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Healthcare Software Solutions

Fit and Agile Software for Healthcare Industry

As a leading healthcare software development company in Raleigh, USA. We offer end to end healthcare IT solutions to manage different phases of healthcare sector and align with the varying objectives.

Our dynamic technology ensures very limited access to your critical healthcare data to intended parties only. Whether you are a researcher, or a software solutions provider, our IT solutions will offer you strong, reliable ways to use your data without compromising security or privacy. So, now enjoy the hassle-free healthcare management life-cycle with greater rewards by using our sophisticated solutions

Our solutions guarantee a robust approach towards managing different phases of the healthcare ecosystem including not limited to app development, extensive testing, quality assurance, practical implementation, re-engineering, and data manipulation.

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Why choose us?

Hipaa Compliance
Security and privacy of data are two major concerns when we talk about the healthcare it software. That, is why we offer you the HIpaa compliance software. We take the confidentiality of your healthcare data and follow strict communication guidelines to ensure 100% data security.
Multiple testing
We know that developing healthcare technology solutions requires a high level of responsibility and commitment.That is why all our products go through multiple stages of extensive testing, quality assurance and practical usability to ensure the highest RoI out of your investment.
Multiple testing
Cost-Effective Solutions
We understand that healthcare is not a luxury but the need of the masses. That is why all our healthcare technology solutions are built to be most cost effective and delivers extreme value for the money!
Cost-Effective Solutions
CMS uses the latest and sophisticated technology to ensure that you should get the maximum benefits out of your investment. Apart from building a strong foundation for robust solutions we also invest seriously in futuristic technologies to ensure the future-ready development.
Best Team
We believe in blended efforts. That is why our staff is a healthy mix of healthcare professionals, medical experts and technical pros. Our staffs combine the triple power of qualification, experience and expertise to develop the result oriented products that instantly fit into the ecosystem of your organization.
Best Team
Intuitive interface
While all our healthcare solutions are built to offer the most dynamic solutions, we ensure that the users should get the intuitive interface that can be used instantly with no or minimum learning curve.
Intuitive interface
Research and Development
We have a separate R&D department that is updated with the latest challenges in health industry and the best ways in which technology can fit into the picture.
At Zrix we are positive about using technology as a tool to benefit the healthcare sector.
Our motto is to give every citizen easy, economical access to avail healthcare software services via technology!

What do we offer?

  • .Healthcare and fitness app development
  • .Cloud based scheduling system
  • .Healthcare process automation
  • .HIPAA Compliant Cloud Platform for Healthcare Apps
  • .Custom medical and healthcare mobile app development
  • .Medical billing software
  • .Electronic medical record software
  • .Custom healthcare software

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