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Start Smart With AI & Drive More Success 

Zrix, which is leading many top AI development companies in USA, serves AI technology in the right sphere of your business by making dedicated AI solutions. At the same time, we deliver business growth with high revenues that encourage you to do more AI-based digital transformation in your businesses.

Our AI development services help enterprises in building amazing AI software, virtual agents, or personal assistants who understand and interpret human behavior for delivering excellent support and an amazing user experience. Experience true intelligence with the best AI development company in USA, and accelerate your business journey.

AI Use Cases That We Offer To Boost Up Your Business Performance

  • Performance Analytics
  • Speech and text Recognition
  • Language Processor
  • AI-based Chatbots
  • Content Management
  • Bio-Metric Recognition
  • AI-based automated systems
  • Decision Management Systems
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AI Development Services That We Offer

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    Machine Learning

    We use machine learning to build AI solutions that can gather unstructured data and convert it into actionable insights to drive business growth.

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    Robotics processing

    With our all-new robotic processing and development, we help businesses to infuse automation by minimizing manpower.

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    Business Intelligence

    Our AI engineers create and perform strategies to execute optimization, customer analysis, forecasting and performance analysis.

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    Empowered Neural networks

    By harnessing the power of our AI development strategies, we develop the astute neural and learning network that helps to interpret the tedious business operations and executions

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    Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    We offer you custom software development. This means that we can customize your Social media apps according to your requirements.

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    Computer Vision

    Our AI experts have developed solutions for the recognition of objects and classification of images using Amazon Rekognition and Deep Learning-based Visual Search.

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    Cognitive Service

    We help you recognize customer needs and provide them with the solution apt for them using cognitive services by transforming data into superior, customized provisions.

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    Voice Assistant

    Our AI developers also build voice assistants using NLP and voice recognition that enhance brand awareness and boost productivity through voice search.

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    AI Security Solution

    Along with secured software recognition and other security processed automated by AI, we detect objects, assessment of threats, situation analysis and so on.

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    ChatBot Development

    We engineer chatbot solutions that act like a human being. Our team develops chatbots that facilitate personalized interaction to increase loyalty and customer retention.

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    Automation Solutions

    Smart enterprise machine learning systems analyzing your enterprise’s big data to streamline your supply chain management, sales pipeline, and financial operations.

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    AI Development Services

    Prediction Modelling Systems: We offer you Predictive modeling software that can easily work on different forms of data and process it for conversion of such data into different possibilities or predictions. These systems help businesses in improvising their performance by reducing all the challenges.

AI Development Process That We Follow

Our AI development services in Raleigh, USA has a team of over 50+ AI developers who mainly focus on blooming your business identity over the space of the internet to deliver the best product without any hassle on time.

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    Requirement Discovery

    Get the complete scope of the Business and discover the absolute requirement involved in the subject matter. To know the exact problem of the existing system, the consultant must reveal and recognize the nook and corner of the Business plan.

  • 2
    Explore Business Need

    Business need is the gap between the current system and the proposed solution. The proposed solution requires a SWOT analysis to proceed with the strategic planning technique. The goal exploration concludes with a regular brainstorming session.

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    Trivial Solution

    Based on the confirmation of the proposed solution, the subject intended AI specialist will provide the prototypical flow to prove the goal is reached. The trivial solution can be in the form prototype that is executed on the Business flow to ensure stability.

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    Implement and Deploy

    Implementation is the stage at which the new AI-based systems go live and begin supporting Industry vertical end-Users. This is where all of the hard work starts to pay off and to deliver the desired and planned results from different sources to reach the fixed goal.

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    Support & Maintenance

    The AI solution implementation will not stop with the solution we deliver. As this requires regular monitoring and up gradation based on the market changes. We provide Technical support and maintenance for the AI solutions deployed and cooperate with the system to gather the information in growing the solution on which the model works.

Why Choose Zrix

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Frequently Asked Questions

The pricing of AI development services is not fixed. It depends upon the solutions that you have chosen for development and the functionalities that you need to add to them. We at Zrix provide you with different affordable AI development packages that you can choose from as per your requirements.
The overall time taken by us will be decided as per the features and functionalities you have asked to add to your AI development solution. We set the time frame as per the selection of the AI development services and functionalities and ensure the on-time delivery of your project.
Yes, we offer you maintenance solutions in case you need to regularly update your AI-Based solutions. You just have to select your desired maintenance packages from the list of our affordable maintenance packages.
We at Zrix provide you with 100% transparency of operations. You can easily track each and every process of development. W share each and every detail and make you finalize the details of your AI development solution.
Zrix is one of the top AI development companies in Raleigh USA. We are having more than 15 years of experience in providing you with the best possible AI-based solutions.


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