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How To Create Mobile Apps For Your Business: A Complete Guide

Mobile App for your Business

I had seen many startups, new entrepreneurs, and organizations having an idea to create mobile apps. Some have extraordinarily creative ideas while others create apps to make their business easy.

In the era, where a brigade of young blood believes in doing creative work, it needs a medium to flourish the idea at an escalating velocity.

To achieve their goals, they choose to develop mobile apps!

If you ask me one reason why mobile apps? My answer will always be the same - mobile is a digital frontier.

“The idea is money, and mobile apps are your media whereas time you put for your business app reflects your efforts.”

If you have prior experience in iOS and Android app development, then you need nothing more than the top mobile application development technologies and tools!

But, if you have no prior experience in development, then before presenting the guide, I would like to say

Never Fall In “Create Mobile App Easily In Hours!”

The competition in the mobile app industry is high, and app creation is no more joke!

You might create an app in hours by using PhoneGap or any other mobile app builder, but are you sure this is it what you want as your mobile business app?

In my experience with businesses and entrepreneurs, I have learned the art which dwells into the creation of mobile apps.

Before I share the guide to create apps for iOS and Android, you must understand the reasons behind launching a mobile app for your businesses. Choose iPhone and android app developer wisely.

Why You Need Mobile Apps?

The case of creating business mobile apps is strong unless it is offering revenue. Therefore, below five reasons are going to motivate you for creating the best mobile application rather than falling for app builders;

  • Apps are a quick solution to your business problems.

  • Audiences often check their phone, chances of getting your app installed are high.

  • If your app is best in the industry, then audiences keep coming back which let you increase your revenue.

  • Companies going for “mobile-first” use innovative and cutting-edge technologies keeping themselves ahead of everyone.

  • Also, you borrow app ideas from what you observe that is why you need planning, fund, technology, tools, best mobile app developers to create a mobile app.

Following the reason, here is the guide which can help you create mobile apps for the ease-of-your business.

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Guide To Create A Successful Mobile App

Maybe you don’t want the guide to know “how to create an app?” because there exist several options of mobile app development companies whereby pumping money you can get your app.

Not to say that it is the last option, you can also hire mobile app developers as freelancers and give them your app-building idea.

Depending on what spectrum your work and with whom you work, you need to know at least the process of mobile app creation.

And on this guide, I am going to explain the process in a way that you can cross-question well in front of mobile application development services provider.

Map Your App Ideas

It is the foundation stage where you lay down the ideas, thoroughly analyze the features and functionality by formulating a realistic-time and cost-estimation.

Scratching your itch might not give an idea, but if you get one, then know about its scope, target audience, designing and find the best ways to monetize the mobile apps.

Design A User Experience

For designing the best user experience, you need to know more about UX design and the information architecture. Once you are done with it, wireframe your app and drive the navigation of the app by making the best workflow.

Finally, perform a real device testing via click-through models.

Make UI Design to Create Mobile App Functionality

There are three steps to create UI designs for generating useful mobile app functionality. First is creating style guides which are a collection of color, fonts, elements, icons that makes mini design for you.

Second is creating a rendered design where you must keep the style guide up-to-date. Third, is developing a prototype to check your imagination. Here, your designing files should stay organized.

Design Mobile App

The fourth step is to technically design a platform-specific native app or a cross-platform native app, or hybrid app. To do so, you need high-level technical designs like the choice of programming language, hosting services, database structures, etc.

Getting this under a single roof is possible because of the mobile application development companies which are having all kinds of designers and developers.

Therefore, your call to a mobile application development company should be correct! In other words, you must pick the best company.

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Once your deal is signed with the company, your part is now to monitor the development process and leave rest to them.

Stepwise Approach Of A Mobile App Development Company

  • Planning

  • Development

  • Functional Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Edge-case Testing

  • Device-Specific Testing

  • Usability Testing (UT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  • Review

Deployment Guide Of A Development Company

  • Release Cycles

  • Continuous Deployment

  • Developer Certifications

  • Automation

  • Hosting Environments

  • App Features Compatibility

  • Web API (Server)

  • App Stores

Your Crucial Part - Monitoring

  • Launch Time

  • Crashes

  • UI Response Time

  • Analytics

  • Technical Performance

  • Battery Performance

  • App Store Maintenance

  • Cellular Data Consumption

What Is After Mobile App Development?

Once the process of App development is complete, you need to scale the app by removing those functions or designs which isn’t suiting to your needs. Undergo, the redevelopment process, increase the security measures, monitor every functionality, get iOS and Play Store ids and nextly launch the mobile app for your business.

The moment you launch the app, be ready to get reviews and upgrade your mobile app according to user-specific needs.