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Top 5 Advantages Of .NET Application Development for Business

Advantages Of .NET Application Development

Nowadays, many online businesses demand expert developers to develop innovative applications and web solutions. The demand is genuine because every mobile app development company wants to keep itself ahead in this competition.

Adopting innovative web and mobile solutions increases the chance to earn more revenue while cutting operational costs. Thus, Asp .Net application development framework is a perfect solution to create flexible business applications in less time and a low budget.

“Additionally, it is an ideal business solution since its release in 2002.”

ASP .NET application development offers many real benefits in business application development. In fact, .NET architecture is a consistent, scalable, dependable environment that develops powerful web apps.

There are approximately 41,304,935 live websites on the internet that use ASP.NET. In this article, we going to put our complete focus on the features, advantages, and how it helps in growing business for .NET application development companies.

What is .NET Application Development?

The .NET Framework programming model supports the developing and running of every kind of software applications at Windows, its Server, Microsoft Azure, Windows Phone, and XML Web services.

With its two large class libraries; FCL - Framework Class Library and CLR - Common Language Runtime providing language interoperability is simple.

Moreover, this framework overcomes long development times, high development costs, and makes the deployment easy with applications.

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CLR Library Features

  •  Manages system services, memory, codes, and keeps the code safe
  •  Code access is secure
  •  Via strict type code verification, it maintains the codes’ infrastructure
  •  A unique feature of CTS - common type system
  •  Just-in-time (JIT) feature manages the code, memory, and makes execution proper.
  •  The runtime hosting is done by server-side applications like Microsoft SQL Server and Internet Information Services (IIS) which gives the developed application a high performance.

FCL Library Features

  •  It executes common functions like graphic rendering, XML document manipulation, database interaction, etc.
  •  Follow the concept of OOPS
  •  It is an object-oriented class library that accomplishes a range of common programming tasks like data collection, data security, database connectivity, string management, and file access.

The following are the business applications that top .NET application development companies make:

  •  Custom CRM systems
  •  Accounting / Bookkeeping systems
  •  Mobile apps
  •  Inventory applications
  •  Business Intelligence applications
  •  Warehouse and storehouse systems
  •  XML Web Services
  •  Dynamic websites
  •  Logistics and supply chain management solutions

Now with the overall idea, we have in .NET application development, let’s check how advantageous is ASP .NET in performing its tasks.

Advantages of .NET for Business Application Development

The success or failure of digital products, apps, websites, etc. depends on the ROI (return of investment). Ans ASP .NET due to its benefits can increase your revenue if you use it rightly.

Code Reusing

Since this .NET application development framework works on object-oriented concepts; it eliminates all the unnecessary codes, uses less coding. But, it makes reusable objects and codes which results in less development time and low-cost application development.

Easy Deployment

.NET makes deployment easy with features like private components, no-impact applications, partially trusted code, side-by-side versioning, and controlled code sharing. The code execution environment is safe, reduces conflicts in software deployment, and decreases the performance-related problems.


Microsoft Windows 10 can work with the Internet of Things (IoT) while creating better efficiency. Hire .NET developers who develop apps for your businesses to get connected to IoT enabled devices.

Nowadays, it has become quite common in software designing that businesses prefer security and interoperability. For example, the Azure IoT Suite provides open-source SDKs for higher speed, safety, and flexibility.


Since its release in 2002, the ASP .NET application development framework has developed thousands on Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 and Windows 2000 Server. Both servers are highly stable and reliable.


ASP .NET offers enhanced security to web applications, websites, mobile applications, etc. With better Windows confirmation and configuration management of code is secure and CLR offers two essential features such as code access security & role-based security for high-class security of the business applications.

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Platforms and Languages Benefits

ASP .NET allows the developers to develop applications for browsers, desktops, mobile browsers, and applications running on PDA. We can actually call .NET as a language-independent of the framework, where development can take place in various compliant languages like C#, C++, Visual COBOL, VB.NET, IronPython, IronRuby, and many more.

The dot net application development framework is also known for its service-oriented structure and integration of legacy systems. .NET was mainly taken as a countermeasure against the disruptive influence of Sun’s Java in the web and app development IT industry.

For addressing attractive, relatively more straightforward, and more productive languages, and cross-platform compatibility attributes, Microsoft invented C #, which is a primary language in the .NET web development.

After that successfully facing the Java competition for several years, Microsoft decided to integrate an open-source community through open-source .NET Core which is multiplatform for only .NET framework and runs only on Windows.

As the results were favorable, it helped in strengthening its customer base; thus, helping to increase the company’s income and profit. With the increase in the number of developments, the number of Sharepoint and Office 365 licenses and subscriptions also increased.

Therefore, .NET application development came out as the most advantageous development framework for a wider range of platforms, including Android, Linux, Mac OS, and iOS.