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What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Flutter Mobile Application Development?

Flutter In Mobile Application Development

To run your online market easily, you need iOS and Android apps which are the main platforms in smartphones. As a business person, you need to develop the same app writing different codes for both platforms.

Writing the same code in different styles sounds time-consuming and double trouble to us.

Therefore, cross-platform mobile application development in USA has gained popularity in the mobile industry over a few years.

Cross-platform development saves time, money, and your marketing budget!

From the last 5 years, many new platforms arrived and gave new directions to app development. The web-based tools like Adobe’s PhoneGap, Microsoft’s Xamarian, and Facebook’s React Native with their respective advantages & disadvantages stands as a successful mobile app development platform.

Like these platforms, Flutter in mobile application development is a new star that launched in 2018.

"Flutter mobile app development helps the dedicated app developers to develop well designed, fast, secure, and compatible cross-platform applications."

If the app development is a breeze in Flutter, then the development community and platform risks are its most significant downsides. Therefore, in this article, we are going to make you face to face with all the Flutter advantages, disadvantages, and benefits.

To wrap this whole article, we will tell you how beneficial is Flutter app development in today’s modern online business. Without any microsecond delay, let’s load all the Pros And Cons Of Flutter In Mobile Application Development.

It is estimated that an average American citizen spends 3hours each day on its mobile.

However, the usage of apps varies differently! Some use gaming apps, some use eCommerce apps, some do online trading, then some enjoying switching to and fro from one social media app to another.

What Is Flutter Mobile App Development?

Flutter is a free, open-source app development framework that builds iOS and Android apps from the same code. It is also known as Google’s modern app development kit specially designed to create mobile apps in Android, iOS, and Google Fuchsia.

“Google Fuchsia is a new app running platform that is being developed by Google.”

Though Flutter is in the market since 2017, it was first launched in December 2018 as a full product, not a beta version!

Although it is relatively a new tool in the app development business, B2B online market giant company - Alibaba & Tencent - a Chinese internet-based group, adopted Flutter in their app.

Since its launch, Flutter has been a hot topic, and now it’s the time to know about this emerging app development technology. Undoubtedly, Flutter has improved the mobile app development process but is also reducing, time, development cost, and risks.

However, that doesn’t mean it is a magic bullet to kill your all app development troubles. In this article, we will list all the Pros And Cons Of Flutter In Mobile Application Development.

Therefore, any mobile app development company or a mobile app developer must understand everything about the Flutter. This is what we will try throughout the article!

Here Are Some Facts On Flutter App Development

  • Free, Open-source
  • Rendering Engine Use C++
  • Based on Dart programming language
  • Provides its own widgets
  • Reactive Programming Architecture
  • Fast Performance
  • Support for development on Windows
  • Android Studio and Visual Studio Code
  • Support more Firebase APIs
  • Support inline video, ads, and charts
  • Good documentation
  • Support Bug fixes.

Flutter Mobile App Examples - Alibaba, Tencent, Google Ads, Birch Finance, Hamilton Musical, Hookle Social App, Watermaniac, and many more.

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How Does Any Flutter Mobile App Work?

One cannot call Flutter a framework because it is an SDK for applications designed for touch screen devices. Due to its nature and capabilities, it works well with iOS and Android.

In order to develop apps in Flutter, one has to learn DART programming, which is object-oriented, loaded with many features, and build native applications.

Also, it is useful in making games! Flutter mobile app games uses SKIA, an open-source 2D rendering engine. This engine works like Unity and creates the best UIs.

Furthermore, widgets are the core of Flutter both for iOS (Cupertino) and Android (Material Design) mobile devices. UI designing in this framework is all about combining widgets, including text, shapes, animations, etc.

Judging the depth of Flutter in the app development business, we see it as a valuable technology that is streamlining the complete mobile app development process.

But, one disadvantage it has is that it is not fully known to everyone. Hence, it would be nice if we briefly put out all the pros and cons of Flutter mobile application development.

Flutter advantages

Benefits Of Flutter or Advantages Of Flutter

  • Flutter app development framework allows us to build iOS and Android apps simultaneously by using the same code base. Thus, apps made in Flutter can work efficiently at iOS, Android, and Google Fuchsia while creating more business opportunities.
  • Flutter increases the coding speed! It's hot reload feature let us see the changes done in code in real-time. The updated source code injects in real-time, and Flutter automatically rebuilds the widget tree, Hot Reload speed the process, identification of bugs becomes easy, and you get to check new UI & features.
  • Unlike other app development frameworks (Iconic, React native), the code in Flutter is compiled. As a result, this gives an additional excellent performance boost to the applications in most of the devices.
  • If you are in a hurry and need an urgent mobile app for your business, the Flutter mobile application gives a perfect idea of your MVP in Android & iOS.
  • All widgets and their renderers are the part of the app, not the Flutter platform. Therefore, you need no additional library for ensuring compatibility with iOS and Android. It means running a Flutter mobile app is possible in all Android and iOS devices.
  • When your apps get published on the Play Store and iOS App Store, then bug fixing becomes a priority with every user query. While in the Flutter, it is simply easy to maintain and develop all the new features and fixing bugs.

