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Top Mobile Application Development Technologies And Tools

Mobile Application Development Technologies

The mobile sector has overgrown over the decade! It can be judged from the scenario that 149 billion apps in 2016 to 250+ billion apps in 2018 got downloaded fast.

Every mobile application development company sell, assist and provide services of the apps to the customers. Today, professionals and app service providers focus more to hire dedicated developers who are very familiar with the new mobile app development technology.

It is a standout business that always needs updating in the technology. Getting the best mobile app (iOS and Android) idea is not difficult; however implementing it, in reality, is a big challenge.

Not Everyone Can Do Mobile Application Development

Brainstorming the functionalities, features, design, and the resources required to develop the app is not everyone’s cup of tea. You not only have to select a custom mobile application development company, but you must also know which is the right app-building technology?

A precise app development technology must develop user-friendly, quality and intuitive mobile apps. There is a wide range of technologies that app development engineers use that works on native Android or iOS, the cross-platform and responsive web app platform.

“However, hybrid app development is one preferred technology which at present is running high and decreases the cons when used in any platform.”

Hybrid mobile apps depend upon the combination of web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. An app that is a blend of these technologies is hosted inside a native application that utilizes the WebView of the mobile platform.

It enables the app to access mobile device capabilities and being inside the mobile browsers; it restricts the accessibility of the capabilities. Additionally, the native UI elements also include hybrid mobile apps wherever necessary.

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Thus, if you are planning to develop an app for your purpose, then hire mobile app developers from the mobile application development services which are best in the industry.

Mobile App Development Programming Languages

There are multiple mobile app technologies that are widely used in cross-platform app development.

  • Swift: If you are building a specific app related to Apple then you must seek Swift as it is easy to maintain, has advanced features and minimal coding.

  • C++: It’s the simplest programming language that can create powerful dynamic apps for multiple platforms. It’s simple and effective compiler makes it a useful tool for app development.

  • Java: It is OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) Language which is easy to handle and has open-source libraries officially used for Android app development.

  • HTML 5: IT is the best technology in mobile application development used in developing web front-end applications.

  • PHP: It’s also an object-oriented three-layered model that helps in creating mobile apps and web applications which need database integration.

A host of these advanced technologies can provide you all the required mobile application development solutions to build apps from scratch.

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Top Mobile Application Development Tools

There are many app development frameworks that mobile app developers are using in 2019. We had focussed more on the best app development technologies of 2019.


Flutter is a trending cross-platform mobile application development technology that uses DART programming language instead of JavaScript facilitating the rapid performance, speed, effective analysis, attractive UIs, and fixes bugs in milliseconds. SDK an open-source cross-platform by Google extend a wide range of plugins and allow both Android and iOS platforms to develop mobile apps.

React Native

This JavaScript open-source framework is the most preferred app development technology offering support to IDEs and mobile application development tools.


Also known as Apache, it is an open-source software to create native applications for Android, Windows, and iOS using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.


Ionic uses HTML5 programming language for mobile application development. It uses HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and creates UI functionalities easily. This app development technology works on Android’s WebView and iOS’s UIWebView.


It’s a cross-platform framework that uses a single code across iOs, Windows, Android, and other platforms. From the benefits of code sharing, Xamarin builds applications that save the most time and cost of the framework for mobile application development.

Thus, hybrid app building platforms are the best technology used by app development companies and app developers in Raleigh, NC. Furthermore, these top mobile app development technologies and tools will help you to get your mobile app done within time.