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Best Hybrid App Development Frameworks To Create Mobile Apps

Best Hybrid App Development Frameworks

The digital balloon is escalating at an unprecedented rate where technologists are continually upgrading the techniques and technologies. As a result, we are on the verge of creating artificial bio-robots, automatic bots, etc.

But, the one exceptional tech invented by us are smartphones, and mobile apps are the operational soul for this device. First came web apps, then mobile apps, platform or operating system based apps, and lastly the hybrid apps.

Techno-experts working effortlessly are updating the current mechanisms and utilization of technology to launch mobile applications. The possibility is even higher than the world will be experiencing more innovative and futuristic aspects in hybrid app development.

Talking about hybrid mobile app development, we have seen different new frameworks that make the lives of developers easy. But, putting your one hand on those feature-rich and user-friendly hybrid app frameworks is not as easy as it seems.

Any hybrid app development company makes the work easy for the developers because it’s easy to create a single that performs efficiently on different platforms like iOS, Windows & Android without extra effort.

Additionally, there are many features of hybrid apps, which makes it a cost-effective development and gives access to a wide range of hardware/software capabilities. Therefore, it becomes a profitable and smart-tech venture for the people.

Out of all these, the most crucial matter is that you need a high-quality & advanced app framework to build hybrid applications. Hence, to help you in choosing the right mobile framework for hybrid app development, we have shortlisted few for you.

Hybrid App Development Advantages

Hybrid apps combine the best parts of native app development technologies, use HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript as some conventional web technologies and provide access to all the native app features in Android and iOS.

This multi-platform app development approach is advantageous because of the following things;

  • Cost-effective

  • Offers the Native platform experience

  • It is easy and faster to build

  • It has high-speed performance

  • Work across multiple platforms and versions

  • Functions with or without the internet connection

  • Collaborates easily with web-based services


There exist more benefits, but let’s take a look at the hybrid app examples and judge which one is the best hybrid app framework 2019?

Hybrid App Development With React Native Framework

React Native is first on the list of hybrid app examples in 2019 as it enables the developers to make cross-platform apps with fewer efforts and give native-like experience to users.

The vast community of developers assists you in cases where you come to a state called deadlock. In fact, the framework is not advised for the beginners, the huge community encourages them to get the knowledge, dive in, and explore it.

Ionic Framework

Every mobile application development company is capable of building native looking apps with Ionic framework. Many startups in the app industry use this framework and have gained popularity, and overwhelming results, when used AngularJS, in work.

Developers always prefer it for cross-platform app development because the extensive list of features and predefined elements are always ready to help you.

PhoneGap Framework: Among The Best Hybrid App Development Tools

No matter what framework you use, you cannot rule out this exceptional tool from the list to develop hybrid apps. It enables the developers to use the same code for various platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows to quickly build apps in less time

Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is almost enough to start with PhoneGap hybrid app development. Get this stunning tool and develop outstanding mobile applications.

Xamarin, Microsoft's Hybrid App Framework

Xamarin owned by Microsoft is one of the hottest tools which helps in building cross-platform apps by using the same code for operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, and more.

The apps created using this mobile framework offers a native experience, which sounds aesthetic. Its ability to reuse the same code, tools, kits, and functions again make the app development process quick within a significant amount of time.

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Mobile Angular UI

It is an open-source framework licensed to use for free under MIT. Developers must make use of the Angular framework with Bootstrap in a combined way to build an amazing mobile app experience.

However, there is no kind of dependency on jQuery or some other Bootstrap library.

Additionally, its several UI components such as scrollable areas, switches, navbars, overlays, etc. seamlessly help in mobile app development applications with a smooth, attractive, and intuitive user interface.

There are plenty of hybrid app development frameworks in the market, which mobile application services company use while working on the app development project. It all depends upon the developers’ priorities and familiarity with the specific framework.

If you want to know more about mobile hybrid app development frameworks or you are interested in creating an app, you can contact us here.