after attacks.
Collection and sharing of context to tackle profound network insights.
Configuration for all network security devices, including: firewall, IPS/IDS, WSA, ESA, IRONPORT, UTM, etc.

Network Security Services

As network security threats become more sophisticated, Zrix continue to innovate to help businesses keep up with and implement these technologies.

Remote Network Infrastructure
Monitoring Services

Implementing the latest network security technologies is the high priority for IT management. In today's network environment with multiple users accessing your digital assets, it's critical that your security controls properly safeguard your network infrastructure.

Our team of dedicated experts utilize the most advanced platform and set of tools to monitor your entire IT infrastructure in order to quickly identify and resolve problems related to hardware, software, and network equipment before they impact your business.

We monitor your network infrastructure and diagnose & report issues via a daily briefing. This means that there are no calls, emails or bothersome tickets. As a result, you can focus on what is most important, growing your business.


What We Offer

Basic Monitoring
Basic Monitoring

Our cost-effective basic monitoring services provide your network manager with network and device availability, alerts and pre-failure indicators, real-time alerting and monthly reports, and network analysis and recommendations.

Advanced Monitoring
Advanced Monitoring & Management

For complex networks we offer more advanced network monitoring and management services that include: asset management, security assurance, preventive maintenance, and quarterly business assessments.

How we can
Help You?

  • Identify and resolve network issues before they happen.
  • Decrease downtime and increase user productivity.
  • Better manage utilization of assets
  • Improve the reliability and security of your network.
  • Reduce IT operating costs

How we can
Help You

Being able to maintain a secure network environment, keep up with your business' devices, and bridging connectivity is not easy. Investing in a network infrastructure lets you monitor and manage your business operations and applications smoothly.


Zrix can help you plan, design, and establish a strong and stable network infrastructure.

Penetration Testing

Proactively discover vulnerabilities in your network and gain insight into how to eliminate them before they impact your business.

Vulnerabilities are unfortunately an integral part of all networks; they can be exploited by someone from within your organization or by unknown people over the Internet.

Our network penetration testing services attempt to safely discover security vulnerabilities in your internal and external networks that can be exploited by these attackers. When performing network penetration testing, our ethical penetration testers utilize the same techniques and tools that attackers use to gain access to your critical systems and sensitive data.

Upon completion of penetration testing, we will provide you an easy to read the report that will detail how we breached your system as well as provide prioritized recommendations on what you can do to fix it.


Network Penetration Testing

What We Provide

Network Testing Image

Network Testing

We do network penetration through WIFI and LAN by every means, whether targeted, internally or externally. Our team of expert hackers is capable of finding loopholes, vulnerabilities, and insecure patches. Plus, we generate vulnerability, patches, and solution reports.
Network Testing Image


Firewalls come with all in-built security features like firewalling, IPS, IDS, WSA, ESA, etc. Due to configuration complexities of these devices, there will be increased chances of loopholes and vulnerabilities in the network. This specific technique for testing firewall vulnerabilities and mapping network routers behind a firewall is called firewalking.
Network Penetration Testing 1

Benefits of
Penetration Testing

Avoid Costly Security Breaches and Service Disruptions.

Security breaches and any associated service disruptions can be costly in terms of adversely affecting sales, damaging your organization’s reputation, and triggering significant fines, penalties and other monetary losses. Our penetration testing services can help you to evade these pitfalls by proactively finding and resolving threats before attacks or security breaches happen.

Satisfy Regulatory Requirements and Avoid Fines.

Satisfy auditing/compliance aspects of regulations and standards, including: FCA, PCI DSS, HMG, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, and etc., with penetration testing. Our penetration testing services provide detailed reports that can help your organization avoid substantial fines for non-compliance and prove ongoing due diligence to auditors.

Evaluate Your IT Security.

Evaluate your organization's ability to safeguard its networks from external or internal efforts to gain unauthorized access to critical systems and valuable information. Our penetration testing services help you identify security vulnerabilities in your networks so that you are able to craft a plan to decrease the threat of an attack or exploitation.

Identify and Prioritize Security Threats.

Our penetration testing provides detailed information on real-world, exploitable security threats discovered in your network. We rank the threats we find by severity and exploitability as well as give you advice on what you can do to fix them. As a result, you will know where to focus your efforts to decrease the probability of a security breach.

Don't let security attacks affect the IT infrastructure of your company.



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