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    Administrating Digital
    Transactions using BlockChain
    We are a fast evolving company committed to bring a positive change
    in the society and businesses by using blockchain technology.

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    CMS Website Services
    Create success with our services
    Software Development Services
    IT Infrastructure Development & Management Services
    UI and Front-End Development
    Digital Marketing Services
    Technology Awareness Programs
    Automation software development
    Block chain technology
    Mobile app development
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    Empowering Drupal-based
    Web Applications since 2006
    Our Passion is Taking Ideas and Translating Them Into Powerful and Compelling
    Websites, Software, & Applications.

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    CMS Website Services
    CMS Website Services
    CMS Website Services
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    Esteemed Clients
    CMS Website Services
    CMS Website Services
    CMS Website Services
    CMS Website Services
    CMS Website Services
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    Automate and optimize
    Your Web Hosting Business
    You can configure your own (purchased from some other hosting company)
    reseller hosting account.

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    A Leading App In
    Healthcare Industry

    Bernard health provides expert advice about health insurance to
    individuals and employers, and licenses its proprietary HR and
    benefits administration platform to brokers around the country.

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Zrix discovers Powerful solutions Customized solutions Innovative solutions with endless possibilities to grow your business

We help businesses to innovate and grow by strengthening their ideas with our customized software solutions for multiple industries which includes healthcare, blockchain, education, insurance and many more……

About Zrix

Expertise with Industry Verticals


Our firm continues to successfully leverage intelligent framework to develop secure, scalable and full-featured solutions and softwares for many leading healthcare organizations to manage different phases of healthcare sector.


We have developed customized softwares for institutions and corporates globally. Our softwares have not only brought the people and processes to get the job done right, but have also brought a great deal of profitable and valuable experience.


Our experts help creating custom, feature-rich, and professional insurance solutions. One of our biggest achievements was our work on the Bernie Portal, a comprehensive insurance portal.


We are a youthful, fast evolving software development company offering state of the art Blockchain apps and Smartcards that will streamline the process and help you achieve more in less time.

Social Networking

We create social media management solutions with clean interface, extended capabilities and seamless integration facility and allow you to enjoy the maximum ROI.

Real Estate

We develop competent, purpose-specific softwares that include full phase management solutions like payment collection software, construction ERP and other crucial digital solutions for real estate industry.

You ever needed to build powerful & trendy softwares!

A trusted name in the field of software development, customized content management system, and automation system.

Happy Clients

  • 	Mahdad Parsi
    Mahdad Parsi

    Impressionable work done by Zrix for LDEO. The more I think about it, that much more I feel contented about working with them.“When we first met the Zrix team, it was really appreciable to note that they were all ears to our ideas towards our entire project – which was quite an intricate one. They came out with suggestions that seemed absolutely doable and suited our needs perfectly. We were a bit picky about the approval process, but the Zrix team was always on the right track as desired by us. They were always there whenever the new needs arose or nearly completed when some last-minute drastic changes needed to be effected. The team was always smiling, hard-working, and helpful. Post deployment also they have always been there for us and solved any issues that sprung up efficiently. Thank you, Zrix!”

  • 	Jermiel Hargrove
    Jermiel Hargrove

    My work was accomplished before time, what more could I ask for? The team at Zrix is simply awesome.“As far as we were concerned, we needed a fresh look for our VGCC site! The Zrix team seemed a dedicated lot in our interactions with them. They made us reach a comfort level by grasping what we had envisioned for building our educational website. We have had a tremendous experience working with them. They completed my site work well before the given time schedule and it seemed to click headlong with my target clientele. The result was exceptional, far superior, and very impressive!”

  • Varinder Kaur
    Varinder Kaur

    The Zrix team is truly responsible to work with and understanding our requirements perfectly.“RES had some unique requirements that needed to be taken care of. The Zrix team's brainstorming sessions were apt enough to meet our requirements for developing an eye-catching professional website that showcased what RES was all about. The team's ability to help in developing creative solutions keeping in view the functionality and end-user experience proved truly fruitful for our site. I must say that they were truly responsible, attentive, and highly skillful in their sphere of work.”

  • Milton Almandi
    Milton Almandi

    Thanks Black Star News website looks very good. Great job! I appreciate all your diligent work.

  • University of California Santa Cruz
    University of California Santa Cruz

    The Zrix team has been dexterous and industrious in their efforts to complete the University of California site in a time-bound proficient manner. The University wishes true blue success to this dedicated team.

  • Erin Tolbert
    Erin Tolbert

    “As an entrepreneur, I had limited time and resources to focus on developing my company's website. Zrix was able to envision and execute a site that far surpassed what I had anticipated. Matt, the designer of my site, integrated functionality and design elements that were important to me and improved upon them for an outstanding finished product. The team at Zrix has provided excellent support since my site's creation and continues to assist with the design and development of my website as its functionality grows. I'm confident that the appearance and ease of use of my company's website have helped us establish credibility among clients and customers as well as expand our reach.”

    Alex Tolbert

    "Zrix helped us create an amazing product with our BerniePortal. Bernard Health works in one of the most dynamic and fickle aspects of the healthcare industry: insurance coverage. We needed a system that could change according to requirements of the insurance companies we work with, as well as the needs of our clients. Zrix created an application that takes a complicated workflow and makes it user-friendly for all." 

  • Tom Bierster
    Tom Bierster

    "I just wanted to take a minute to let your team of developers know just how pleased MD Logic Corporate is with the development of our new website. From our initial consultation through the website site planning you took control and delivered a product that well surpassed our website expectations. At each stage of development your team was readily available and quick to make the requested design changes to the new website. Our decision to entrust your team to design the new website has proven to be a great decision for MD Logic, Inc. We look forward to working with your team on several new projects. I would highly recommend your company to any corporation or business organization that is looking to build a quality state of the art website. I sincerely appreciate all the effort provided by your team." 

Zrix Clients


The Process For Success

Process For Success

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