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What are the key features of a great CRM tool?

What are the key features of a great CRM tool?


Now that you know the capabilities of CRM software, it’s time to understand what makes a CRM fit for your business. It'll help you select stylish CRM software.


Availability is a pivotal factor that you should consider. It corresponds to making your operation available and usable to people.

A lot of people work from home these days. So, software that demands the pool to operate only from their desktops isn't good.

Now, this is where pall-grounded software and SaaS come into the picture.

Enterprises used on-premise CRM systems earlier, but now they're migrating to cloud platforms. It's due to mobility and availability reasons.

The coming advancement in CRM technology is Mobile CRM. It's a handy mobile app that serves all the necessary benefits of CRM on your smartphone. Field agents have reported a significant increase in their productivity with Mobile CRMs.


In general, CRM software can integrate into your being structure. Still, you should check whether the CRM that you have shortlisted is compatible with your living platform.

Also, you must ensure that it integrates other third-party operations that you use. otherwise, you might end up with a lot further hassle. What’s the point if the CRM you’re investing in can not reduce the workload of your platoon?

Cost of Software

The CRM software is customized and grounded on the requirements of the company. So, the cost may vary according to the customization that you demand.

There can be a lot of useful features in the CRM system that you have named. But, if you have specific conditions, you must convey them to your seller.

The ideal approach to opting for a CRM would be –

  1. Assess your requirements
  2. Explore CRM that serves utmost of your requirements
  3. Ask for customization options and cost for the same
  4. Reassess the CRM system before making a final decision.

You can also go for SaaS CRM. It's cost-effective. But, if it didn't work for you, you can switch to other options without any expenditure, If in case. The whole point of SaaS is on-demand vacuity. Thus, if the cost is a concern, also SaaS CRM is stylish for you.

Support Options

Businesses have to deal with unlooked-for challenges. For example, the Covid- 19 Epidemic changed the office-going culture to work-from-home in a snap. Forget contingency planning associations faced a tough time continuing their regular operations in a work- from- home setup.

At similar times, the support you get from your CRM seller counts a lot. The epidemic was in a continuance case, but other challenges might occur during day-to-day operations. Thus, you need to ensure that your service provider has support and client success brigades in place.

Friendly Interface

Don’t overlook the UI of the CRM software that you're looking forward to buying.

Elderly business people can work with every UI, but the druggies of your CRM would be deal representatives. The interface should be simple enough that your agents need not study how to use it. Also, your druggies might be non-technical professionals. They can not dig into details in case they're unfit to use it.

The whole purpose of investing in a CRM is to improve your deals and marketing brigade efficiency. But, also rather than saving time, it would become a redundant burden to use, If they had to hassle with the interface.


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