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Salesforce CRM vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM

salesforce crm vs microsoft dynamics crm

When it comes to CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management), you can find numerous services. However, the two major giants, Salesforce and Microsoft are ruling the CRM system in IT industries can fit all your business needs.

Thousands of businesses worldwide use Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. However, when it comes to choosing one, even top custom software development company in USA also face difficulties.

The main reason behind the failure is the lack of understanding in business enhancement, customer services, teams support, and factors that can enhance business efficiencies.

This article is all about giving you a holistic comparison of “Salesforce CRM vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM” so that picking out one for your business becomes easy!

A dedicated IT & software development company upon CRM consultation will always help you in selecting the right CRM solution. Their main focus will be on enhancing the business experience by offering better services to your customers, clients, and users.

As a leading Salesforce development company in USA, CMS Website Services with the help of this blog will answer.

Which is the best CRM for your business?

In today's business competition, a CRM system plays a crucial role in the company’s success. And Microsoft Dynamics solutions and Salesforce development solutions can help your business to grow worldwide with best business automation services.

Salesforce is in the CRM market for the last 20 years, and its net ROI is $13billion. Now, the Salesforce CRM company is expecting its revenue to cross $25 billion within the next four years.

On the other hand, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM came out as a tough competitor to Salesforce in recent years. Though Microsoft CRM solutions started late, they have captured a Salesforce equivalent share of the CRM market or CRM industry.

“Including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce’s three nearest rivals have a share of around 25% of the CRM software market.”

As a result, Salesforce CRM is still reigning as the king of CRM!

Is this momentum of Salesforce going to remain dominant?

Or Microsoft Dynamics CRM being Salesforce’s most formidable rival can put Salesforce out and become the leading CRM system!

The rate at which Microsoft Dynamics solutions provider company in USA are coming into existence, confusion among entrepreneurs and business owners looks undoubtedly realistic.

Both being reputable CRM brands, it is difficult to address these questions. However, in this article, we have tried our best to clear the air from “Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics!”

Let’s first start with the common definitions to make you understand both CRM solutions.

Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics: A Quick Intro

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a well-known business software found everywhere on the Windows and Office platforms. Three of the Dynamics 365’s CRM services which are widely in usage are:

  •  Dynamics 365 for Sales
  •  Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
  •  Dynamics 365 for Retail

On contrary to this, Salesforce is more of a CRM purist.

Most of the business people use the word Salesforce development instead of CRM software. Such is the popularity of Salesforce! As Salesforce is an established player, it is stronger than Dynamics 365. The major three key components of Salesforce are:

  •  Sales Cloud
  •  Service Cloud
  •  Marketing Cloud

If you are quick enough to understand along with me, then understand this quick difference:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can beat Salesforce in business efficiency only when you are already using Office products in your business. Additionally, according to

"International Data Corp. (IDC), Salesforce's CRM market share is the highest that makes it the fastest-growing CRM in today’s modern enterprise IT market."

However, there are chances that Salesforce can drop down to the second position after five years in this coming decade. Any guesses for the first position?
Obviously, it would be Microsoft Dynamics!

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Let’s Make A Brief Comparison Between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics!

Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics 365: Platform

Salesforce operates as a cloud application, due to this storing data on a remote server is easy. Using it is more efficient from browser-based & mobile-ready software.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 more flexible. It has a fully cloud-based edition to offer sales-related services. Moreover, Finance and Operations related services are optional on the on-premise versions.

Salesforce CRM vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Pricing

pricing of salesforce crm vs microsoft dynamics crm

Microsoft Dynamics is comparatively costly to Salesforce. Therefore, each business organization must carefully evaluate every single feature of the CRMs with respect to the business needs before doing any investment.

You will find many web development companies in USA who will suggest one of these CRM for your requirements. But, CMS Website Services work well on both CRM and always present the best business software solutions and products.

Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics: Use Case

Small businesses in need of enterprise-level features and business organizations with multiple sales teams can use Salesforce CRM development services. With its features like granular sales reporting, cross-departmental collaboration, approval, dedicated administrative resources, and workflow automation, you get the best user experience.

Those businesses that invested heavily in establishing a Microsoft business ecosystem can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 services. It easily manages accounts, deals, quotes, products, etc. and works well with Microsoft office applications.

Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics 365: Ease Of Use

You can access Salesforce if the internet is available. As it is a cloud-based tool, it offers a good navigable user interface that manages accounts, leads, campaigns, forecasts, and give daily reports about everything.

In addition to it, if you feel increasing the Salesforce’s core functionality, you can add features from the Salesforce Appexchange Marketplace! But, remember that adding feature increases your monthly cost.

Microsoft Dynamics comes as an on-premise cloud solution where you can control and protect all your business data. Here, you don’t have to rely on servers, as you do in Salesforce CRM. Like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 user interface is also a browser-based navigable webpage.

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Difference Between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Salesforce is the number 1 enterprise and let the customers to access 2,600 applications from its app exchange marketplace. Due to this, Salesforce is a powerful customer relationship management software can help your business to grow customers by itself.

But, in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you have to create apps upon requirements. Whereas, Salesforce gives pre-built apps for all your business needs.

Microsoft’s app market is still growing and integrates well with Office 365. Therefore, it makes easy for Microsoft users to achieve good performance.

“Between Salesforce CRM vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM, integration of Salesforce is better as compared to Microsoft Dynamics.”

Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics: Features

crm features

Salesforce is a well-established CRM while Microsoft Dynamics 365 is still in growth! Hence, at present Microsoft Dynamics can’t compete much with Salesforce.

With the help of Sales Performance Management Tools in Salesforce, you can plan and optimize all your sales resources & processes in advance. Also, you get extensive support from Salesforce Partner Management. Lastly, the built-in data governance tools protect customer data ensuring data security and integrity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 features like a mobile and offline access, Sentiment analysis, inclusion of news sources, social listening, etc. enhance its performance and make it a more powerful CRM tool for your business clients & customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Finance And Operations, Sales And Marketing, & Microsoft Azure has excelled in business processes in a much better hassle-free environment.

Salesforce CRM vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM: AI & Business Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the business intelligence features of both CRM are almost the same! Both CRM use enterprise-level resources, build AI tools and improve their business sales smartly.

"While the Salesforce Analytics Cloud is a business intelligence software, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses Microsoft Power BI.”

Both can handle and process data equally, can take quick business decisions, and enhance your business in a better way.

In September 2017, Microsoft renewed its AI tools and added more features for making enterprises use them worldwide. However, when Salesforce implemented their Einstein AI in 2017, Salesforce ended the debate of “Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics.”

But even so, we can hope that Microsoft Dynamics 365 can bridge the gap to become a leading customer relationship management software.

Whatever happens, a Salesforce development company in USA is enjoying a greater customer base as compared to a Microsoft Dynamics company in USA!

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Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics – Which CRM System Should You Choose?

Which CRM Should You Choose

We as a leading CRM development company cannot recommend one particular for all your business needs because choosing one CRM actually depends upon your requirements.

Though both provide valuable features and focus on enhancing businesses, the choice is yours to choose from. Also, we wouldn’t deny that Salesforce offers better advantages and capabilities; but, Microsoft Dynamics is well suited to Microsoft & Windows environment.

Zrix works on both CRMs and can easily streamline all your business processes to give you advantages over your customers. Contact us! Get free CRM software consultation for your project and decide which to pick between “Salesforce CRM vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM.