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Easy Marketing With Browser Extension Development

We are a focused browser extension development company in USA, that creates Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari extensions to help enterprises, startups, MNCs, government, and individual clients.

Our browser development services over the years have exceeded the client’s expectations by using web technologies (HTML, JAVA, JS, CSS), machine codes, and Application Programming Interfaces - APIs.

With a team of professional dedicated web browser extension developers, we put our 100% to create capable and well-secured plugins and extensions.

How Beneficial Our Browser extensions are For Your Web Browsers?

  • Fully Customizable Browser Extensions
  • Optimize Browser’s Performance
  • Increasing Browser Capabilities
  • Adding Up Some Additional Features
  • Enhanced Browsing Experience
  • Automate Different Tasks
Browser Extension Development

Features of Our Browser Extension Development

Bug-Free and Highly Secure

We provide you with the most secure and error-free browser extensions that let your browser function more effectively. That’s why Zrix is one of the top browser extension development companies in the USA.

Enrich the Website’s navigability

Our browser extensions can easily improvise the navigability of any website by guiding all the website users with the features and functionalities of that website.

Boost User’s Performance

Our browser extensions are capable enough to assist its users in performing different tasks. Which lets the users perform their tasks more accurately and with higher efficiency.

Dynamic and user-Friendly

Our developer chrome extensions are highly dynamic equipped with a lot of features and functionalities and are easy to use because of their user-friendly interface.

Easy To Install & Use

Browser Extensions developed by Zrix are much easier to install and use. Since we have added up the best User interface this is the reason why they provide a much better user experience to its users.

Customizable and Scalable

We can easily customize your browser extensions according to your requirements. Not only customizations but also we can add up different features to it as per the demand of our users.

Cost-effective development

We @ Zrix offer you pocket-friendly and efficient browser extension development services. All you have to do is choose an affordable package as per the features and functionalities that you need to add to it.

Enhance business

Our browser extension development services definitely help your business grow by automating several business operations and performing these operations with higher accuracy and efficiency.

Extra offline Features

The browser extensions developed by our experts consist of some offline features also. So there is no need for the internet to access some of its features.

Features Of Our Browser Plugin Development Services

We Create Extensions And Plugins For Every Browser

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safari extension Safari Extension Development
firefox extension Mozilla Firefox Extension Development
opera extension Opera Extension Development
cms extension CMS Extension Development
edge extension Microsoft Edge Extension Development

Our Browser Extensions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Browser Extensions require very less human intervention. It always keeps on performing the operations for which they are developed. Even when a human is not accessing the browser.
It totally depends upon the requirements of the users. The pricing of the browser extension development services is decided as per the functionalities that you want us to add to it. We at Zrix provide you with the most affordable browser extension development services in the USA.
We at Zrix believe that maintenance of browser extensions is necessary. That’s Why we are offering you different pocket-friendly maintenance packages that you can choose as per your requirements.
After the completion of the development phase, the complete file has to be uploaded to the web store. After the file is uploaded they provide you with a simple form on which you have to mention some of the details about the working of your browser extension and plugin. After the completion of the form, it is submitted then the store will take some time to verify the extension and then approve it.
No, An application is developed in order to perform the desired task as required by the users. Instead, the extension is developed to add some additional features and functionalities to your web browser. An application consists of a particular user interface whereas the extension or plugins run in the background of the browser.


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