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no code and low code replace the traditional way of coding
Sep 27 2022

Will Low code and no code replace the traditional way of coding

What is coding used for? Developers use code for making their applications perform desired tasks. Application development using a set of code is termed the traditional app development methodology. We all know that traditional coding requires a lot of time and effort. It not only time and effort but also requires a lot of training and knowledge. Low code and no code development is one of the…
choose laravel framework for ecommerce
Sep 20 2022

Why choose Laravel framework for e-Commerce website development?

Currently, the e-commerce sector is on the boom. According to s survey, most businesses offering different products and services have grown their interest in building an e-commerce store. This leads to an increase in their sales and also the client base. PHP Laravel is one of the open-source programming frameworks that is used for effective web development. This platform also consists of a lot…
Major Causes of Mobile App Failure
Sep 14 2022

10 Major Causes of Mobile App Failure and How to Avoid Them

We all know that the usage of smartphones has gradually increased. It also keeps on increasing on a daily basis. With the increase in the usage of smartphones. The mobile app development sector has also faced a boom. There are millions of applications currently operable on the app stores. Out of these million applications, only a few are successful. Most mobile apps are facing failures. There…
advantages of ios application development
Sep 06 2022

8 Advantages Of iOS Application Development For Your Business

It is a fact that technology has grown to an extent. It is now currently implemented in each and every field. With the growth in technology, mobile application development has also increased. The top 2 platforms for which mobile applications are mostly developed are Android and IoS. We all know that Android is one of the most highly used platforms worldwide. IoS is basically considered a costly…
clutchs top firm in north carolina
Aug 31 2022

Clutch Hails ZRIX is One of The Best Blockchain Developers in NC

Blockchain has been one of the newest and biggest new platforms in the development space today. A lot of people know this new tech for its use in the cryptocurrency market, but Blockchain has been used in multiple industries. Companies from FinTech, Media, and a whole lot more have been utilizing this technology to take their business to the next level. As a matter of fact, our team at ZRIX has…
AI in Transforming Modern Software Development
Aug 29 2022

Role of AI in Transforming Modern Software Development

In this modern world, humans have introduced different smart technologies. These technologies are transforming a lot of businesses and services. One such technology is Artificial Intelligence. This technology has taught us about working automation. With the help of this technology, a lot of tasks should be completed with less or no effort. It has helped humans to perform different tasks with…


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