“Providing this maintenance and support with Flutter is a great way of earning money. Even more, there exist many Flutter App development companies in USA who as startups are creating their own team.”

  • Flutter uses the internal graphics engine SKIA that is used in Chrome, Firefox, and Sublime Text 3. Flutter can be your best choice to make advanced UI.
  • Since it is useful in making creative, attractive graphics, UI, you can use Flutter to write your own games. Design your own elements, components, custom UIs, and create your game. Subsequently, start your own game development company in USA.
  • If you want to make your native iOS and Android app look different, then we won’t recommend Flutter. But, if you looking to build both devices’ apps with one UI design, then Flutter is in the market to support your all app needs.
  • Flutter layout system easily fits all screen sizes of both Android and iOS devices. Whatever the screen dimension, Flutter will support all dimensions in better designs.

However, Flutter doesn’t support desktop and web applications. You may ask us why?
The answer is simple; its nature is to work only for mobiles, not PCs and laptops!

  • Flutter mobile app development follows a widget approach where a set of widget forms a complex widget. It helps in creating fast, extensible, and customizable applications. Also, Flutter’s documentation is robust, combines all widgets in a consistent unified object model.
  • Flutter application development framework has been tested by big technical giants like Alibaba, Google, Reflectly, etc. Today, there are approximately millions of Flutter users.

Disadvantages of flutter

Disadvantages Of Flutter or Cons Of Flutter

  • The framework is relatively young, new in competition, is still growing, developing, and maturing day by day.
  • Flutter mobile apps aren’t supported by web browsers as this application development framework is mobile-specific.
  • Google supports Flutter, and there are many important libraries. However, since the framework is relatively new, you will not find every functionality you’re looking for. Moreover, with Flutter, developers have to create libraries themselves which is a time-consuming task.
  • There are ready-made Flutter solutions for CI platforms like Travis or Circle. The framework also supports Fastlane and Nevercode. Continuous integration is a big problem in Flutter. However, with Gitlab CI, it becomes possible.
  • Flutter does not support apps that work well with Android TV and Apple TV.
  • Flutter has a significant disadvantage! Flutter-made apps using built-in widgets are bigger in size. Right now, the smallest possible app made with Flutter has a size of 4MB. It seems to make apps lesser than 4MB is a big problem for Google, but they are working on it.
  • Most of the app developers consider Flutter a new unstable tool due to its fresh technology. In addition to it, they say it is not mature enough to handle big eCommerce applications.
  • This disadvantage which e are going to disclose is not at the side of Flutter but is a disadvantage for the users. To work well on Flutter, users or developers must have good knowledge of the Native SDK. In every Flutter project, you need to hire experienced, dedicate iOS/Android developers.

As a matter of fact, CMS Website Services - a top web and mobile app development company in the USA has a team of expert and certified native developers to help you in your Flutter project.

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Is flutter Mobile App Development Good For Your Business?

As you can see, making a decision on Flutter whether it is useful or not is actually reckless. We recognize that Flutter mobile app development framework has more advantages in comparison to disadvantages.

Many of us can have a debate that it is mainly a mobile-specific platform. But, I would say that keeping it mobile-specific is a good thing because 54% of the traffic on the internet comes from mobile phones, tablets, iPads, and other mobile devices.

Maybe it sometimes complicates your code, but we believe that in future Flutter will be a king of mobile application development frameworks. As of now, you get your mobile in less time because its fast app development process saves your money and allows you to validate your MVP idea quicker.

In Flutter, to develop an iOS app, you need approximately 400 hours, while for the Android app, you need 250 hours. In order to find out the development cost, you can hire Flutter app developers and find out the price with respect to their per hour cost for both Android and IOS.

The possibility is that the app development cost will be high! Thus, the best option you can go in Flutter mobile app development is by hiring our mobile app developers fo fulltime at your projects.

flutter for ios and android apps

Who Actually Benefits From Flutter Mobile Application?

Undoubtedly, Flutter is the most exciting app development tool in the IT industry. However, how much benefit it can give to us is still unknown. But it would be interesting to know that IT Startups, e-commerce businesses, Designers, 2D game developers, etc. all are getting positive results in iOS and Android mobile app development.

Thus, this question is irrespective, and more awareness is required on Flutter mobile app development! Moreover, many experts have already confirmed the Flutter Is The Future Of Any Mobile App Development Framework.

In case, if you have any doubts related to mobile application development, Flutter mobile apps, and more, then you can contact us anytime 24x7 by messaging us on live chat and by contacting us here.