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Why Choose Laravel Framework Over Other Web Development Frameworks?

Why Choose Laravel Framework

Laravel PHP framework has taken over all other web application development frameworks in the world. This particular PHP framework helps you in making all types of websites, whether it is a personal blog or an eCommerce portal.

For the dedicated, certified website developers & professionals, the Laravel framework is a preferred one!

Created by Taylor Otwell in 2011, Laravel evolved as the most compatible PHP framework that develops the latest web applications. The one best thing you would listen from every laravel web application development company in USA is its MVC - Model View Controller.

Additionally, it assists with its in-built features like routing mail, reducing development time, etc. With these attributes, one can quickly build a prototype of the required application.

Laravel framework features are the solid reason that makes customization simple, user-friendly, and helps in developing web applications as per project needs and requirements.

Laravel framework is also known as a web builder; you can also call it as Laravel Framework CMS. With its proper documentation and syntax features, you can write down the self-explanatory codes in an exquisite and organized manner.

Top Reasons To Choose Laravel Framework In Web Application Development

Though Laravel has become one of the best options for, nowadays non-techies are also taking an interest in building custom web applications. Laravel framework features are highly beneficiary; once you understand them well, you are able to develop the best online product.

If you are new and hearing first-time about the Laravel features and its benefits, then do learn them well and try comparing them to other website development frameworks.

The result will be: “Laravel took over the other web development frameworks.”


With the help of easy authentication techniques, Laravel makes it very easy to configure the control and logic access. By authenticating every single segment of the developed application, you are simply able to develop a perfect application with seamless control.


Laravel development has in-built object-oriented libraries that aren’t found in any other PHP or web application development framework. The authentication library helps in many attributes like bcrypt hashing, password reset, checking active users, encryption, and cross-site request forgery protection.

“More than 1,60,000 websites are running on the Laravel web development framework.”

Artisan: Laravel’s Special Tool

It’s an in-built tool in the Laravel framework CMS by which a web developer is able to get a lot of assistance in shortening the tedious and repetitive task. If a task is managed with this tool, then you don’t require any manual work, and the tasks get automatically done for you.

MVC Support

Model View Controller is the biggest reason for placing the Laravel PHP framework above all web development frameworks. For backend developers, Laravel is a boon all around the world as it gives you the best result in development due to its enhanced performance & attributes.

5 Reason Why Choose Laravel App Development Over Other PHP Framework In 2020?Highly Secure

PHP frameworks have built-in security that automatically adds extensive security to the applications and makes them fully secure. Laravel framework offers a hashed password feature which never allows the password to get saved in the form of plain text. Moreover, Laravel uses SQL statements and makes itself more secure while protecting from injection attacks.

“Also, if you want to put your database to some other mobile app and website, then use the Laravel framework.”

Database Migration

When you go through any Laravel development services providers, they all try convincing you for migrating data to Laravel. Actually, the database migrations are very easy with the Laravel framework. Thus, if you are planning to migrate data to another system, then do freely use Laravel data migration.

Blade Templating Engine:

It is really important to have an intuitive web development engine. Moreover, the Laravel framework comes with the Blade templating engine that efficiently works with the PHP/HTML with all ease.

Eloquent ORM

ORM(Object Relational Mapping) helps in many ways! However, in Laravel, it makes your website database simple eloquently provides ActiveRecord implementation for the high-speed performance of the database.

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Mail Service Integration

You would never dare to make a web application where mail services aren’t integrated! Laravel PHP framework gives you special drivers and allows the application to send emails via local or cloud-based services. Furthermore, it also provides support to send notifications across various delivery channels.

“Eloquent ORM helps in load models in the database; if the database is well managed, then the interface becomes user-friendly.”

How To Use the Laravel Framework?

We all know Laravel is an open-source, scalable, flexible framework that takes less time in developing website applications and online portals. Compared to other CMS, Laravel framework CMS is available for a lower price. Also, it is more comfortable in working than Drupal and WordPress.

Therefore, if you have a complex large IT project in your baggage then hesitate not; hire laravel developers in USA at the most affordable prices.

We have seen so many benefits, advantages, and learned more about the Laravel PHP framework features. Now it is really important to know how one should use Laravel in custom web application development.

Laravel can serve you best in B2B, B2C, ERP, CRM, PHMS, and enterprise-grade solutions. Not only this but, it can also be used to develop a mobile application for industries like travel, healthcare, insurance, automobile, etc.

From the gathered intel about Laravel features, we can conclude that it fulfills the application development requirements from scratch. Furthermore, its advanced features keep it above other web development frameworks at the top!