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fintech application transforming the finance industry
Feb 14 2022

Fintech application development is transforming the finance industry

FinTech is a term that is a mixture of finance and technology. Fintech refers to any organization that performs financial assistance using IoT devices (Internet of Things), such as mobile devices, the internet, cloud services, or software technologies. According to a survey, India had over 1,500 fintech start-ups between 2015 and 2018, surpassing Germany, the United Kingdom, and Singapore as the…
Future of hybrid mobile app development
Feb 07 2022

React Native: Future of hybrid mobile app development

React Native is quickly becoming a popular choice among enterprises. This open-source platform has become a treasure of tools for app development, whether for startups or Fortune 500 organizations. This platform was a revolution in the making. It spread like wildfire simply because it enabled designing hybrid mobile programming for iOS and Android viable at the same time. React Native is a…
Reasons to Choose Flutter for iOS Development
Feb 04 2022

8 Reasons to Choose Flutter for iOS Development

Flutter, a mobile UI framework is an open-source technology that allows you to create iOS and Android apps with a single codebase. Flutter isn't a framework in the traditional sense. Instead, it's a complete Software Development Kit that includes all of the necessary components to build cross-platform software. Widgets, command-line tools, integration, testing APIs, and a rendering engine are…
SAP can boost mobile app development
Jan 31 2022

How SAP can boost your mobile app development

SAP software will grow in popularity in 2019 as firms use enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to digitally change themselves. What sets SAP apart from competing for ERP systems, though? For starters, businesses of any size or industry can profit from the software. SAP mobile app development is also regarded as a global leader in providing solutions that help organizations transition in…
 Flutter Marks Beginning of Next-Gen App Development
Jan 27 2022

Does Flutter Marks the Beginning of Next-Gen App Development

When talking about digital evolution, Google has always been a real game-changer. Flutter is an open-source platform that Google has introduced to the world of software and mobile app development. With a single codebase, our mobile app SDK supports popular app development platforms including iOS and Android. Let's take a closer look at all of the capabilities of this ground-breaking best mobile…
Components of Ecommerce Website Design
Jan 21 2022

7 Components of Ecommerce Website Design You Should Be Aware

If you're into an online business and trying hard to make money, then getting into an online shopping portal or website and applications is necessary to engage more audience and customers online. Furthermore, eCommerce website development is now the best online business. Today, eCommerce websites are viewed as the best approach to building your online presence. In any case, your presence gets…

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