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What are The Best Ways To Cut The Cost Of Mobile Application Development?

Best Ways To Cut The Cost Of Mobile Application

There are approximately more than 2.8 million apps, including both Android & iOS on the play store. In 2023, it is estimated that the total mobile app revenue will reach more than 900 billion US dollars.

Gaming apps are the most popular mobile applications contributing money to the industry.

The mobile application development companies in USA have taken the world with a storm with the latest technologies. As a result, serving their customers is now easy for them consequently growing the overall revenue.

According to the reports, making a fully-fledged mobile app costs averagely around $100000. Yes, it is too much but if you Google the average cost, the results will be the same.

This mobile app cost includes the charges of technologies, hire iOS developers and Android developers, software used, and tools used for testing purposes. Due to the high cost of mobile app development, several misconceptions have raised their voices.

One of them is deadly for startups and small mobile app development service providers!

It has been told that only companies with big budgets can plan, implement, execute, and create flawless mobile apps. However, that’s not reality!

Small-sized companies and young entrepreneurs shattered the walls of this misleading concept and established young blooded mobile app companies in a single shot and less investment.

The only key to their success is using the best ways to decrease the cost of mobile application development. Therefore, today in this article we are going to trail out some quick tips, which when followed perfectly can reduce the mobile app cost.

Let’s get started with one startling fact which is;

What Increases The Cost Of Mobile App Development?

It Is Your Requirements!

The cost of mobile app development varies with user requirements. There exist tons of factors that can increase or decrease the cost.

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We know that there exist many top mobile app development platforms with their features and functionalities that increase the development costs. A platform like Kotlin, Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin, ibeacon, Swift, etc. favors the latest technologies, and other full-stack app development means.

“The mobile app development is not an easy piece of cake, it involves great efforts, creativity, and money.”

Subsequently, it becomes difficult for small businesses and app development startups to create a low budget or say under the budget mobile app.

That means if your creativity and requirements don’t fit best in your budget, then it would be a big problem. The best countermeasure to this is controlling all important factors responsible to increase the mobile app cost.

Factors On Which Cost Of Mobile Application Development Depends

  •  Features and Functionalities of the App
  •  App Platform and Devices Supported
  •  Native or Cross-Platform App\
  •  API and app backend integration costs
  •  Third-party App Integration
  •  Localization
  •  Animations
  •  Phone hardware features
  •  UI/UX
  •  Data encryption
  •  Testing and deployment
  •  Maintenance plan

Businesses in the last five years have shifted to mobile apps as they increase business exposure, easily accessible from anywhere, builds a better brand, and improve customer loyalty.

As the brand value of business increases, the investment in app development increases year by year. On the other hand, this increases the competition among mobile app development companies all over the world.
The cost of mobile application development will not increase if you take specific measures based upon the above-discussed factors.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to compromise the app quality while wishing to keep app development under budget, then below are some implemented and tested ways for better success in this business.

You can follow these steps to reduce the cost of mobile app development!

Ways To Cut The Mobile App Cost

Efficient Planning & Proper Documentation

Making a thorough document of your app’s requirements plans your budget well. The lack of making a detailed document leads you to add more money during the app development process.

A detailed document removes the inconsistencies between client, development team, and support services. Furthermore, documentation of the clients’ requirements makes the work of the development team easy.

A good documentation with efficient planning helps you in saving per hour developers charge and keeps the mobile app development process consistent.

Wireframing & Minimalism

If you are working on an app development project with a low cost of mobile application development, then always follow the minimalism concept. Affording a high user-end design of the mobile apps to get a better look and feel increases the app development budget.

Therefore, using your documents as tools, start wireframing of the application and decide the complete flow of your app. You can decide the features, make sketches of your apps screen, visualize the complete product.

“This is all possible with wireframing that creates more viable products.”

Hiring a UI/UX Designer for a sleek app design by spending extra money can cost you hiccups and roadblocks in the mobile app development journey. However, if you keep the minimalistic approach and simple design, then you can save a lot of money!

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Cross-platform; Use Latest Technologies

There are two types of app development approaches native app development and cross-platform app development! If the native is specific for iOS and Android, then cross-platform works for both with a single code structure.

Thus, the second approach of mobile app development saves your mobile app cost!

Furthermore, cross-platform is able to integrate itself with the latest tech trends of AI, AR, VR, ML, Automation, blockchain, cybersecurity, and micro-interactions. Also, it can integrate plugins to improve the application’s functionality and performance.

As a result, today’s most cost-effective solution along with fast app development is cross-platform ready to save your funds.

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MVP: Minimum Viable Product

MVP is only a basic version of your application having essential features. Mobile app development services providers release it to check the response of their target audience.

If the response is good enough, then you can launch the real product with a full set of features.

“According to the reports from CB Insights, 42% of apps failed as there was no market need.”

A great mobile app MVP with minimum features, solving and addressing the target audience problems is a good way to start. Many successful companies have followed this approach in the past.

“Facebook, Instagram, and Uber are some examples of MVP’s massive success.”

Put down your vision and mission on scale with MVP and see how much money did you save during app development. Don’t forget to comment in the below section!

Why Should You Use Agile Development?

Agile mobile app development reduces the cost of mobile app development. The well-planned strategic iterations, the one-by-one feature, at different stages of app development is less time consuming, save resources, and prevent any unwanted consequences from happening.

Agile development focuses on all phases and implements the mobile apps development process in the best way.

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Quality Check & Quality Analysis At Every Step

Although we have calculated all the factors of app development affecting the cost of mobile app development. One thing that can give you a hard time is not checking the quality of the app.

Clients always rely on their hired dedicated developers for quality checking. But, I recommend you all to use several tools and software to check the app’s quality.

Quality analysis is a very proactive measure that must be done for all apps running on iOS and Android. In case if you are able to hire Android developers and iOS developers who give you the live QA reports, then it’s a cost-effective measure for you.

Outsourcing One Team - The Right Team!

I know what you are thinking!

Your first question is can’t I get someone who can do all these for me under my planned budget? Le’me tell you, you are talking about outsourcing a mobile app development company.

You can get many companies around the world, but choosing a top mobile app development company for your app-building isn’t easy. However, Zrix is an easy to find the company and the cost of outsourcing mobile app development with us is under your budget.

By implementing all these factors and outsourcing us, the cost of mobile app development significantly gets lower!

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