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Chrome Extension Development Services

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Speed Up Your Chrome Browser With Plugins & Extensions

We develop chrome extensions by using the latest development technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you also make Chrome extensions, then it will become easy for you to fulfill most of the business-specific requirements. Google chrome extension development boosts the overall business organization workflow.

Also, we are a top Chrome extension development services provider in Raleigh, USA which uses C, and C++ with HTML code to make chrome extensions like NaCl (Native Client) & PNaCl (Portable Native Client). These extensions easily work within the Chrome ecosystem and enable users to use native hardware capabilities.

What Our Experts Deliver You?

  • Boost up your chrome browser’s Performance
  • Optimize your operationality
  • Ease all the Social Media Operations
  • Automate all the tasks
  • Effective Website management
  • Adding up additional functionalities to your Browser
Chrome Extension Development Services

How Our Chrome Plugins and Extensions Benefit Your Business.


Usage of the Latest Technologies

We @ Zrix always adopt the latest technologies for all our projects. With the help of the latest technologies, our chrome extension developers add on latest functionalities to such extensions and plugins.


Easy 3rd-Party API Integration

Our plugins and extensions are so adaptive that they can be easily integrated with any of the 3rd party applications. Our chrome browser extension development team uses the best possible mapping algorithms with time and speed optimization.


Improve Chrome Functionality

Extensions and plugins that we develop can easily optimize the performance of your chrome browser and make its operability much faster.


Enhance Websites navigation

If you have visited a website whose user interface is not that much friendly to you. No need to worry, our developed chrome extensions and plugins ease the user interface of any website for you.


Increase Business Productivity

Businesses perform several operations on a daily basis. Our developed chrome extensions reduce the efforts that you are engaging in performing some of your business operations and also increase productivity.


Enrich Browsing Experience

Each and every user surf or browse over the browsers. Our chrome plugins and extensions enrich your browsing experiences by providing you with multiple functionalities

Extensions, Addons & Plugins We Develop For Chrome

Our Chrome extension developers use a simple development approach and provide browser extension development services in almost all industries and government sectors.

Social Media Google Chrome Extensions
eCommerce Google Chrome Extensions
Customized Google Chrome Extensions
Content Management System Plugins
App Extensions For Google Chrome
Business Enhancing Extensions & Plugins
Custom Toolbar Building Services
Chrome Extension Maintenance & Support

Chrome Extensions And Plugins Development Benefits

Being a top Chrome browser extension development company in Raleigh, USA, we have a dedicated and talented web browser extension developers who create addons, plugins, and extensions for any operating system such as Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, etc. to share benefits equally with all.

Benefits of Google Chrome Extension Development

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We offer the best Chrome browser extension and plugin development services in USA and have completed hundreds of projects. Our approach is simply to make the lives of businesses, professionals, and users easy.

If you are looking to contact a Chrome extension development company in the USA, then your search stops here with our center of excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It totally depends on what your requirements are. We provide you with fully custom chrome browser extension development services in the USA. No worries about the price our Chrome browser extension development packages are pocket friendly.
Yes, we are offering maintenance and support packages that you can choose from as per your requirements. The prices totally depend upon all your requirements. We offer you more effective and efficient maintenance services for your chrome browser extension and plugins.
Our developed custom chrome extensions are more effective that can boost the performance of your business by streamlining all the business processes. It can increase the productivity of your businesses which leads to higher revenue generation.
We at Zrix follow all the guidelines offered by Google and meet all the industrial requirements for developing authentic and efficient google chrome extensions and plugins as per the user’s requirements.
Yes, you can hire chrome extension developers from Zrix. We are providing you with a highly qualified team of developers that meets all your requirements and have a lot of experience in chrome extension and plugin development. So what you are waiting for? Hire a Chrome extension developer in the USA from us.


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