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How Mobile App Development Helps in Parenting?

app development helps in parenting

The moment someone gets the message that he/she is going to become a parent, it becomes the most happy and cherished moment ever in his/her life. The child brings new responsibilities and goals in the life of parents. Right from the child care to education, etc. parents have to think, invest, expect a lot. 

Just see your parents, and measure your life, you will understand that parenting is life’s toughest and biggest task. And in an environment which is competitive, discriminative, and violent, parents face hundreds of challenges everyday. To the current digital environment, it will not be wrong if I call parents of the 21st century as Digital Parents.

And today in this post, we will uncover some fresh bytes of parenting techniques and tips that these digital parents are using!

The influence of digital media, digital devices, websites, applications is so vast that each one of us uses it and explores it. Likewise the childrens of age 3 and above are also knowing how to access smartphones and play games on it.

A study has revealed that the children who get support from their parents in the early stage of their education, their ability and performance remains quite consistent and good, compared to those who don't get the support of their parents.

But what if the support from the parents is in the digital spheres. It will be great if you get a chance to use parenting tracking apps from a top mobile application development services company, and improvise your digital parenting skills.

Rather than entering into the age of Digital Learning & Digital Power, most of the kids are moving towards the wrong side, the Dark Age Digitalization. This is impacting your child’s health, eyesight, brain functioning, and early education.

Parenting Care App: Introduction to Parenting Application!

You already know that the majority of schools are facing closure due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. Basically, it means that your child will be getting more screen time than usual.

This is particularly genuine if you are looking at paintings remotely together along with your infant at home. The proper information is, there are such a lot of exceptional academic apps obtainable for children of all ages. 

So many, in fact, that it is able to be a touch overwhelming! Whether your children' college is closed or you are simply seeking out methods to make their display time greater valuable, search for apps that entertain children even as nonetheless encouraging learning.

This is the whole sounding mantra of Digital Parenting is about -

“Using the internet and smartphone applications to teach your child in a better way!”

Thus, the need to make more parenting care application development is necessary. Parents can download different and best parenting applications available in the Play Store and the App Store.

In other words, your child is now in the Cognitive Development Age, where he/she learns to mentally combine, separate, order, and transform objects with respect to actions.

This is the applied logic, mental ability, and reasoning to become more focussed!

“Right from your child’s speech and pronunciation therapy, to his/her intellectual and logical development, as a parent you take care of your child’s every move.” 

There are many varieties of cool parenting control apps available if you look at the play store and app store. Using these apps in parenting, you can learn a lot and deliver more than that to your children.

Usage Of Parenting Phone App In Child Development

Digital parents are active partners in their child's digital life and they must set an example for smart internet use. Apart from teaching computer skills to children, the digital parent is best suited to guide the child on issues of online safety against malware, viruses, illegal content, adult content, and digital citizenship.

The use of digital media to connect school and parents is, however, not at all smoothly sailing due to COVID-19. But, the level of access among the parents and familiarity with digital technology is increasingly becoming essential for the community to provide literacy training to parents in order to level the variances.

We have tried to give you parenting counseling based on those digital apps, which mainly enhances logical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional, social, observational, creative, and problem-solving skills of your kids.

The moment you start feeding the apps within a limited screen time for your child's every learning, you are successfully fulfilling your role as a digital parent of this technological age!

OTT and YouTube is the favorite platform to engage and spend time. But do we know what they are really watching and if it is appropriate or even safe?

Basically, the parents have key issues in deciding which online content provides the best value for children and where to turn to for advice on such matters.

Thus, it means that if you put a control on mobile applications, then you need to control the video-watching time of your child. Furthermore, videos should drive educational content.

 “Therefore, it is mostly recommended that YouTube must be accessed by the child, after the age of 5. So, if your kids really love it, you'll have to strategize.”

It helps in both first in entertainment and second in learning. But if you via your parenting give your children knowledge via YouTube, then they would always remember YouTube as an educational platform.

The Commandments Of Responsible Digital Parenting!

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, almost every student on the globe is free to spend his/her time in whatever fashion they want.

As of now, the majority of the higher secondary and college students are busy with TikTok, FB, Instagram, Whatsapp, Netflix, Amazon, etc, while many are focussed to learn and are learning quietly peacefully through eLearning portals, apps, and online training & courses.

In today’s unprecedented times, if you can successfully plant the importance of access to information, internet, and digital devices in your kids’ minds, then you will surely make a bright healthy digital future for your child with responsible digital parenting.

For this, you must follow these commandments daily:

  • Understand that technology isn’t your babysitter
  • Teach your children how to be an upstanding internet user
  • Only give children smartphones after they’ve demonstrated respect for technology and balance with its usage
  • Monitor what your children do online
  • Restrict or avoid social media
  • Strongly restrict what your children do online
  • Restrict or avoid social media
  • Make mealtime about people, not technology
  • Be a parent, not a friend
  • Set ground rules for kids
  • Use parental controls
  • Monitor browsing history, images videos, social media, GPS tracking, etc.
  • Block adult & irrelevant content everywhere!
  • Take care about privacy, data security, social sharing, and use the best antivirus in your device.
  • Above all, keep a good check on your child’s health

“If We Teach Today Our Children Those Things, Which We Learned Yesterday, Then We Are Robbing Their Tomorrow.”

Some of the best parenting apps: Cloud baby monitor, BabyGogo, Tinybeans, Peanut, Sound Sleeper, Baby+, and many more. You can download it from the play stores of your smartphones.


There are many more parenting phone applications which can help you in the growth and development of the child of any age group. 

Also, you will get numerous educational apps for your childrens that will support parenting control app features, while providing a complete guide in the development of the little life.

Now if you have a plan to develop a parenting care mobile app or a parenting tracking app, then, you can also take help of the best IT solutions for healthcare industry.

In the next article related to this, we would let you know everything about parenting mobile applications. Till then keep visiting us!