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Key Features of Fantasy Sports App Development

Fantasy Sports App Development

The idea of choosing players, making teams, and running a contest is 50-years old. The first fantasy sports platform was pen-paper based that involved an Oakland businessman, Wilfred Winkenbach at the end of the 1950s.

However, in today’s modern era, Yahoo, ESPN, CNN, etc. are the flagship companies in making fantasy sports more popular. The rise in these apps directly brings people close to the app as the people stand a chance to earn from fantasy sports.

Today, in this article, we will intentionally tell the entrepreneurs and young businessmen many necessary insights and aspects on how to make a fantasy app for business purposes.

Let’s start!

If you are looking forward to becoming a fantasy app maker, to create a new fantasy app, then you need to understand the increase in fantasy Sports trends.

You must also analyze the ongoing sports and gaming industry. Below we have some cool stats which you can use while you create a fantasy sports app.

“According to research, the fantasy sports app revenue will increase by $2,174.8 million in 2023 at CAGR of 18.61%.”

You will be amazed to know that 65% of sports fans play fantasy leagues and fantasy contests. Also in India, these fantasy apps are very popular.

“On average, a user spends 42 minutes per day in USA and India to play fantasy games.”

Did you like these facts? Did we boost your curiosity to know more about these applications? Do you want to get rich while playing a fantasy event in sports?

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Are you interested in reaping the benefits of a Fantasy Sports app development services from us?

Yes, then contact us and hire Android application developer, create your own fantasy app in multiple sports. Connect to sports fans and make them play.

“They play fantasy sports, they earn, and you make profits!”

How Does A Fantasy Sports App Works?

Suppose there is a fantasy app of football!

Football fans sign-in to the app, choose real players via an online selection process, and assemble a fantasy team. Now, the users' real game statistics are brought-in, they play parallel with the other users, perform the best to win the fantasy match.

Also, users can track how their selected fantasy team is doing in comparison to other teams. The other teams can belong to anyone; maybe your acquaintances of anyone stranger.

Below are the examples of some top fantasy apps. You can download these best fantasy apps, understand their features, and brainstorm your fantasy app idea with the existing applications.

  •  DraftKings, Draft Punk - Basketball, Golf, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Hockey
  •  MyTeam 11, Dream 11 - Best in fantasy cricket app development
  •  ESPN Fantasy Sport
  •  Podcast Addict - Not a typical fantasy sports app, but have a variety of fantasy sports podcasts out there.
  •  RealFevr, NFL Fantasy, FanDuel, Fantasy Football Draft Wizard are some more top apps.

Now, if you have understood these apps clearly and carefully, you would like to jump into the pool of making a fantasy app. For this, you need to understand the fantasy sports platforms and the ways they engage sports fans into them.

That’s why you need to know the top features of fantasy sports app development. Once you know the features, you will get to know the requirement of team members.

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Finally, you will then be able to know the actual cost of developing a fantasy sports app for cricket, football, basketball, baseball, etc. Let’s know the features!

Top Fantasy Sports App Features

Must-Have Features For Users :

  • Home screen – After Users login, he/she should get on to the page that includes favorite match listings, teams, team selection, match date, points gained, and time, money earned, etc.
  • Look through sports – User must select the type of sports to play.
  • Dashboard – Includes users’ profiles.
  • Create contests – A user creates a contest, play it, & win it. Features are prize selection, participants, and other options.
  • Join contest – Users can also join any fantasy sports contest with a single tap.
  • History – Tells winning and playing history, check every minute time-related details.
  • Invite and earn – That’s a very common feature to include.
  • Other Features - Sign up or registration, Profile settings, Payment gateway, Home screen, Live score, Contests, social media sharing option, etc.,

Must-Have Features For Admin Panel :

  • Dashboard – Admin monitors and manages everything by using the management panel integrated into the Dashboard.
  • Management panel – Contest creation, deletion, earning calculation, authorizing app users, money management, contest management, etc.
  • Content management system – Here admin manages app content.
  • Other features - Team management, Manage games, contests, leagues, and players, Manage notifications and requests

How You Can Design Fantasy Sports App Effectively?

In the design of any app, you need to think with the perspective of a sales pitch because, one that appears vibrant to all, gets sold easily. The only thing that favors the fantasy sports app is the design of the fantasy sports application.

In fact, a different design in your app with better categories in it will be an effective one!

There are multiple elements that the users interact with once inside the fantasy sports app – as you must have gauged from the feature list that we just read.

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Since we have catered to the elements that have to be looked into when designing a fantasy sports app, let us, in this section, concentrate on the guidelines – ones that should define the UI and UX elements of the application.


Now for developing a professional intuitive and interactive fantasy sports app, you need to combine with a team of expert designers and professional developers.

Actually, you will have to make a combined project team including Project manager, Frontend Backend developer, UI/UX designer, Android & iOS developers, Q/A professional, and App testing members in it!

In short, you need to contact a top mobile app development company in USA by hiring the best developers, managers, and other employees to make a better app.

Now if you have team members with you, you must be worrying about the cost of fantasy app development. The cost depends upon the multipurpose features in your app.
The minimum cost of building a fantasy sports app is $20000 – $25000!

In case, if you want to decrease this minimum cost of development, then you will have to reduce the features in your application. Reducing features means decreasing the app quality!

It will be far better if you try your fortune and look for more earning sources in your fantasy mobile application. A few of the earning sources are Advertising, Subscriptions, In-app purchases, Memberships, Sponsorships, and Affiliate networking.

Final Words!

There are many fantasy sports apps in the market. The best way is to fill out the gaps with some entertaining features and sell your app in the gaming industry.

Android and iOS both are your target audience. However, more concentration on iOS will be a good result giving step to you. Thus, try focusing on the iOS audience and hire dedicated iOS developers in USA to create the best Fantasy sports app development.

Do you have any doubts? Mention them in the comment section below!