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Meet Now On Online Video Conferencing Systems!

Collaboration and communication are all keys to the success of today’s business organizations. Zrix, which is a top video conferencing software development company in Raleigh, USA brings people together online virtually face to face via video conferencing meetings to work better, wherever they are in whichever industry they work.

Connect, Communicate and Collaborate With World

As more and more people have started working from home, their main requirements to connect with their team members and colleagues in the online web meeting solutions. In this new culture of working better wherever you are, usage of video conferencing apps like GoToMeeting, CyberLink U Meeting, and Zoho has increased suddenly. However, their expensive prices and less performance doesn’t make them completely fit for use.

If not these apps then Skype, Google Meet, and Google Hangout are the best-known software apps of online video conferencing for free. Though they both fulfill the purpose of office video conferencing, the presence of less smart features doesn’t allow them for holding live events, online training, eLearning software, webinars, live press conference, etc.

Nowadays, the most popular is the Zoom for video conferencing and its features of online meeting conference software. However, many MNCs, enterprises, SMBs have stopped using it as it is found to be stealing data, end-user privacy, and is less secure.

Due to these disadvantages of previous video conferencing equipment, the world is asking for a high-performing, intelligent, secure, and scalable online video conferencing systems. If you are looking to make one then we can help you to create the best video conferencing solutions in USA blessed with smart features, hardware connectivity, security, and user privacy.

Let’s check out what features the best online meeting solution!

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Empower Your Workplace With More Features

We are committed to protecting customers’ data and upholds high standards of information security and privacy with our enterprise-grade video conferencing solutions.

Make your meetings productive again with the best online meeting software development company in the USA.

We are a mission-critical company which is now streamlining the methods of online web meeting by a building standard system for webinars, online training, business meetings, live events, etc. and cut down the drive time exponentially with some more advanced features like;

Commuter Mode

Commuter Mode

Host or attend meetings on the go with confidence and save data with a reliable, distraction-free experience.

Room Launcher

Room Launcher

Create and book a chat room to start the meeting directly from our video conferencing system.

Voice Commands

Voice Commands

Start or join the next online meeting or audio conferencing session instantly by asking your device assistant.

Quick One-Click Meetings

Quick One-Click Meetings

Instantly join, host, or manage a video, audio, or web meeting from a conference room, your desk, or a remote location.

Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard

Smooth whiteboarding to visualize ideas and brainstorm for faster decision making.

Live subtitles

Live subtitles

Read the words that are spoken during an audio or video call. For this, you will have to set subtitles.

“You don’t need a high-quality camera for video conferencing, our customizable features will automatically make your video rich in appearance.”

Create A Complete HD Video Conferencing Software

For the first time, you can 100% rely on such software that works in your browser without any restriction for your attendees. They can attend your webinars on mobile or desktop with their favorite browser. Yes, we make web-based HD face to face online meeting solutions!

Also, we make video conferencing applications for mobile and desktop by using the latest technologies in the field of mobile app development.

Designed for every kind of business applications like eLearning Software, Business Communication Software, onboarding software, video chatting solutions, etc. whether you’re joining from a computer, phone, or conference room.

Industries Using Video Conference Call Services

We believe in industry-leading compatibility. Thus, removing the technical barriers between conference room systems, computers, mobile devices, browsers, and applications is our job.

Our video conferencing solutions provide a secure, global, and scalable architecture that enables productive video, audio, and web conferencing meetings from anywhere and beats down the other online meeting apps and software like Zoom, Skype, Hangout, etc.

Enjoy your peace of mind with us, a top video conferencing solutions company in Raleigh, USA in the following industries.

What Makes Our Video Conferencing System Different?

Online productive video meetings involve collaboration on several levels. We bring audio, web, and video conferencing together with the tools people use every day to make meeting platforms for the modern workplace.

Get a simple, smart, and trusted meeting experience with us, the best video conferencing software development company in USA!

Real-time Intelligence

Live Meeting Controls

Automated Alerts


One-touch User Access

Enterprise-Grade Security

End-Users Privacy

Remote Workers Friendly

Flexible Cloud Platform

One-Click Customization

Easy Chat Management

Multilingual Support


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