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10 Best Open-Source React Native App Component Libraries

React Native App Component Libraries

Today, we can discover a large number of React Native component libraries out there. Notwithstanding, selecting the right one is simply difficult.

You ought to be careful to choose the most forward-thinking and better-performing ones that fit your utilization case.

React Native component libraries can be an immense time-saver when you're dealing with your next app project. It includes a few components that you can utilize promptly for your apps.

How about we check a portion of the React Native libraries here in this blog entry!

React Native technology is the most popular one among app developers worldwide. Therefore, instant libraries and UI components have started to enter the scene to accelerate app development.

These open-source and free libraries assist you with quickly developing apps rather than broadly adjusting the app elements dependent on the objective platform.

In this blog, you'll discover the user interface (UI) resources you need for your next React Native application development project.

10 Best Open-Source React Native Libraries!

The React Native community is one of the more energetic open source communities on the web. According to GitHub, the React Native repository is one of the top of the line repos dependent on the number of contributors.

It is crucial to know which libraries to use to create the most ideal user and developer experience. In this blog entry, we'll introduce you to 10 open-source React Native libraries utilized by the Best React Native development company:


In case you're a programmer who inclines toward simplistic designs, visit the Teaset UI library. It offers 20+ unique JavaScript ES6s components. Maturing designers and developers of React Native apps can access and utilize the elements of this library for nothing.

At the time of composing, it has more than 600+ users and 2.8K stars on GitHub. It includes an exceptional content display and user control in the app. Gives helpful modules like TabView, DrawView, and Stepper. The library upholds Redux.

React Native Elements

It is another broad cross-platform UI toolkit with many contributed components. Among many react-native UI libraries, it includes components such as avatar, pricing, badge, overlay, divider, social icon buttons, and the sky is the limit from there.

There is likewise a demo app on Expo, developed utilizing the entirety of the React Native Elements components. Incredibly, every one of these can likewise be utilized in React Native Web apps. With 20K+ stars on GitHub, this is an absolute necessity star component library for React Native developers.


This free library has 40 components like action sheets, menus, breadcrumbs, spinners, and popovers. With these, you can flawlessly develop an app with native looks. NativeBase has 58,000+ users and 15.6K stars on GitHub.

It allows you to customize the app theme and component styles. Because of its compatibility with Utility Props, building customized React Native UI components is easy.

React Native Camera (RNCamera)

The library permits you to communicate with the device camera with a couple of basic functions without stressing over the native code. RNCamera upholds photographs, videos, face detection, and barcode scanning.

It additionally upholds text recognition and can be introduced in iOS through CocoaPods. With 8.5K+ stars on GitHub, RNCamera is the go-to component when you need to execute camera functionality in a React Native app.

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React Native UI Toolkit

This React Native UI toolkit offers a consolidation of different open-source React Native components libraries in a single place. The library is accessible on a cloud-based web platform where React Native developers can connect.

With 106,000+ users on GitHub, it additionally has 21.1K stars. It gives 30+ components to consistent designing apps for Android, iOS, and web. Its elements use TypeScript language. Additionally, it helps in making changes to your app that become easy.

React Native Maps

This library offers map-related customizable components for Android and iOS. You can change the map see the area, customize map style, overlay different elements on the map, and even customize the markers.

The map's zoom and situating can be animated utilizing the Animated API to create a superior user experience. With 11.5K+ stars on GitHub, this is the library that you should utilize on the off chance that you need to coordinate maps into your React Native app.


Lottie is a React Native portable app development library that the worldwide developer community can access through open-source licensing.

The pre-owned languages of these components are Java, JavaScript, C#, Swift, Objective-C, Ruby, and Starlark. In excess of 82,000 individuals utilized this library from GitHub, and 14,400 individuals offered it a star.

This has a colossal collection of in-app animations. It upholds exporting animation files in JSON design from BodyMovin file design.

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Ignite CLI

You can utilize, offer and test the app components inside a collaborative climate. It creates apps that are flipper-prepared and reaction-prepared.

Gifted Chat

This library will assist you with effectively setting up a complete chat UI for your React Native app. It includes completely customizable components composed with TypeScript, such as stacking prior messages, copying messages to the clipboard, clickable links, and the sky is the limit from there.

You can customize the default UI design and create a chat UI as you need. It additionally includes support for Redux. With 10K+ stars on GitHub, this is the chat library you need when you're developing a chat component.

UI Kitten

This open-source and free React Native UI design kit is suitable for React Native app development projects. The library contains a wide scope of UI elements for building an assortment of apps, including a chat app, an online business app, or social media the executive's app.

Other than 8.4K stars on GitHub, it has very nearly 3,000 users. Utilize its theme-based design to develop lovely apps or assist you with creating staggering and consistent app interfaces.

Creating an app with Reactive Native is an incredible method to build an exceptional UI, and these React Native UI component libraries can make your app development process quick and convenient.

Last Thoughts

In this article, I discussed 10 React Native component libraries valuable for any React Native developer. These component libraries will save you time where you can focus on building your wonderful app.