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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Make a Great First, and Lasting, Digital
Impression with Responsive Web Design

Zrix is constantly looking for new ways to make websites more user-friendly. This is how our responsive web design services come in. We aim to adjust the overall layout, design, and content of a website so that it complements the screen of any device by users that access it.

Our Drupal responsive website designers’ team in North Carolina will make websites more flexible so that it corresponds to the needs of each individual user based on the device they are using. Responsive design adapts based on the screen size, the placement or angle of the device used for accessing the website (horizontal or vertical) as well as the device (laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets).

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Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Save Time and Money

1. Save Time & Money

Responsive web design uses one website design for all devices, which means that there is no need to create content for two separate websites. This means that you will upload content once to be viewed on all devices. Additionally, your marketing team will not have to develop separate campaigns to promote your mobile site. It is also much cheaper to design just one website, using one code. This can be a much cheaper option than having several websites. Also, that means that you will save money on the development, maintenance and promotion for another site.


Improve SEO by Responsive web design

2. Improve SEO

Responsive web design uses one URL, which will help to improve your SEO by amassing all page traffic rather than accumulating traffic from different website versions. This also means that visitors will go directly to your website without having to wait for redirects. What's more, responsive web design uses one HTML source code. Therefore, the source code only needs to be changed once to update content for all devices. As a result, issues like duplicate content are no longer a problem.


Better User Experience by Responsive Web Design

3. Better User Experience

Your visitors will have a consistent user experience because responsive web design displays your same branded design on all devices. As a result, it will help to establish your brand and improve the usability of your site. Not to mention that there is no need for users to pinch, zoom or scroll to read your content, making it more likely that users will want to read and share your content.


Future Friendly by Responsive Web Design

4. Future-Friendly

Built with the present and future in mind, responsive design is able to dynamically adapt to any device, including laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This is especially important because there are so many new and improved devices coming to the market on a regular basis, and responsive web design will ensure that your site adapts to all these devices; now and in the future.


Responsive Web Design by Google

5. Recommended by Google

Google not only recommends responsive web design, but refers to it as the industry best practice because it avoids common mobile mistakes and considerably simplifies things. Specifically, responsive web design makes it easier and more efficient for Google to crawl, index and organize your content because there is only one URL and the same HTML for all devices. Other search engines, like Yahoo and Bing, also like responsive web design for these very reasons. And making it easy for search engines to analyze your website’s content increases the likelihood that it will be ranked higher in search results.

Discover how responsive web design can improve your mobile presence, increase your revenue, and enhance your user’s experience. Contact us today to learn more.

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